Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2014

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix grid

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2014

Row 11. Nico Rosberg 1’40.480
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’40.866
Row 23. Valtteri Bottas 1’41.025
4. Felipe Massa 1’41.119
Row 35. Daniil Kvyat 1’41.908
Toro Rosso
6. Jenson Button 1’41.964
Row 47. Kimi Raikkonen 1’42.236
8. Fernando Alonso 1’42.866
Row 59. Kevin Magnussen 1’42.198
10. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’42.207
Toro Rosso
Row 611. Sergio Perez 1’42.239
Force India
12. Nico Hulkenberg 1’42.384
Force India
Row 713. Adrian Sutil 1’43.074
14. Esteban Gutierrez 1’42.819
Row 815. Pastor Maldonado 1’42.860
16. Kamui Kobayashi 1’44.540
Row 917. Will Stevens 1’45.095
18. Romain Grosjean* 1’42.768
Row 1019. Sebastian Vettel** 1’41.893
Red Bull
20. Daniel Ricciardo** 1’41.267
Red Bull

*20-place grid penalty
**Will start from pits after changing front wings after being excluded from qualifying

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57 comments on “2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix grid”

  1. Great job by Rosberg, Ricciardo and especially Kvyat! Weirdly Vettel and Alonso were alot slower than expected. Maybe tire temperatures were the issue…

    1. Alonso ran off the track completely on his final attempt. No idea about Vettel, but it’s not normal to see them 6 tenths behind their teammates.

      1. Alo just goes backwards all year. Check Singapore he was quick q1 and q2 and got 5th i think on the grid. He goes backwards. He is lucky with his teammates though we all know Ham had 6 poles to 2 in the Maclaren days. Not Alo fault though isit.

    2. Ya, Vettel 6 tenths slower than Ricciardo is a surprise. I wonder if there are 2015 updates in RB which Vettel is now excluded from …

  2. Pretty safe to say,Hamilton is not the fastest man over a single lap in the world!

    1. creditwhereitsdue
      22nd November 2014, 14:07

      Hard to say, the fact Rosberg has so rarely maintained the1st position in the race suggests he favours a qualy setup compared to Lewis more towards race setup. Just a thought!

    2. not lately. previous he was 2nd to vettel.

    3. He is quick, just takes maybe too many risks trying to be a little bit faster, which costs him.

  3. Great performance from Rosberg! Hamilton really seems to become like a rookie in Q3 this year for some reason. But unless reliability clouds over Hamilton, hard to see him losing the title to Nico. Disappointing performance for Alonso, on his last outing for Ferrari. That mistake cost him a shot at 8th. Yep. 8th. That’s why he’s leaving.

  4. That’s one box ticked for Nico. And good job by JB, 10-9 in the qualifying battle with K-Mag, a driver who isn’t known for his one lap pace…

    1. And let’s not even talk about race statics…. or points… but you know;…. they are totally going “with the two best drivers available”…. Just disgusting!—– oh and their little stunt in Q2? Yuck

      1. Yeah no fuel! That was a rookie error on the part of the team, or was it?

        1. Considering the circumstances, it just left a bad taste in your mouth, one way or the other….[Though they screwed up Jensen’s races so many time in the middle of the season… Fortunately for them, people seem to only remember the last couple of GPs.]

  5. Fantastic job by Nico. Untouchable. 12:7 with Hamilton. Now it’s official who is the quicker driver of the two. Tomorrow we will see who is the best points scorer. Bring on Sunday!

    1. Germany and Hungary rosberg got pole with hamilton breaking down or suffering mechanical issues. If hamilton got pole in those races it would be 10:9

      1. There’s absolutely no reason to believe why Hamilton would have got pole instead of Rosberg in those weekends. All in all, I think that 10-7 is the most representative score.

      2. Not forgetting Monaco. Rosberg has been fast AND consistent in comparison to Lewis in Quali this year.

      3. Yeah and if my grandmother had guy thing she would be my grandfather…maybe if Nico crashed at first grand prix of the year and break his legs Lewis would have 18 poles(Massa got one)….jeez some people…

      4. I fairer comparison would to discount those two races for BOTH drivers, so, 10:7. Other notable qualifying sessions that could have made a difference are Britain (a bad call by Lewis, but not a measure of driving ability) and Monaco (Regardless of what you think individually, there are some – including some in the paddock – who still have significant doubts over this one).

        Remove the question marks and the mechanical failures, and it’s 8:7. This question has not been resolved, and I’m sure will continue next year.

    2. creditwhereitsdue
      22nd November 2014, 14:10

      So quickest driver is the one that nails qualy, and the race has nothing to do with pace? Odd, because Nico certainly looks slower when he’s being overtaken by lewis! Interesting!

    3. No need too we know who is the best points scorer we have witnessed it all year. Hamilton has the best race pace over Nico. Even Brazil a seamless weekend for Nico who dominated all week Ham made Ros work for it.

    4. You win more races because you are faster. This whole single lap thing is nonsense to be honest. If you start second and have to overtake you have to be quicker plain and simple.

  6. Great lap from Nico. So, are we one step away from seeing this sport becoming a joke :-) ??

  7. This year is probably the biggest surprise in terms of the drivers we are familiar with. People always believed that Hamilton was a one-lap master. But, this year, he isn’t even close to that with all the error he’s been making. And this year, neither is Vettel. And people expected Ricciardo to be a pretty good qualifier, but unable to hold his ground in the races. And we also thought that Alonso would never leave Ferrari. We never though that Vettel would go to Ferrari. Ok, maybe we kinda did but not for 2015. Just goes to show, F1 really is full of surprises.

  8. Williams could potentially spoil Hamilton’s year. They are within touching distance, particularly if they have a good start.

    1. @vettel1 I think they will be more behind come raceday. BUT if they can get ahead, it might be difficult for the Mercedes to overtake them.

      1. The but is the crucial part @xtwl: if they have good starts, and Rosberg successfully maintains position (perhaps displacing Hamilton in the process by crowding him wide), then they will be difficult to overtake. Fast in S1 and S2, where you are able to overtake.

        1. @vettel1 If not, Rosberg has no other option than to push Hamilton into traffic in S3 so the Williams can stay close. Much like Lorenzo did with Marquez in last years MOtoGP finale.

          1. This is all assuming of course that Rosberg himself won’t have a worse start, and Hamilton ends up P1 (like Vettel did last year) @xtwl.

    2. They won’t, they will be busy trying to finish ahead of Ferrari and given the pace Merc had in the last race (finishing 41 sec ahead) I doubt they will even try and race them.

      1. Ferrari? I highly doubt they’ll be a threat.

  9. I think Hamilton caves into pressure too easily.

    1. creditwhereitsdue
      22nd November 2014, 14:15

      He needed second, where did he come? Odd, seems like he nailed it.

    2. Really?more that he has overdriven the car.. That doesn’t seem valid in light of Lewis’s relentless race pace in comparison to Nico and that this season he has had to overturn Nico’s WDC points leads twice (with 1 more DNF). 10 wins to 5 is the telling detail here.

      1. this season hasn’t been much pressure for Hamilton, all he has to do is beat rosberg, a driver many do not consider a top 5 driver, yet here we are, he hasn’t proved much faster then rosberg and the championship will be decided by only 1 finishing place tomorrow – Hamilton certainly cant deliver a Schumacher or Vettel like Championship

      2. I think Hamilton caves into pressure too easily… IN QUALY 3.

  10. Crucial pole? Only one pole sitter has won the race here so you’d almost say Hamilton got a crucial P2.

    1. It’s the psychological advantage that comes with pole if anything @xtwl.

    2. Yet that time was the only time the title championship was decided in Abu Dhabi before so…

    3. @xtwl That’s debatable. @vettel1 @oel-f1
      – In 2009 Hamilton got pole, but a brake problem put him out of the race while he was leading.
      – In 2011 Vettel got pole. He made a brilliant start and was already two-three car lengths clear into the first corner when his tyre failed.
      – In 2012 Hamilton got pole, but a fuel pressure problem put him out of the race while he was leading.

      I am certain that in two of these races (a would dare even say all three of them) the pole man would eventually have been victorious.

      1. Very good points @gdewilde – though the superstitious would call that the curse of P1!

    4. This year P2! NO! ‘coz of FAST starting WILLIAMS behind, Infact he should be worried either Massa or Bottas might pop in at first corner from either side.

    5. Crucial P2? Nope! b’coz of FAST starting WILLIAMS behind, Infact he should be worried either Massa or Bottas might pop in at first corner from either side and first lap is gonna be crucial.

  11. Rosberg one lap pace improve drastically since Spain .Lewis has 4 poles in the first 5 races and since Spain he had fewer pole for the rest the season compare to first 5 races. Of course you don’t score points from Qualifying, but Rosberg deserve credit for his Qualy results, but again, Hamilton deserve a lot this year championship

    1. @deongunner You make an interesting point: over 50% of Lewis’s poles came in the first 5 races. And the 6th was Monaco. Did he change his approach to the race weekend after Monaco such that pole wasn’t as important any more? After all, relying on a single lap to decide the whole race is a very risky proposition.

      Is his defeat in the Pole Position Trophy a calculated sacrifice to give him the best chance at the championship?

      1. @fluxsource IMO Rosberg raised his qualifying game, and Hamilton focus in the race, since Monaco. So i think yes. But maybe Hamilton is just too quick for Rosberg to match. In 2013 they were very close, And Hamilton still adapted new Merc car, and this year he seemed much more comfortable. But i believe he also could snatch Britain and Canada pole

      2. Hamilton is a little bit quicker than Nico so he probably focuses more on race pace setup than qualy setup as opposed to Nico which is probably why Hamilton is very quick on the prime tyres during the race.

  12. Lewis makes far too many mistakes, Has done since 2007 & thats something that never improved. Always locking tyres, Prone to silly mistakes in close racing & when under pressures in the qualifyings.

    1. and the only teammate he has ever dominated is kovoleinen. when he is under pressure, his pure speed we know he has is not enough.

    2. I think that was proven by Button out scoring in the WDC Hamilton during there spell together at Mclaren.

      Hamilton is fast and volatile. What has surprised me is that Rosberg is just as fast but even more volatile.

    3. You could say he takes a lot of risks he doesn’t need to. He has improved though especially in race trim. He doesn’t force overtakes he’s a bit more patient and his recovery drives this year have been very mature.

  13. Anyone else think Nico sets his car up more for quaily than the race? This could explain the pole wins but then the race pace difference?

  14. This race is going to be mega. I hope for the result that will lead Lewis back to McLaren for next season, I don’t know if it is winning the champ or not winning, all I know is that I’m more and more certain, since the summer that the Santander sponsoring of McLaren was not for ALonso but Lewis.

    1. you’re joking about lewis and mclaren, right? He hated that team when he left! and what’s more, with alonso going there next season, there’s no way in hell he’d let hamilton back.

  15. Really impressed by rosberg’s qualifying performances this season… Never expected him to beat Hamilton quite convincingly when it came to qualifying over a season … Having said that I hope Hamilton wins the title because IMO he deserves it more than rosberg … And above all it will be a slap on the face for that disgusting old man… Sad to see Alonso putting in one of his worst qualifying performances in a Ferrari on his last qualifying session for the red car… Hope he has a good race and signs off in style…

  16. Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso all out qualified . Bit weird.

  17. This article would use an update, @keithcollantine.

    Especially as somehow put Vettel at 19th and Ricciardo at 20th place (despite the latter qualifying ahead of the former) as the stewards, I guess, disregarded their quali efforts completely. Well, that’s the very definition of exclusion, but I suspect there might be a few fans who stand about just as uncomprehendingly as they did in the case of whether its only the winner or all top 10 finishers whose points get doubled. :)

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