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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend.

Daniel Juncadella

Daniel Juncadella broke the golden rule for any F1 test driver – this crash during the first practice sessions meant Sergio Perez was unable to do any running on Friday.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Jean-Eric Vergne’s Friday running was also compromised. Having handed over his car to Max Verstappen in the morning, he pulled up with a technical problem after just five laps in the afternoon.

Kevin Magnussen

While speculation surrounds McLaren’s future driver line-up Kevin Magnussen, making his first appearance at Interlagos, had a low-key weekend.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel

Despite his team mate cutting into his points lead this weekend, Lewis Hamilton looks increasingly likely to succeed Sebastian Vettel as world champion.

Pastor Maldonado

Having scored his first points of the year last time out, Pastor Maldonado had to settle for another non-score in Brazil.

Sebastian Vettel

Despite forecasts insisting a high threat of rain, the weekend remained dry and the race was run in hot conditions. Here Red Bull keep Vettel’s car cool on the grid.


Nico Rosberg converted his tenth pole position of the season into the lead.

Esteban Gutierrez

Esteban Gutierrez was tenth at the end of the first lap – but the Sauber slipped backwards from there. They have one race left to avoid ending the season point-less.

Nico Rosberg

Hamilton threw everything he had at his team mate but he also threw his car off the road – and that cemented a timely win for Rosberg.

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa joined the Mercedes drivers on the podium for his fifth appearance in front of his home crowd.

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8 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. Very good selection. We can see a happy man on the podium

  2. I like this comment “Hamilton threw everything he had at his team mate but he also threw his car off the road – and that cemented a timely win for Rosberg.”

  3. It was pretty embarrassing for Juncadella, but didn’t Hulkenberg also crash di Resta’s car in a practice session a couple of years ago?

    1. Yeah, at Valencia wasn’t it?

    2. Even Bottas crashed Senna’s car in Germany – obviously it’s unfortunate but it happens from time to time.

  4. I feel that Massa was much happier with his third place on the podium than Rosberg with his win.

  5. Red Bull’s cooler is very nice. :)

  6. And the prize for the worst trophies of the year go to Petrobras!

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