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2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

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127 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. I would definitely give this race an 8.5! But since that rounds up to a 9, so be it. Can’t question math. There perhaps wasn’t the same kind of thrill and battles of Bahrain or Hungary, but it has a huge significance on the championship. And the last 20 laps kept my on the edge of my toes! I couldn’t help squealing like a little girl at the end of every braking point in which Lewis was close. Rosberg had a great weekend. I think that it would be justifiable if he got DOTW this week. He thoroughly deserves it. I also massively enjoyed the battle between the Ferrari drivers. Shame we can’t get another year (hopefully a closer one) with Alonso and Kimi. Honestly, Rosberg has just left it too late in the season. If he had just managed to get ahead in Bahrain, Rosberg very well might’ve been champion if he wins in Abu Dhabi.

  2. Lots of pitstops, lots of action. Enjoyed it. 8/10

    1. Good race.

      Interlagos is a cracking circuit. Definitely the guys back then knew how to design a circuit. d

      1. not nearly enough auto bahns and hair pins… it’s way more fun to watch an overtake be done halfway through the straight – Tilke Logic

  3. A solid 7, there was a slight lack of action at some points but I am pleased with that.

    1. Vote 7 too. Was about to rate 6 but Ferrari battle and Massa podium change my decision…

  4. What the hell happened to Bottas? He was 4th place, check 10 laps later, he’s 15th!

    1. @mashiat He had a disastrous pit stop. Something was wrong with his seatbelt :(

      1. @strontium And together with it all his pace was gone…

      2. @strontium Was it too tight in “certain” areas?

    2. @Mashiat He had a problem with his seat belt. He said he had to squeeze the steering wheel to be able to stay in the car during corners, and his body was moving back and forth.

  5. 7 for me. Didn’t quite hit the peaks we’ve seen Interlagos hit.

  6. Decent race, if only this was the final race of the season, and there was no double points…. 8/10

  7. Fantastic race ! this track just delivers ! which instantly makes you think about why on earth Abu Dhabi is worth double and produces worse races than Brazil.

    Great battles all through the field, and weird strategies made it interesting until the end. Also glad Lewis spun off otherwise it’d have been a lot more boring in front of the race…

    1. AGAIN the podium interviews, conducted by someone that just isn’t an inverviewer, leaves a lot to be desirer. With the championship down to the wire, with only 1 race to go, after a fantastic battle, it’d have been brilliant to get some real insight from the drivers, but no… Piquet made a total mess of it…

      And managed to creep everyone in the world by just telling Lewis he’s jealous of his girlfriend, and leaving him there alone with nothing to say until someone obviously told him “you forgot to ask Lewis something” and came back after Felipe to just go: “tell us about the race”.

      Horrible. Even worse than Placido Domingo a couple of years ago…. being a legend in motorsport doesn’t mean you can show up and do a good job interviewing others. Some can (Brundle, Herbert, Hill, DC, Webber, Jackie), others just can’t. Piquet’s a prime axample now.

      1. I believe this lack of focus is a result of his accident in Singapore…:)

      2. @fer-no65 Jeez some people have no sense of humour. The interview was funny. One of the attractions of the podium interview it is the fact it is not done by journalists, it is slightly unpredictable and chaotic. I love that! Piquet is a character, you put him up there and expect boring, run of the mill journalist questions you are going to be disappointed. Fans get the regular journalist style questions with the boring script PR answers at the press conference anyways, so I thoroughly enjoy the crazy questioning by the non polished interviewers at the podium ceremony. Long it may continue!

        1. @pmccarthy_is_a_legend I do have a sense of humour, but even a good interviwer can make everyone laugh much more than an old racing driver that just isn’t used to this sort of thing.

          To me, this one wasn’t funny, it was totally awkward and pretty pointless in the end….

        2. Since the introduction of podium interviews, I’ve skipped almost all the ceremonies. Never understood why they did it and if there really is anybody who enjoys that. Apparently, the answer to the second question is yes. Oh well.

      3. I thought Lewis’ reaction was great, though. He grabbed his big bottle of champagne and toddled off the podium, apparently to get a bottle of water and a snack (or, as my wife said, “his sippy cup”).

      4. @fer-no65 so the post race interview makes you mad? It’s not part of the race, although I would agree that piquet was pretty awful, even without the Nicole remark.

        1. lol he was a great champion and will be remembered as such but i couldn’t help thinking after the interview “does piquet belong in an old folks home?”

  8. It was ok. Nothing too impressive about it.

    1. OK at best for me, ruined by crap handbrake tyres that were incapable of being pushed for more than 1 lap, Hamilton looking capable of winning all race long did not make-up for the tedium in the rest of the field, highlight, Kimi on much older tyres holding off Alonso for a couple of laps before the inevitable tyre advantage pass.

  9. Despite the tyre drama and an average first half, that turned out to be a really exciting race! Shame Hamilton didn’t won that one, it was extremely close!
    I don’t know whether to watch the final race….. double points seem to ruin this chamipionship
    Ah, and next time, don’t listen to Massa.

  10. Lewis Hamilton is the 2014 FIA Formula 1 Driver’s World Champion. Unless Rosberg pays Massa to do a Germany to Hamilton.

    1. @mashiat Or unless Rosberg wins and Hamilton gets third or lower, which could happen if he has a slow pit stop, failure, etc. Don’t count on it until both cars have finished in Abu Double.

      1. It’s unfortunate. I still plan not to watch Abu Dhabi DP, in protest. Don’t know if it will make any difference, but as they still haven’t announced they will be getting rid of the absurd rule for next season, I’m stuck. If I watch it now, after saying all season that I won’t (even with the amendment that if they announce it is dropped I will watch), I will have abandoned my moral stance, which is just what “they” want.

        I really want to watch the race. It’s a tough decision. :(

        1. @drmouse Well if last year’s race is repeated then you will be missing… nothing!

    2. Abu Dhabi is one of Hamiltons strongest tracks to be honest I cant even see Rosberg finishing ahead of Hamilton in the next race unless reliability problems occur.

    3. Lewis is not the champion, he leads with less than 25 points going into the final race making the double points not only unfair and farcical but pointless to boot.

  11. 7

    A decent race, bit boring in middle part but last 20 laps were amazing. Lewis catching Nico, Kimi-Alonso battle.

    Great drive from Rosberg, Button, Vettel and Hulkenburg.

    1. Lewis Nico battle was almost like their battle in Spain…too close till the end.. loved it.

    2. Awesome battle between Raikkonen and Button for 5 laps. Too bad it wasn’t broadcast on the main telecast.

  12. Bahrain, but with defensive driving rather than constant swapping of position. I say 8

  13. 5.

    Intriguing race, but not a whole lot happened on the track. Lovely battles between the Ferraris however. It had lots of potential but it was ultimately disappointing. Pleased for Rosberg and Massa though, big results for them.

    1. Yeah, what @craig-o said. 6 from me.

    2. Pretty disappointing indeed. Lots of *potential* for drama and action, but very little materialised. Gave it a 6.

      One saving grace is how it’s set up Abu Dhabi to be a more ‘fair’ race.

    3. 5 from me too, could have been a really good race on decent tyres.

    4. 5 here. Disappointing for a race at Interlagos.

  14. 8. Great drive from Rosberg. Possibly his best weekend ever in a Mercedes. Complete domination. No faults. Elsewhere, thumbs down for the Pirelli tyres. When Martin Brundle tells you that everyone in the field is doing a 1:16 lap, it shows how heavily tyre-limited the drivers were stretches of the race. I want to see racers racing, not racers driving.

    1. Absolutely agree with you which is why I only gave it a 5.

      1. Sorry for the abusive and intemperate language, I was boiling over with rage.

  15. Solid 7/10. Strong performance from Rosberg, and Button beats K Mag again.

  16. 8/10 – not the greatest race ever in Brasil but pretty fun to watch. Too bad RBR, Ferrari and MCL weren’t a tad closer, could have been a real nail-biter for positions.

  17. 8 for me. more pit stops please!

  18. Rosberg’s most important win! (Until Abu Dhabi hopefully!)

  19. A solid 8, a bit of a awkwardness pit stops

  20. So now everyone can stop talking about the double rule, it’s already in the past, no? Look at it this way;

    1) Ham and Ros finish 1/2, double points don’t matter, Ham is champion.
    2) Ham crashes, Ros finishes P1 (Huge Merc advantage), gets 25 points and wins the championship.

    Only if 3) Ham crashes and Ros has some problem and he finishes 3/4/5 and wins the title due to double points we got a reason to say it ruined this championship.

    In the end the rule has to go either way.

    1. Ros can also finish P2 with Ham not finishing and win the title by one point, or 19 under doube points.

    2. So we can all agree double points is useless and should be gone by 2015?

    3. Ham can finish 3rd and lose because of double points.

    4. Alex McFarlane
      9th November 2014, 18:32

      If not for double points, Hamilton could finish 6th and take the title on wins, which would give a margin of error allowing for unforeseen circumstances or incidents.

      Now, if Nico wins, Lewis MUST finish 2nd which would mean Lewis wouldn’t be able to get with any errors that in any other race wouldn’t be as catastrophic.

      1. Hamilton hasn’t finished off the podium. I know it can happen but it still is very unlikely considering the power advantage they have.

        1. Alex McFarlane
          9th November 2014, 18:48

          Absolutely. But the double points rule doesn’t allow for an anomaly. Hamilton could take a podium with a 3rd and still lose the title.

          Granted if he doesn’t finish, double points will be moot. But if Rosberg performs like he did this weekend, Hamilton may have to push harder for 2nd place, which could strain his car increasing the likelihood of a DNF, whereas without double points he could absolutely walk home in 6th place and still be considered the worthy champion.

          1. Push harder for second place? Who’s going to threaten him? I say let Rosberg risk everything and let him take pole and the win, just use the overpowered Mercedes to cruise to second.

  21. Battles all the way through the field, real difference in varying strategies. Great to see an actual battle for the lead aswell. The promised Ferrari fight for once +1. 8/10

  22. 6/10

    Far, Far too many boringly easy DRS highway passing which makes me rate it down a bit.

    1. Those DRS passes were down to drivers on different tires strategies, DRS was pretty ineffective as a hole and made little difference to the drivers at the front….

      1. True, the tyres are even worse than DRS.

      2. I fail to see how tyres have affect a car in a straght line?

        Through the 1st zone the traction through T3 will impact the run down the straght to T4.
        But 95% of the ‘passes’ down into T1 were purely down to DRS & the vast majority of them were absurdly easy purely because of DRS.

        There was a great little scrap going on between Magnussen & Grosjean, They were side by side all the way up the hill up the start straght, They got to the DRS line & Kevin opened his wing & the battle was over without any drama at all.

        Same with most DRS passes, There so boring that it just saps any excitement out of things fo rme. I cannot stand seeing that sort of highway passing, Its just killing my love for F1 slowly every time I see one.

        Ban it!

    2. At least Piquet raised the DRS question with Nico on the podium. No answer, but interesting that the question was asked by a 3-time world champion nonetheless.

  23. If only Brazil was the last race of the season and we could get a repeat of the 2012 race + conditions…

  24. I believe this race was way better than Austin, 8 for me

    1. Of course it was better.

    2. I thought it was even worse.

  25. I voted 9, but mainly because I loved seeing Nico Hulkenberg back! What has been up with him? Also, surely Rosberg deserves a DOTW?

  26. I gave the race a 8, but it would have been MUCH MUCH MUCH more thrilling if we wouldn’t have the double points. If we didn’t have these, the battle between Nico and Lewis would have been very interesting of course, because Lewis could have won the title had he won the race. I personnaly thought Nico wouldn’t be able to resist, but he did, and for more than 20 laps at the end!
    There were also interesting battles behind, like the battle between Kimi and Alonso and earlier with Button.

  27. Good race – all the action seemed to be lumped at the end, but the whole race was punctuated by crucial events in one form or another. Shame to see Bottas demoted out of contention, hence leaving 3rd place unchallenged, and Ricciardo eliminated through no fault of his own, though overall the race didn’t suffer too much.

    7, perhaps an 8 if one was feeling generous.

  28. Great race. 8/10.

  29. The last 20 laps got me on the edge of my seat. The battles between RAI, BUT, VET and then RAI and ALO, and then the race to the finish between the Mercs. Enjoyed that massively.

  30. 8. Always enjoy a race which challenges people’s perceptions of racers. At last we saw Rosberg getting the upper hand on Hamilton and keeping him behind in a close race, when it was arguable that Hamilton had a lot of pace.

    Bring on Abu Dhabi!

  31. Too much DRS, too much tyre conservation, but in the end a surprising dose of tension. Fantastic drives from the Mercedes drivers, Button, Raikkonen and Hulkenberg. Add a home driver on the podium and we end up with an 8/10.

    1. @andae23 I don’t agree on the tyre saving, they coul’ve all done a two stopper and really made this a tyre saving festivity.

      1. I do agree on the tyre saving, yes they could have all circulated like Hulk on a 2 stopper, yawn, but when Hamilton or anybody else tried to push for more than 1 consecutive lap their tyres put on the handbrake. @xtwl,@andae23

    2. @andae23 Same here. I would probably give the race even 9/10 if it wasn’t for the double points rule – Hamilton could have won the title during the last laps by passing Rosberg without that and the end of the race would have been more tense!

  32. 9. Close racing for the win, home podium for Massa, Raikkonen fighting like hell and the result creates more excitement for the last race in Abu Dhabi.

  33. I gave it an 8, a very good race imo, different strategies, a bit of drama with the tyres and pitstops, some good battles, including the one between ROS and HAM, great, enjoyed it.

    Bottas was a shade of himself today. What happened? Massa was able to come 3rd despite the penalty and that pitstop blunder, while Bottas waned completely after having that problem… I was hoping Kvyat would find a way past him at the end, but welll…

  34. A solid 8 for me.

    Massa made the race for me, good result and a funny error.

  35. 6/10 for me. One of the more boring races at Brazil IMO. I think if Hamilton hadn’t spun, the battle after the pit stop would have been more closer and interesting. Not many on track passes, and tyre wear was shockingly bad.

    1. Exactly why I only gave it 5.

  36. Another 7/10 from me. Pretty good.

  37. Great race! 8/10, would’ve been perfect if Lewis and Nico overtook each other on the track, but unfortunately it didn’t happen :(
    This grand prix prooved that it doesn’t need to rain to make it interesting at Interlagos.
    What a shame the Ferrari mechanics ruined Kimi’s 2nd pit stop X( Whithout that 4-seconds-loss he perhaps could’ve kept Jenson and Vettel behind :(

  38. 7/10

    Not what I expect from Interlagos, but still a solid race and had a good battle for the win in the end.

  39. Nathan (@il-ferrarista)
    9th November 2014, 18:00

    A nice exciting race, otherwise nothing really special. A solid 8 from me :)

  40. 11/10, extra point for the podium interviews. Oh wait…

    Actually 7/10. Typical Interlagos action, basically it was probably as good as a normal race can be (no weather changes or safety cars).

  41. For me, the 4 missing cars is hurting the spectacle.

    It may not be so bad on TV, but from the Austin Fan videos the size of the field looked pathetic. I can’t help but feel sorry for the people who pay more money than the action is worth. And that’s before I remember that they keep feeding the senile, greedy, corrupt criminals ruining the sport.

    1. The situation has left a cloud over the end of this season. It’s on my mind when I’m watching F1. I’m sure it’s on most people’s (who are in the know) minds when they watch the sport as well. The field just looks pitiful with 18 cars.

  42. i prefer austin to this one, tho. solid 8 for me.
    that red battle

  43. A solid 7 for me. Wasn’t as great as some other races and I was hoping Ham and Ros would trade places a few times. Some nice driving all round and no pointless clashes which was nice.

  44. Gave it an eight. Nice to see degrading tyres still producing a decent race. Strong performance from Massa, Rosberg, Button and Raikkonen for a change.
    Interesting to see the quick evolution of the track, blistering disappearing in the second part of the race. Not enough for a working two stops strategy, with the notable exception of Raikkonen.
    I am really pleased with Massa’s results, he was quite strong all weekend. It will be a difficult choice between him and Rosberg for the DOTW.

    1. I find it hard to believe you can see the tyre degredation as a plus.

  45. I was distracted quite easily in the first half of the race but when, as I normally do, I started thinking of what vote to give it, I realised I was liking it! For a start, Bottas lost a couple of seconds more than Massa in the pits but his race was negatively affected, while Felipe somehow managed to stay 3rd all race long. Rosberg and Hamilton were so close, as they’ve been all season, but even if for some laps Rosberg extended his lead the fact 71 laps after the lights went out the pair were within a second of each other outlines the quality of racing they have provided us with this year. Raikkonen and Alonso fought well, both between themselves and with others, the McLarens were in the hot positions all the time and with the different strategies and early stops we had Hulkenberg, Kvyat and Grosjean mixing up with the leaders. The only downside is that in such a nice race Sauber once more dropped out of the points! 8/10

  46. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    9th November 2014, 19:01

    This is Interlagos, so a 6, because it had some battles, but not so much drama as this race usually brings (no rain either).
    Maybe it’s just my bad mood for a (totally unrelated) bad day.

  47. Good tension and battles throughout, some surprises (no Bottas or Ricciardo being factors), excellent race by Rosberg. Overall, a fitting penultimate championship round leaving for a dramatic conclusion in two weeks. Not a classic, but a good one.

  48. Solid 4.5/10

  49. Pretty boring. Record number of 1/2’s by a team. Only interest is in who comes third – again….

  50. don’t know why, but since marussia and caterham dropped out, my view hasn’t been the same. it’s really hard to say why, as you wouldn’t see them so much on the tv anyway, yeah.. i can’t explain why but i didn’t enjoy the race.

    also i guess the mercedes dominance has slowly but surely made my interest fade to an absolute low, which i’m struggling to get out of. i can only hope 2015 will bring it back up.

  51. I simply can’t rate this highly because of the lack of Marussia.

  52. I thought Nico was gonna open up the gap at the end of the second stint, as Lewis would’ve had poor tyres but it didn’t happen.

    How does Lewis manage to be so much faster than Nico on race day?

    1. Because he is better it is that simple, he has won 10 races with a few retirements and he as been took out of the chance to fight in Ger and Hungary.

      1. And arguably in Monaco and Austria aswell. And for sure in Melbourne…

  53. I’d say a good 7, some moment there was not much action but definitely some really exciting moments and a fairly good end few laps.

  54. 6 / 10 for me…. good start and end but the middle bit was pretty boring.

  55. Decent race but lacking in real full on wheel to wheel action, occasional glimpses particularly button/ kimi & also so / kimi , pity Hamilton locked up as that probably cost him the win, overall a 7 for me. Just a point though, I know Button has his critics( I’m not one of them) but come on how on earth can Mclaren drop him, big season next year with Honda and there’s no doubt he will be much stronger for them than Mag. Maybe if they really do drop him he could end up at Ferrari or even RB if they run 3 cars ??

    1. Sorry that should be alonso / kimi

  56. finally a 2/3 stop race Pirelli say they’re always aiming for

    1. And apparently quite a lot of people enjoyed it, but not me.

  57. Usually i’ll score -/10 races at -/7 whilst under the boot of the DRS rule, so for me this got a “solid” 6, which is very good on my revised scale.

  58. Meh 6/10. Good battle between Rai and Alo ruined by DRS again.

  59. A rate 6, this was a boring race again.

  60. 1/10 A race of Formula 1, “the pinnacle of motorsport” only with 18 cars? Godgather Ecclestone and his bankers are killing the sport.

  61. A solid, middle-of-the-road 5/10. Maybe my expectations are too high for Interlagos, but this didn’t live up to them anyway. I think my voting is being swayed by the lack of Marussia and Caterham. I’m watching it and it just doesn’t feel right. Here and Austin just felt empty with 18 cars. It is a pitiful number. I’m trying to enjoy it but the current state of this sport is really making it difficult to enjoy.

  62. As a brazilian living abroad, I don’t understand how the organizers in Interlagos manage to screw up so often. Pele’ could not wave the checkered flag to the right car a few years ago. Now Piquet was so disrespectful of Nico and Lewis during the podium interviews. I think Piquet was high on something. If he really wanted the bundalele atmosphere with Massa, he should have FIRST done his job asking proper questions of the Mercedes drivers, THEN party out with Massa. Terrible display of professionalism (lack thereof). No wonder his bratty son thought he could get away with fraud in Singapore.

    A long time ago, former general French president Charles de Gaulle made the following comment, after visiting Brazil, back in the 1950’s: Beautiful place, but not a serious country. Piquet and Massa just made the point. For Nelson Piquet to ask Lewis about Nicole was so brazen and LH taken aback, did not even know how to react. Terrible, terrible display.

  63. RoomReaper (@)
    10th November 2014, 0:32

    It wasn’t the best race I’ve ever seen but not too bad. My heart physically stopped when Hamilton went off… brown trousers moment indeed! Anyway, glad he finished second and still within a great chance of the title!

  64. ColdFly F1 (@)
    10th November 2014, 2:19

    Good to see some high scores here, but not for me so much.
    I thought the race was very average. I’ll give it a 6.

    We have seen so many good races here, with or without title deciders. Not today though.
    I love pit stops as they add some uncertainty and spice to any race, due to different strategies. But even though we had the general 3 pit stops, most drivers were too afraid to truly race. IMHO I think it was wrong for Pirelli to listen to Massa and change the proposed tyre compounds (was that Karma making Massa speed and enter wrong box?). We did get tyre wear and pit stops, but we did not get more aggressive racing in return.

    On a positive note though. Glad that Rosberg won from Hamilton. Imagine if Hamilton would have won and be more than 25pts ahead, then we all would have been double frustrated ;) about the Abu Dhoubli extra points.
    side note: would Hamilton have fought harder to win if Abu Dhabi would be single points, and try to clinch the title here, rather than risking all with a DNF next race?????

  65. Possibly one of the worst races I’ve ever seen at Interlagos. 8/10 ;)

  66. This race would have been amazing without Double Points. Nico would have been hanging on to dear life to keep his hopes a live and maybe we would have seen a late race dive-bomb by Hamilton.

  67. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    10th November 2014, 7:33

    Really enjoyed this weekend. Rosberg delivered a drive worthy of a champion. Hamilton was relentless throughout the race, watching him claw ever closer to his rival was rivetting. Raikkonen was simply marvellous, scrapping with Button and Alonso. Massa battled through several difficulties (including a hilarious pitstop) to a well-deserved third. Interlagos usually serves up exciting races, and this was no exception. 9/10.

  68. 5. Expected more on track action but it didn’t materialize. A very average race.

  69. I think it is extremely easy to underestimate just how incredibly tight this whole weekend was for the two title contenders.

    Hamilton and Rosberg traded two blows just hundreds apart from each other in Q3 as Nico snatched the pole by a quite narrow 0.033s.

    Then, on Sunday, they spent the majority of the race within or near 1s of each other after having two rounds of pit stops where Lewis came within tenths of a second to take, no, wrestle the lead from Nico. Not to mention the third occasion – when Lewis spun – when one can count in terms of tenths of a second again to try and reveal if he’d have succeeded, had he not made a mistake in Turn 3.

    To me, this race was as thrilling as Bahrain, only the two Silver Arrows ‘raced the track’ this time to find the precious tenths of advantage, not each other.

  70. I thought it was a good race but I didn’t think it was as good overall as the previous race so as I gave the US GP an 8 I gave the Brazilian GP a 7. There were a few different reasons why I thought this race wasn’t as good.

    I was a bit disappointed that the weekend stayed dry after the forecast said there was a chance of rain and given weather at previous Brazilian GPs.

    At the US GP even though Rosberg started on pole because Hamilton had been quicker all weekend up to qualifying I thought there would be a battle for the lead.

    However because Rosberg had been the quickest all weekend in Brazil I thought as long as he led after the start and didn’t make a mistake he would win, the only time when I thought Hamilton had a chance was when he set that quick lap before his spin.

    If I think that the winner is an odds on certainty it usually does away with most of the tension and suspense related to the victory.

    However you can still have a great race even if winner has a comfortable and untroubled victory depending on what happens with the rest of the grid, and while there was plenty of action further down the field, again overall I don’t think it quite matched up to the US GP.

  71. Will Rate the Race also get double points in two weeks?

    1. Maybe to compensate, the options will be limited from 1 to 5. ;)

  72. Watched the race with my parents who are completely out of love with F1 right now; there wasn’t much reaction from them at all this race.

    Still, I rather enjoyed it. There was a good battle for the lead and plenty of ‘will he or won’t he’ concerning Hamilton. The battle throughout the field was interesting, as were the strategies. I gave it an 8, a race I could very well enjoy multiple times.

  73. Had to be 8. Busy race indeed with lotsa drivers challenging for positions. Button was the surprise, seems the aero has improved quite a bit.

  74. Objectively, it had everything a race needs to have. A close battle for the lead, different strategies, a fair amount of overtaking. It was way above the 2013 standard or those horribly dull Bridgestone years, but we’ve gotten used to that. Still, it didn’t excite me over the moon. Maybe it’s because of all the negativity overshadowing the action on the track. Or the lack of cars involved therein. 18 isn’t the new 22, it’s a mutilated grid.


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