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This year’s championship comes to a close in just one week’s time – but how well do you recall last season?

Put your knowledge of the 2013 Formula One championship to the test with the new F1 Fanatic quiz.

As usual you have just five minutes to answer as many of the 20 questions correctly as you can.

If you’ve not taken one of our quizzes before, have a quick look at this quick guide first:

You can compare your overall score with other F1 Fanatics and take more quizzes here:

If you don’t already have one, you will need to register an F1 Fanatic account to participate in the quizzes. Details on how to get one can be found below:

How did you get on? Share your score in the comments – but remember not to give any clues about the questions!

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21 comments on “Take F1 Fanatic’s new 2013 season quiz”

  1. First one to try. 20/20.. And I’m certain I guessed one of them!

  2. 12 was my score, not to unhappy because I’m not normally that good on quizzes.

  3. 19! The only 19 on the board so far!

    1. And it was the first time as well.

    2. Not anymore, I got 19 aswell.

  4. 16/20 on the first attempt, could’ve been 17, but I needlessly had changed my mind on the last question.
    Still, not a bad score, happy with it.

  5. How do you find out what your score was , I must have done something wrong

  6. Disappointed with that 16 out of 20.. Oh well :D

  7. 16/20
    Pleased with myself, usually rubbish at quizzes.

  8. 17/20

    Not bad, given how low score I usually get in these.

  9. 18/20

    i’m ranked 28. Okay with this

  10. 16/20 on my first try. Not bad.

  11. 19 for me. Lack of perfection bothers me slightly but happy enough with that.

  12. 15 is my best ever score. i feel like i might do better at the distant past

  13. I think i was watching WRC or somethin else instead of F1. I have only 7 correct answers. SEVEN.

    1. I watched every quali, every race and I read F1 sites many times a day. And still scored 7.

  14. 19. got that one question about that one driver, which drives for that one team wrong.

  15. A poxy 10. Where are double points when you need them?

  16. 20/20 … I’m waiting for the next quiz

  17. I got 13. Is there a way of seeing which ones I got right and which were wrong?

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