Perez gets extended deal at Force India

2015 F1 season

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Sergio Perez will remain at Force India after concluding a new “multi-year” deal, the team have announced.

Force India will therefore keep both their drivers as Nico Hulkenberg has already been confirmed at the team for next season.

“I feel at home here and I’m fully committed,” said Perez. “I’m enjoying my racing and we’ve already celebrated some special results together.”

“It’s important for me to establish myself in a team and have some continuity. The team have given me a competitive car this year and I believe we can continue to achieve great things together in the future.”

Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya described Perez as “a true racer who has done a fantastic job for us this season”.

“The whole team has been impressed with his speed and racecraft, as well as his role away from the track. He has a very bright future in Formula One and we will do our utmost to give him the equipment to match his talent.”

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8 comments on “Perez gets extended deal at Force India”

  1. Good, Perez has actually been quite impressive this season, clearly his best season so far after rather disappointing 2013. Had Force India not faded away in the second half of the season, he may even be ahead of Hulkenberg in points.

  2. Good for him and well deserved.

  3. America Movil (Mr. Slim’s Telecom corp…) just announced a partnership with FI, meaning many millions of dollars will flow into the team for the next years…they might achieve something big on the follwing seasons!

  4. I sometimes wonder if Perez and Hulk are driving each other’s stock down by going up against each other. May be they will benefit if they were being compared to a pay driver. That explains why they never were considered by the top teams but Romain’s name kept cropping up.

  5. Good for Perez, the team and even Hulk.
    He will bring lots of money and hopefully that will help the team improve the car next season.

    Money + Hulk + Perez = a great season could be ahead.

  6. Good news. He’s a very good driver and he also brings some handy backing. He’s given Hulkenberg a good challenge this season and more lately he’s had the upper hand. Many thought Hulkenberg would show him up good and proper. And it’s easy to forget that podium in Bahrain. Seeing where the car is now, that was an impressive achievement. The Mexicans will have someone to cheer on at his home Grand Prix next year as well!

  7. Good for him and good for FI.
    FI have landed a solid performer with backing for a few years, something very few teams can find. If Hulk had backing he’d almost definitely have the same deal (or be in a different team)

  8. In F1 parlance, does “multi year” agreements mean more than 2 years or more than 1 year? For example, is a 2 year deal termed as “multi-year”, if so, why?

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