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2014 F1 season

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Ferrari have confirmed Fernando Alonso’s contract with the team has been cut short by two years and he will leave them at the end of the season.

“Today is not an easy one for me, because even if I always look to the future with great enthusiasm and determination, at the end of this season my journey as a Ferrari driver will come to an end,” said Alonso.

“It was a difficult decision to take, but a carefully considered one and from start to finish, my love for Ferrari was a prime consideration. I have always been lucky enough to make my own decisions about my future and I have that possibility now too.

“I must thank the team for that, as it understood my position. I leave scuderia Ferrari after five years, during which I reached my very best level professionally, tackling major challenges that pushed me to find new limits. I also proved to be a true team player, putting the interests of the scuderia before my own.

“When I had to take important decisions about my future, I did so with Ferrari in my heart, driven by my love for the team. I am very proud of what we have achieved together. Thanks to the efforts of the men and women of Maranello, on three occasions we came second in the Formula One world championship, two of them fighting for the title right up to and including the final race, running in a championship winning position for many laps.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, these five years produced some of the best moments of my career and I also feel that, in leaving the team, it is family rather than friends I am leaving behind.

“Now I look to the future with great enthusiasm, knowing that part of my heart will always belong to the prancing horse. I want to thank each and everyone of the team for the trust they showed in me.”

Alonso joined the team from Renault in 2010 and came close to winning the championship in his first season with Ferrari. The following year he signed a deal which extended his contract to 2016.

But despite coming close to the title again in 2012, Alonso’s five years with the team has failed to yield any championship success.

Team principal Marco Mattiacci said Alonso “will always occupy a special place” among Ferrari’s greatest drivers.

“We offer him our heartfelt thanks for what has been an extraordinary adventure with the scuderia, when in the past five years, he twice came so close to winning the world championship.

“I am sure that a great driver like Fernando will always hold the prancing horse dear to his heart and I also expect the Ferrari fans will continue to hold him in high regard in his future endeavours.”

2014 F1 season

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76 comments on “Ferrari confirm Alonso will leave at end of season”

  1. Ron, I believe your doorbell just rang.

    1. Now Ron Dennis should confirm Magnussen and Button. Perfect revenge for 2007……

      1. lol, nice one :)

      2. That would make my day.

      3. @nin13 Yes, and then when his drivers can’t get the most out of the car, Ron will come crying back to Fernando

        1. Nah! Who needs old Alonso now. Guy is almost reaching 40. Not like he is 7x WDC or even 4x WDC

          1. Fernando is 33.

      4. Yes, and then Honda confirms that they will not be providing engines to Ron. But Renault of course has to find some place for those engines bound for Lotus, becoming a match made in heaven.

      5. Do not be surprised if Alonso turns up at Audi in WEC

      6. why revenge? Ron was the one behind the cheating scandal, Alonso did nothing wrong.
        both men have moved on, and are to work together for the same aim, to win a championship. Ron Dennis picked the best driver available, and with his golden boy Hamilton not in the team, there wont be a stumbling block in the pairing achieving success together 2nd time around.

        1. Really?. Even after they have provided the email transcripts b/w Alonso, de la rosa and Mike you are saying that Alonso did nothing wrong?!?!
          Proves his nick name.
          Anyway, all things considered I wouldn’t be surprised to see the McLaren drivers retained.

      7. @nin13
        Naaah, Alonso has nothing to lose, Infact Alonso can bail out and go to WEC with probably his best boss so far (Domenicalli) and now McLaren are stuck with same drivers and their dream for hiring better guys will be gone to improve their Honda powered car! Button usually does decent job though, but not a significant change for McLaren guys. In any case, Alonso has the upperhand.

        Alonso can take revenge on the other hand, for ruining his 2007 and more 2 years (08, 09 at Renault).

        From my assumption, Alonso is demanding McLaren “I’ll race for you for 1 year with extendable contract and my desired team-mate and salary” which will be smart, but Ron might not agree less than 2-3 years at-least, which makes me think either Alonso will negotiate for 2 years contract or leave to WEC altogether.

        Another huge hint of his backup plan to leave F1 is !!! = Which is right infront of our eyes! HIS new HELMET! All guys signatures, and celebrating in style! Why would someone leaving just Ferrari do that! He’s celebrating his last race not just in Ferrari but (backup plan for F1) without anyone knowing it. VERY SMART of him!
        Alonso is not just a good driver, HE’s very smart and also politically intellectual.

    2. Lol that will be the best. But unfortunately Alonso signed with McLaren in June. Broke his contract with Ferrari in July, Vettel signed in September. All of this news, are some months old. But like things go. And as i said long time ago at the end of the year they will confirm Vettel to Ferrari and Alonso out, nobody believed at that time when i said it, now its the reality.

  2. Now there’s a surprise!

    1. Worst kept secret ever.

      1. @carlitox Now replaced by when Alonso actually joined Ferrari!

  3. Finally! Fantastic news.

  4. I think there’s a chance that one of Alonso, Button, and Vettel will end up without a drive

    1. only button

  5. “I also proved to be a true team player, putting the interests of the scuderia before my own.”

    Uh… When?

    1. By leaving.

      1. @kroonracing lol again! We’re getting some crackers with this news :)

    2. By pushing such a rubbish team a long way forwards, far past what it should have been…

      1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
        20th November 2014, 11:45

        @fer-no65 That doesn’t make him a team player, he still put his own fortunes ahead of the team. Though it’s interesting that his PR mouthpiece felt the need to add that.

        1. By still sticking by Ferrari for 5 years when the most SF deserved was 1

          1. Ferrari was reasonably competitive for the first three years (unless he managed to smuggle himself into RBR, this is the best place for him to be, at least for those 3 years), so what you say is not exactly correct, is it?.

        2. Can you give some examples in those 5 years?

        3. @thegrapeunwashed own fortunes compared to Massa or Kimi?

          I admit he’s a bit of a… you know, but in the same way Vettel or every other champion is.

          He never had a proper team mate in Ferrari that pushed him like Rosberg’s doing with Hamilton or Webber did with Vettel back in 2010. So yeah, he was the team’s sole hope of actually achieving something…

          1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
            20th November 2014, 17:35


            It’s not a complaint on my part, I just think it’s odd to claim he’s a team player when he’s always been out for himself – Vettel is exactly the same type and should fit the Ferrari ethos perfectly.

            I hope Alonso finds a car worthy of his talents, he deserves to be fighting for championships.

          2. @thegrapeunwashed I think team play is also about doing what’s best for the team. Letting Massa though never fitted into that.

            For instance, isn’t it team play to force Massa to a penalty in Austin in 2012? it juuuust almost worked for them. Had Fernando won the championship, Ferrari would’ve won aswell and everyone (but Massa) would be incredibly happy about it.

            He’s a team player in terms of doing whatever is possible to win, over his team mate aswell, but knowing that the other guy just can’t go futher ahead than him. (it’s a bit tricky to think it that way, but I’ll do it :D)

    3. Well, every time Andrea said “Massa is faster than you” he pulled over.

      1. Every time Massa was faster than him, he pulled over.

  6. ” I also proved to be a true team player, putting the interests of the scuderia before my own.”
    Can Ron ignore this? It was for his ears only IMO

  7. As a Ferrari fan, thank you Fernando. But you are competition now. Hope to beat you now.
    Drivers come and go. Ferrari stays.

    1. I hate that i need to rooth for vettel now……

    2. ….in the midfield.

      Sorry, had to ;)

  8. Vettel and Kimi at the Tifosi. Both have a lot to prove and their stock has fallen quite drastically in 2014.

    1. certainly, though vettel has shown his potential to perform if they get things going his way. raikkonen looks like he’s just counting the days but he’s had a few decent drives this year and some horrible luck.

  9. ” I also proved to be a true team player”:

    => “I also proved to be the ONLY team player”

    1. Indeed, a most surprising inclusion that one.

  10. Alonso at Ferrari: 5 seasons, 95 races, 85 points finishes, 1186 points, 44 podiums, 11 wins, 4 pole positions, 7 front row starts, 8 fastest laps, 531 laps led, 31 races led, 2 hat tricks, 1 Grand chelem and 0 world championships.

    1. Kimi’s stats are better :P

      1. Kimi’s car was better

  11. Being a fan of the Prancing Horse this is a sad moment for me, I know we all saw this coming but that doesn’t take anything away. I remember back in 2006 I would hate the guy because he took the titles away from Schumi and quite frankly showed him up. This continued when he moved to McLaren and was fighting against us but with Hamilton arising hes tribulations that season were rather amusing. Fast forward to 2010 I remember being annoyed that we had to resort to bringing him in but equally excited that we signed arguably the best driver on the grid, I thought he was going to get that 3rd world championship with us over the four years with us but the Red Bull dominance came at the wrong time.

    It’s a shame we couldn’t produce a good enough car for him to win the Championship because if any driver deserves a 3rd title its him. I will be looking forward to seeing his progress at another team and will still support him (unless its against us).

    1. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      20th November 2014, 13:19

      LOL in no way at all has any driver showed Michael Schumacher up! Even in his mid-40s he was able to match and beat Rosberg: hence Schumi was on Hamilton’s 2014 level AFTER he had lost the even higher ultimate speed he had pre-2007…

      1. lol 3-0 ros haha

      2. @peppermint-lemon

        Nope he got crushed by Ros

  12. Steph (@stephanief1990)
    20th November 2014, 10:53

    Fernando is a Ferrari legend to me. He did remind me of Michael and provided moments as special as 96, 97, 98 and 99. Michael had a fantastic team around him so they could eventually produce wonderful cars but Fernando didn’t have that/ The Ferrari he was at was so political, intense and knee jerk that I often felt he was almost a lone soldier battling on the track and against what the team provided him. I know the driver and team combo can’t be separated but Fernando definitely over delivered during their time while Ferrari under delivered. I’m sad as he’s one of my favourites ever and I’m a huge Ferrari fan but at this point I just want to see him get another title regardless of who it’s with. I actually felt he was genuine about his love for Ferrari too but it shows just how wrong it’s gone by the fact that the contract was cut short by *two years*. Mind, I did think the length of the contract was a bit extreme at the time.

  13. I think the sentence “It’s a shame we couldn’t produce a good enough car for him” demonstrates the problem with Alonso. It’s always been “the team” and “him”. Well he is supposed to be part of the team, isn’t he? Alonso was not the solution. He was part of the problem.

    I think it is unlikely that Vettel and Raikkonen will accept a car that is less than perfect and they will work in a team effort to ensure the car improves until it’s perfect. Perfect as in winning. Hiring Raikkonen was part of that process. Ferrari did not make a mistake in hiring Raikkonen. They made a mistake in letting him go. Replacing Alonso with Vettel is the next step. Watch for the departure of the pull-rod suspension together with Alonso.

    1. I am reluctantly agreeing with you. Ferrari have to go backwards before they can go forward. Because of his political clout Alonso had made sure that the car suits his needs even if that come to the detriment of the teammates and the team as a whole.

      1. Yes, Ferrari even designed their V6 to suit Alonso. It’s a shame.

    2. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      20th November 2014, 13:24

      I agree. Alonso as good as he is (top 10 of all time), he clearly does not integrate 100% into the team as he should be able to do. Unfortunately Fernando thinks “I” rather then “WE” all to much. He suffers from similar levels of paranoia that Hamilton is prone to and according to one ex-Ferrari employee “was great in the car, but an enigma out of the car”.

  14. Whatever we say makes no difference, isn’t it!? The same goes for Fernando as well.

  15. Glad this is finally confirmed and well done to Alonso, no point sticking with a dead weight any longer; Ferrari have past their best and no longer seem capable of competing, even with the lion share of F1 funding. Always nice to see a team that ‘expects’ everything to be handed to them suffering a little.

    1. no point sticking with a dead weight any longer; Ferrari have past their best and no longer seem capable of competing, even with the lion share of F1 funding.

      Yeah, people said that in 1995 as well.

    2. you talk like Ferrari are at the back of the field! they are still always competitive even if not winning. if they had a Mercedes engine, they would probably be ahead of Mercedes like last year, it is unlikely the aero of their car went backwards that much in one year (same for Redbull). they still have a great car and are still a great team, and will get back to the top like they always have.

  16. So the worst kept secret in F1 is finally confirmed.

    It’s a sad day for me, as I’ve grown to admire and respect Alonso enormously in the time he’s spent driving for Ferrari. Considering the difficulty and lack of performance Alonso suffered with throughout his time at Maranello, he handled himself with a great deal of grace and dignity. It has truly been inspirational for me to see who I consider the best driver on the grid constantly drag inferior machinery to results it didn’t deserve and to within a hair’s width of the Driver’s Championship twice. I choose to believe that he meant it when he said he loved Ferrari, and that his heart belonged to the team. The partnership always seemed to me to be a natural fit, that Alonso was always meant to be a Ferrari driver.

    I do not blame him at all for leaving. If there’s one thing Alonso wants as the Autumn of his F1 career approaches, it’s another Championship. Ferrari have (as much as it pains me to say it) entirely failed to give Alonso a car that was capable of fighting for wins consistently throughout the season in every year of his career with the team. They have consistently promised much and delivered so little. A driver of Alonso’s rare calibre deserved far more than the paltry 11 wins he achieved in the 97 starts he will have had driving for the scuderia.

    I wish Alonso success for the future, hopefully more wins and at least one more Championship. I hope also that the team he is leaving can challenge against him for those championships. Abu Dhabi will close the Alonso chapter of Ferrari’s history, but maybe it shall begin a more successful chapter for both parties. Here’s hoping.

    Alonso winning the WDC in a Ferrari would have been something very special. Sadly it never came. Next year I’ll miss having the little bull from Asturias fighting in the red car.
    As a Ferrari fan, thank you Fernando for all you’ve done. As Anrea Stella would say, you’ve truly been ‘fenomenale’!

  17. I am happy he moves away from Ferrari. Things went not as expected, but there is still true memorable moments, the best for me being the 2012 season. Anyway, some fresh air will be profitable for both. Looking forward to see him in another car!

  18. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    20th November 2014, 12:21

    @tifoso1989 do you want me to send you an avatar like mine now? I remember we discussed that before.

    1. @omarr-pepper
      First of all i’m sorry for this late reply, my new job is taking every bit of time that i have at the moment. BTW that’s a great idea, but to be honest i prefer a Vettel avatar with the red suit in the red car, believe it or not i never thought that i will be saying that but that’s F1 , Murray Walker : “In F1 anything can happen and it usually does”

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        20th November 2014, 19:25

        @tifoso1989 Congratulations for the job, so let’s wait for the real pic because on the web there are some awful photoshopped pics with Seb wearing red already.
        But you can ask for one whenever you want.
        Next year we will be cheering from the same side. Hahahaha!!!

        1. @omarr-pepper
          “Next year we will be cheering from the same side. Hahahaha!!!”
          Don’t forget @vettel1 ! hahahahaha !!!

          1. I’ll be cheering the same colour, yes – give me time to become accustomed to cheering the team itself @tifoso189 :P

  19. So it’s to McLaren then I guess.

    Of course, interesting timing, this being confirmed the day after Tom Kristensen announces his retirement from the WEC…. Just saying..

    1. The thought of WEC for Alonso is not that strange, one of his friends is already there.
      Although as a “teamplayer” he might have a difficult time sharing a car.

  20. Please don’t go to McLaren. Please don’t go to McLaren. Please don’t go to McLaren.

    I think that I can only hope now… Apart from the World Endurance Championship, I cannot see Alonso going anywhere else.

    1. Same feeling I had since all the move to McLaren talk started, but but…
      Alonso is a guy who’d celebrate if it was his last race in F1 and going to WEC. I doubt it.
      Almost all top-mid teams have contracted drivers except for McLaren

      Only options for Alonso,
      IF Lewis leave, just take Merc seat
      ELSE IF McLaren agree on Alonso’s negotiatioon [shorter extendable contract with his demands] then join McLaren,
      OTHERWISE Just move to WEC (Be a spectator for a year and then decide if he wants to return or not)

      But of all drivers in grid, it’d be weird if Alonso and/or Button are the ones who remain with no contracts for 2015 F1. But Alonso has got nothing to lose, F1 / McLaren will lose a great driver.

      As much as I hate, I think Alonso will join McLaren with whatever negotiations they come up with (1 or 2 year contract with his salary and his desired team-mate). And he’ll do good with McLaren and probably win races (as it’s long overdue for his wins). But as Alonso fan, I knew Alonso hated McLaren for a long time even was transparent in his Press conferences, and I don’t like the Alonso-RonDennis combination. I don’t see how they can support Alonso if Button is alongside him in case.

  21. Well, Alonso leaves Ferrari with 11 victories. This is the same number of victories by Massa with Ferrari. Of both, Massa was closer to clinch a title than Alonso.

    1. The comparison is pretty much irrelevant. Massa had 3 cars worth winning the title: 2006, 2007 and 2008. Almost all his victories date back to this period: 2006-2008. It wasn’t the case to Alonso. If you look how well Massa did in the 2010-2013 period, things are even more obvious.

  22. I feel sad. He certainly deserved a WDC after the way he fought in 2010 and 2012. I hope he wins at least 1 more WDC before he is retiring.

    As for Ferrari, the one man who was holding the edge of the rope has left it. Either claw back on your hands or perish to the depth. Please don’t lie in the midfield.
    Will be great to see Vettel and Kimi in red next year. Both have a lot to prove after a poor 2014.

  23. Looks like Ferrari’s short term business plan is to put their faith in baseball caps and tea shirt sales.

    Vettel is still young and thinks he has time, but I don’t expect a championship from Ferrari for quite a few years. Prior to their domination starting in 2000 they didn’t win a drivers’s championship for 20 years.

    Alonso knew this and at 33 he n

  24. i cannot possibly believe that after all that fernando alonso has put in on the team the car the legacy of the prancing horse this is what we as supporters have to say as he leaves his mark behind and the car in competitive rep. nico declared how hard it is to drive their car below 2nd pos, whch was the case for schumi whilst he ws in ferrari. fernando fought for the title and the teams reputation far beyond expectation…one of ferraris best

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