Bernie Ecclestone, Singapore, 2014

Ecclestone: Teams ‘idiots’ as he prepares to drop double points

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Bernie Ecclestone, Singapore, 2014In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone has said F1 will not repeats its widely criticised double points scheme next year and that teams were “idiots” to oppose his plan to expand it to three races.


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Bernie Ecclestone will drop controversial double points in Formula One next season (The Independent)

“One race is stupid but imagine if it was the last three races. It means that somebody would have to have a 150-point advantage minimum to be sure they will win. The teams have not accepted it because they are bloody idiots.”

Formula-E with the FT: Jaime Alguersuari (FT, registration required)

“This is a completely different series and it would be a big mistake to compare it to F1. FE is so much less elitist and more approachable.”

Alonso: Small teams vital for F1 (Autosport)

“We need everyone in the sport – more teams and more things happening around F1 will help.”

Damon Hill interview: Lewis Hamilton has it tougher as the leader (The Independent)

“I think it’s always harder for the person who’s leading. I think the guy who’s hunting has kind of resigned themselves, partly, to the possibility of not winning, whereas the other one’s got it all to lose.”

Red Bull ‘not responsible’ for teams (BBC)

Christian Horner: “Obviously costs are too high and there’s not enough income coming into the sport.”


Comment of the day

Bernie Ecclestone’s comments yesterday pointed to a fundamental disagreement between his view of how the sport should development and that of many fans:

I have been a follower of F1 close to 35 years, so yes I am part of that group that Ecclestone sees as the target group. But any company knows that it has to find new ways of finding customers otherwise it will die.

Many 80-year-olds have problem with the new media forums that are available. Even my sons know more about it than that I do and I am in my mid-40s.

Although Ecclestone has done much in the past to lift the sport he sees it as his own toy that can die with him. Although the problems have been going on for some year now, the last few weeks things have started escalating. This man is clearly has become a problem for the sport to move forward.

If you can’t see the problem, you are part of the problem.

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On this day in F1

Fernando Alonso’s first public appearance for Ferrari on this day five years ago did not go according to plan.

While showing off his new driver line-up to a crowd at Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo got himself, Alonso, Felipe Massa and a new Ferrari California stuck in one of the circuit’s gravel beds.

Image © Red Bull/Getty

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89 comments on “Ecclestone: Teams ‘idiots’ as he prepares to drop double points”

  1. Brilliant tweets from those ‘bloody idiot’ teams, McLaren and especially Lotus !! Let’s see more young fans in F1 – only a real idiot would no not understand that they are the future.

    1. Ferrari also had a similar tweet like McLaren’s, I’m glad they reacted to Bernie’s comments.

    2. Let’s see more young fans in F1 – only a real idiot would no not understand that they are the future.


      My wife and I are fans of F1 only because we started watching it young. If BE is only targetting the 40+ market, F1 will die. We need young fans, who grow up to become old fans.

      No sport can continue if it doesn’t have a continous stream of new, young fans to take over the tradition.

    3. Just realized that Bernie is Ebenezer Scrooge!

    4. @mphipps – Exactly. This sentiment of Bernie’s shows just how short sighted his ideas are. ‘We don’t care about new teams because they are slow and we hate them.’ Except RBR was not competitive and had a huge number of retirements early on. Toro Rosso (STR) was the same. RBR finished behind STR in 2008!! And STR gave us Vettel. Sure, he showed his skill at BMW as a replacement for Kubica but who knows where he would have ended up if STR wasn’t around. Point being, small teams can take risks on some talent that big teams are more hesitant to and can give us drivers like Senna, Schumacher, Vettel, Barrichello, etc.

      And how is double points for 3 races any better? All it means is that a series of crazy events at the end can decide the championship. If you go back to the end of the Russian Grand Prix and assume double points for the remaining 3 races, Alonso could have tied on points if the top four didn’t score. Yes, I know that’s a crazy and impossible chain of events, but that is the sort of wackiness that is possible with Bernie’s scheme. My point? He is willing to sell out the history of F1 for a ratings boost for a single season.

      Just like he was short sighted when he sold to CVC. Just like the teams were short sighted when they sold to Bernie. Someone needs to think long term.

      1. ..and before anyone says it, yeah, I know that in my crazy scenario above that Alonso still wouldn’t win the title because being tied on points is not enough. But someone with two podiums, and zero wins could have won.

  2. At first I thought the photo in the tweet from McLaren was an introduction of Alonso’s team mate for next year! :-)

  3. After reading the title, I thought that this year’s double points are to be dropped. Unfortunately “double points, double the excitement” farse must go on.

    1. For just a second I thought the same, but it seems idiocy will prevail to the end of this season.

      1. It would be idiocy to scrap this season’s double points and, ironically, unfair on Rosberg – that was never going to happen.

        1. I don’t see how making the final race of the season carry equal weight to every other race this season is unfair on Rosberg – it seems to me it would be redressing the existing unfairness of this farcical situation. Also, I’m not sure the word “never” can be used with regards to F1.

          The only good thing at this stage is that Mercedes are sufficiently dominant that the most plausible scenario that would see Rosberg win the championship with double points looks the same as the scenario that would exist without double points (i.e. Rosberg wins and Hamilton fails to finish).

    2. I for one am very happy! Double points will be dropped, so I can drop my protest and watch the final race!

  4. Ecclestone’s the idiot

    1. Lol he’s the only one (apart from Abu Dhabi) that wants them… Yet were the idiots!

      1. To be fair, even the team representatives who are part of the Strategy Group couldn’t quite see anything wrong about it, initially. Only recently have Toto Wolff and the likes begun to realise what a foolish idea this is.
        Unfortunately, Bernie isn’t the only bloody idiot (pardon my French).

  5. Why Mr.E didn’t see the bigger picture? if the last 3 races worth double points, then you’re basically undermining the previous races, thus making it less important, which can make the whole thing unimportant except for the last 3 races. I have this strange feeling that it isn’t just about trying to force the championship to go to the wire but probably he is doing this for the potential to sell the last 3 races to the highest bidder.
    Maybe Mr.E is forgetting that Formula 1 should also be a sport and not just entertainment.

    1. I don’t know if you follow British Superbikes and are aware of their ‘Showdown’ system?

      The series nominally has 12 rounds of two races (some rounds have 3 depending on track length or postponements of previous races at previous rounds).

      First 9 races are scored normally, but riders get podium credits for finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

      After the 9th round, the 6 leading riders points scores are rounded up or down to 500, with podium credits added to the score. In previous years, the podium credits were 3-2-1, changed this year to 5-3-1 (I think). The most successful riders still end up leading the standings but the points are closed up to add some spice to proceedings, as the final 3 rounds are scored normally.

      As a purist I still think the system is an abomination, created a few years ago purely because Leon Haslam and his team were successful enough to win the championship with 4 rounds to spare.

      In practical terms though, it seems to work without causing too much penalty to the leading rider, Shane Byrne led the standings going into the showdown the last 3 years and won it twice, and would have won it the other year if not for a storming comeback in the second half of the other season by Alex Lowes.

      Of course, in BSB, the performance differential between the works bikes is not as great as it is in F1, so rider skill tends to win over the performance advantages of a given bike. If you can get your head over the convolution of the system, it is an example of such a thing that can help to keep a championship exciting without creating a huge disadvantage to the most successful.

  6. I don’t Eccelstone is a very good businessman. It seems his reluctance to change is catching up to him. The city which I live elected a mayor that knew how to exploit the benefits of social media to attract votes from the “young” generation.
    But I dont expect Eccelstone to listen to me. I am not quite 70 and I dont have funds at UBS I could use to purchase a Rolex.

    1. Ah I see what you did there. +100

  7. I’m glad the double points are dropped, but I’m furious about all the comments Ecclestone has made this days…
    Seriously, why is he still in F1? He is only ruining it with stupid rules and now with childish comments.

    1. The sooner that senile old man gets the hell out of F1 the better are the sports chances of possible survival. Some of BCE’s remarks of late must be deeply embarrasssing to the team principals and FIA.

      1. Couldn’t possibly agree more!

  8. Bernie, for goodness sake. The teams are not mirrors. Get yourself out, preferably out of Formula One.

    Although the good news is really great. Although it doesn’t take away the fact F1 has already demeaned itself by having it for one year.

    1. In my anger I made an annoying typo, that should say “Sort yourself out, preferably out of Formula One.”

      1. The words, Pot, Kettle and Black leapt into my mind before I had finished reading the summation.

  9. The only idiot here Bernie is you for coming up with double points in the first place.

  10. Let’s see, double points are “stupid”, for one race, but great for three races. Teams, which are not people rather they are entities, but are “bloody idiots”. You can’t make this stuff up.

    When Bernie finally does expire I would like to nominate Geoff Peterson to take over his media duties. (Apologies in advance for the obscure Craig Ferguson reference.)

    That telegram tweet from Lotus is the best thing they have managed to come up with all year.

  11. Mike McDermott: Listen, here’s the thing. If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker. From the movie Rounders.

  12. That photo of Montezmolo getting Felipe and Alonso stuck in the gravel pit is a portentious and ultimately accurate depiction of where all those relationships would lead :)

    1. I thought of the same :D Surprisingly accurate metaphor of the next couple of years.

    2. Haha! Montezmolo drove them into a wrong area. #accurate

  13. Bernie did a lot for F1, but… it really is time for him to go. Spends half his time criticising the sport and the other half (seemingly) trying to destroy it.

    1. Bernie did a lot for Bernie useing F1, TFTFY.

  14. Regarding the Alonso, Massa and LdM foto; isn’t it interesting that 5 years down the line, the three men will have all left the team without being able to get the red where they were intending to get to?

    1. And ironically, Massa was the one that got closest in those 5 years! Only losing the championship by 1 point, and having it sewn up for 40 seconds after he’d finished his season!

      1. @keeleyobsessed Time is marching on quicker than you realise, the season you refer to was 2008 and therefore not in the last 5 years!

        1. @JerseyF1
          Indeed it is! Argh! I’m getting older!!

  15. Horner is right when he says “It is the commercial rights holders choice and RESPONSIBILITY, to give the smaller teams a bigger share of profits.
    Horner is not entirely correct when he says the problem is not enough income coming into the sport, the real problem is too much income going out of the sport.

  16. It just frustrates me that Bernie is still involved with F1…. He should have retired years ago and just enjoyed his money…. but instead he has stuck around to annoy every single F1 fan. As much as I wish I could stop talking about Bernie ( I know that nothing we as fans say or do will change anything) I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut when I read some this ridiculous stuff he has said recently….

  17. No, Bernie, you are the bloody idiot.

    1. The thing is, even any half competent drug dealer understands the importance of the young generation.

      And I think it is important to note that the recent comments can not be dismissed as “he says it only to…blah blah…, but actually does’t think that”, as some Bernie apologists often do, because these and some of the other ridiculous opinions of his fall exactly in-line with the actions taken (and not taken) by him.

  18. I don’t know why is anyone getting worked up about the exact things Bernie says. He is obviously not really thinking literally that, it’s just a diversion tactic. He’s been doing it since I started following F1 websites some 15 years ago, and he’s been probably doing it way before that.

    Whenever you see him going on these insane rampages, giving infuriating, shocking and provoking interviews, know that there’s something else he’s working on, and that other thing is what you should be trying to spot. And unfortunately, that other thing is probably much worse than the things he is saying in the interview.

    The white elephant in the room is that F1 doesn’t need to cut costs and that there is no shortage of money in F1, but that CVC and Bernie are draining the blood out of it. That’s why he wants less teams. In that case the part of the pie he intended for the teams in split into less pieces, making the teams easier to please.

    One fact is, CVC is a parasite and Bernie is trying his best to make us not talk about it.

    If you think Bernie doesn’t know what he is talking, that he is senile or something like that, you really ought to question your judgement. Whoever is talking and getting all worked up about his controversial gibberish, is just doing him a favor and doing exactly what Bernie is intending them to do.

    1. We all know what the problems are. Many of us are unhappy about DRS, Double points, fragile Pirelli’s, CVC etc.

      We can still read this & other sites. Why are you guys still watching races & buying tickets to go to the track?

      This will only stop, if you guys stop supporting this new “F1”. I won’t buy tickets with my parents anymore. We stopped watching the races but i still enjoy reading this site.

      Vote with your wallet & stop letting Bernie & the FIA getaway with this BS.

      1. @s2g-unit I think you’ve replied to a wrong comment. :)

        1. Lol it was meant for all of us fans to stop watching just because this is ‘formula one’

  19. Bernie it seems has completed his journey to dementia.

  20. Fikri Harish (@)
    15th November 2014, 3:35

    Oh wow. Ecclestone sure loves digging his own grave isn’t he?

  21. Why isn’t there any opinion pieces from major outlets or teams opining to the press that Ecclestone should go? Comments are filled with them no matter the site… It’s beyond ridiculous, and if no one who’s opinion actually matters starts saying something it’ll just be business as usual until he croaks.

    What does he have to do/say for people in positions of power to say enough’s enough?

    1. @skipgamer The problem is that anyone in a position of power is most likely still in a position less powerful than Bernie when it comes to F1.

      Speaking out against Bernie or FOM is most likely going to end with you out of F1 (or heavily penalised) very quickly. Remember the treatment Force India got for daring to miss P2 in Bahrain a couple of years ago due to safety concerns:

      1. Then the teams,drivers,reporters will follow him right down the toilet as the fans watch.
        Their silence is deafening

  22. Every race with double points is a gazillion times smarter than 1 and a 3 is a million times elevated to a gazillion times, which is coincidently as good as all races at half points.

    1. Double points at every race except Abu Dhabi next year would redress the balance :)

  23. That telegram is a masterstroke. Brilliant.

    1. I totally agree. The best part is the “#F1” at the end, a great, fun slap in the face of Bernie, made me giggle.

      1. I hope someone’s showed Bernie on one of those iPads, and told him it shows him all the other F1 messages if he taps the #F1…

  24. ColdFly F1 (@)
    15th November 2014, 4:54

    Great tweet by Lotus.
    It is good that especially Mercedes and Lotus are continuously able to take a light-hearted view at F1 in the social media messages. That is the stuff (besides innovation and serious racing) F1 needs to remain contemporary.
    Otherwise when the old fans die the Rolex will go to the kids, the UBS bank balance to the tax man, and nobody left to watch F1.

  25. I think Bernie ain’t wrong. In Bernie’s perspective it is UBS and Rolex and a couple others that sponsor F1 as a whole and sponsor Bernie directly. These sponsors are in F1 for status, including the bankrupt UBS. In fairness there isn’t much more that appeases F1. I think maybe Bernie is concerned in a possible loss of pedigree. In response to that F1 in the recent past has had some dodgy companies sponsoring teams, for instances randstad sponsored williams which is a little degrading. I don’t think Bernie wants the Fortune 500. In that case many of the big companies actually sell the cheapest products there can be bought. You could also say that Nestle or coca cola wouldn’t consider racing cars as a way to sell food.

    1. Nestlé and Coke selling their products with racing cars? What a strange notion. Surely they haven’t done that for decades in Nascar… ;)

    2. I dunno I quite enjoyed the Coke Zero Daytona 400 last year when I was in the states ;-)

  26. Just what the world needs… 70-year-olds driving expensive sports cars (AMGs, Ferraris, McLarens) wearing expensive watches fantasizing about younger women.

  27. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    15th November 2014, 6:36

    There must be an underlying/behind the scenes reason for all the outrageous things that Mr. E has spewed out these past few days.

    I don’t buy the whole “senile old man” or “he’s losing his marbles” excuses. The guy is as just as sharp mentally as he’s ever been, so there has to be something pretty serious going on in the back ground, behind closed doors. Perhaps he’s being pressured by a lot of people to fix the sport vs money in his pocket.

    He’s a business man. He’s as ruthless as a shark, and will do what ever it takes to gain the upper hand. Nothing he says is without reason.

    1. I am wondering about this as well, usually Bernie uses things like this as a distraction. Maybe its just as simple as having people rage about what he said instead of things like cost capping and saving the small teams to keep the grid above 16!

    2. I am also of this opinion. Old people that are senile generally make one off silly mistakes, not a myriad of jaw dropping quotes… I think Bernie is up to something… If he no longer controls the CVC, perhaps by runnnig the brand into the ground, he can pick it up at a cheap price?

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        15th November 2014, 8:12

        @dragoll, interesting theory and a lot of evidence to support it.

        And it is cheaper to introduce double points, drive teams to bankruptcy, and make degrading comments than to pay a banker $44M and the court another $100M.

    3. There is absolutely more to this. Bernie is a master of attracting attention through controversy And then manuiplating that attention to his advantage. It’s going to be interesting to see where he goes with all this. Along the lines of Max Planck’s quote about new scientific theories being accepted only when the older generation dies off. I don’t think we will see the sweeping modernisation F1 needs until BE does meet his maker. In the future I want to see F1 Fanatic on the board of F1. As fans we have as equal a stake as the teams, circuits, FIA, F1 management etc. Without us F1 is nothing.

      1. @mccosmic Eh, I’m not a fan of committee led organisations. While I respect most of the F1F’s on this site, there are some views that I do not agree with, and lets face it, when push comes to shove, how many of us would want to implement a rule change that would benefit someone else other than our favourite drivers/teams?

        1. Yes, committee led organisations can be a nightmare. But that’s certainly not what I meant to imply here. In the words of Murray Walker and Eddie Jordan, F1 fans are an intelligent bunch of people. So whilst there will always be differences of opinion, I’d like to see fans perspectives represented in a much more structured and impactful way than they are now. Just look at how Ferrari manipulated the ‘fans’ view to suit their own agenda earlier in the season. For me that is unacceptable. We would need to find a form that works and is of benefit to F1 as a whole. With the advances of social media technology this must be possible?

    4. I think he is deliberately distracting us from the removal of double points next year.
      If this were the topic of conversation, it would point out the potential sporting invalidity of the
      result this year if Rosberg were to win.

  28. @lotus you have the best comms people-Bernard reads telegrams for sure.
    McLaren needs to go back to their classic levery

  29. Only a bloody idiot would fail to see that if you make the last 3 races more important you make the first 17 races less important.

    Surely part of why there were only 50,000 fans at Interlagos…

    1. Do you have a source for those figures? The circuit has released the figures for the race weekend, which state that there were 133,000 attendees – a figure that is actually slightly higher than in 2013.

      You also have to bear in mind that the spectator facilities at Interlagos are actually pretty limited – the circuit only officially has 18,000 seats and limited access for general admission, so fitting “only” 50,000 people into what is a fairly constrained venue is actually fairly good going.

  30. *sees the headline*
    Wow, that’s nice, maybe Ecclestone is still capable of expressing a reasonable thought after all.

    *reads the round-up*
    Nope, nothing has changed.

    Bernie will always be Bernie, I guess.

  31. “One race is stupid but imagine if it was the last three races. It means that somebody would have to have a 150-point advantage minimum to be sure they will win. The teams have not accepted it because they are bloody idiots.”

    Maybe Bernie is right but saying the teams are bloody idiots, but it is because they still admit CVC takes out of F1 650M each year just because Bernie became billionaire selling F1 rights some years ago.

    This small man, who do not make anything about new social media F1 development and his proposals are always in the zone of a Circus, is the current problem of F1, not the solution not the future.

  32. Although my personal opinion on Bernie has been wavering lately I have generally been a supporter of his. Sometimes you have to look at the wider implications and pressures on the decisions he makes, and what his public comments are (often 2 different things). His role is so diverse and encompassing that his main mission must often get lost in the storm of controversy that perpetually surrounds F1.
    However with the exception of safety his overriding focus has to be on maintaining the global profile of F1. Many criticize his methods, his courting of the corporate machines, his sometimes zany ideas. But sometimes we have to remember that a calm, settled, and non controversial F1 attracts less articles and column inches!
    I’m of the same belief as some others here, Bernie is up to something, I can’t believe the the ring master has suddenly lost all sense. If you take his public comments just on face value then surely CVC would have done something about this sooner. Bernie has a plan!!!

    Either that or I’m wrong and he has flipped his lid and gone bananas!

  33. I think we all know who the ‘bloody idiot’ in F1 is.

  34. You know what, I think I can’t take it anymore. It’s just too heartbreaking to experience the slow murder of the sport I love so much. It seems like I have to go through two weeks of pain to see several hours of racing now, and I no longer sure if it’s worth it.

    For a while I felt like all the noise from fans was just that. F1 is F1 and there’s always a gimmick, so we should just play along. But this is different. Bernie is a cartoonish Bond villain, except that he’s real and he does his thing in reality. The more he talks the more I understand that there’s no return to the good old days – this is it – this painful decay will be the end of it.

    I admit to myself with horror that I actually want the sport to die already and to end this pain. Because at this point the only chance to make it great again seems to be a Phoenix-like resurrection from the ashes a few years (or even decades at this pont) of staying out of the public eye.

    1. It’s a very dark day when a fellow F1 Fanatic feels this way, and I agree with it. I’m almost starting not to be as concerned about the driver and team line-ups for next year because part of my mind keeps telling me the sport won’t survive that long…

  35. why dont we turn the tide on Bernie Ecclestone and use social media to show how much we disapprove of him.

  36. COTD is right on the spot ……

    And the Youtube video pretty much says the state of the Ferrari team now five years later !!!!!!

  37. The funniest thing is, if Hamilton loses the championship due to double points, it will create a backlash from the fans so huge, that CVC WILL be forced get rid of Bernie.
    Who would have thought a little boy from Stevenage would bring down one of the most powerful business figure in the world?

  38. Bernie + two seater F1 car + Maldonado = Maximum heart attack..
    Who wants to see that..??

    1. Probably everyone lol I know I would!

  39. Ecclestone should go, one man should hold so much power in any field of life, the man is power crazy.

  40. The only idiot is “Godfather” Ecclestone! He is killing formula 1.

  41. Uh oh, calling teams idiots. Jeez the teams made him a filthy rich man. Some gratitude from an ungrateful old man. This is it, BERNIE HAS TO GO! he’s got to be the biggest idiot paying his model wife billions in alimony and daughters using his money for total wasted pleasure who does zilch for the sport. No wonder a huge group of fans are waiting for him to leave this world.

  42. Just some random thoughts…

    I too hate double points, but I do agree that if they absolutely had to use them, then having them for the last 3 races would have been better, as in less lottery like. There’d be two more races for drivers to bring answers to someone who bagged some double points and took a leap in the standings with 3 races to go. This is why BE is calling the teams idiots for not accepting 3 races, but when he calls one race stupid, it’s hard to imagine 3 races as smart. Three races IMHO would have been better, but overwhelmingly nobody wants any races to be doubled, other than BE and the promoters of Abu Double, and Sky I suppose, so perhaps the teams saw 3 vs 1 as a slippery slope.

    For the record, I have not gone throughout this season thinking in terms of all the other races being half the value. The vast majority of the races have been, in my eyes, full value, and the Abu Double thing is a gimmick.

    BE, if the teams are idiots for not going for 3 races, were you then stupid for not doing this long ago? ie. what has changed in such a short time to cause this level of desperation for viewership to go down to the wire? As such a smart billionaire to have built F1 up to be what it is, why would you show your cards with such an appearance of desperation? Why have you let it get to this point of needing such gimmicks? And why would you then shun ANY category of potential viewers or future viewers?

    I get that the youth aren’t about to go out and buy a Rolex, but is it not the case, BE, that if you would prefer to ignore all non-Rolex-buying viewers, you’d be toast? Exactly who do you think has helped you build up F1 and become a multi-billionaire? Oh, right, what am I thinking…you think you have done it single-handedly, like dictators would. I would suggest the likes of a childhood Lewis Hamilton just thought race cars, not Rolexes, were cool, so his Dad took him go-karting and the rest is history.

    I get that BE still garners a lot of accolades from those within F1 who say that without BE the sport wouldn’t be nearly what it is today, but if what it is today is so troubled and desperate that it is riddled with gimmicks and some new hair-brained idea every week, then mustn’t BE also be blamed for it being in it’s current state? And who is to say someone else would not have been able to do the same as BE, or better?

    I’m sure I could go on…but…rant over. I know I’m preaching to the choir.

  43. Of course we can rant as much as we want about Bernie. That does not make him go away.
    What can we as fans really do?
    – attact large scale media attention during the Sunday race: banners, disrupting the podium ceremony, hacking F1 computers, occupying the track for a while, some rotten tomatoes in Bernies hair, what else?
    – using social media against him (and CVC) as mentioned by lethalnz above. Matthew Groves already started someting in another thread here. Try to get it viral…
    – Like S2G-unit suggested: hitting him where it matters: the money. Don’t buy tickets for a while, just watch the action on FTA or streaming

    Any other suggestions?

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