Rosberg hoped a Williams would beat Hamilton

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg admitted he was hoping one of the Williams drivers would join him on the front row for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Rosberg took pole position for the race but needs to win with Lewis Hamilton finishing third or lower to take the championship. Valtteri Bottas was two-tenths of a second down on Hamilton in qualifying.

“Of course I was hoping, who knows, Valtteri said he got his perfect lap together so there wasn’t anything else in that,” said Rosberg. “Of course it would have been great if somehow there could have been a Williams between the two of us but that can always happen tomorrow.”

Rosberg joked he’d offered to put Bottas up in a spa overnight “hoping he can be extra-special and do the impossible tomorrow” by beating Hamilton.

“For sure starting first is a great place to be and it should be a good start,” Rosberg added.

“It was a great day again today, for sure, and I’m thankful to the engineers and everything because did a good job sorting out the car, I was really happy with the set-up. It all worked out well, got a good lap together in the end, pleased with that.

“But of course it’s only one step, a very small step. Because this weekend it’s about the championship, not about pole position or anything.”

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    10 comments on “Rosberg hoped a Williams would beat Hamilton”

    1. Gotta give Rosberg some credit (of some sort) for trying to “mess” with Hamilton. It looks ridiculous, but if it happens to work out, everyone will say that his wits gave him the title.
      Still, I wouldn’t have gone there.

      1. Too much tactics makes you look suspicious. But he has to try something.

        1. Having a team so upfront make things usually ridiculous. Does anybody remember Hamilton trying to break Rosberg suggesting he was in F! because he was rich or had a former champion as a father?

      2. To be honest I’m not sure what he is thinking, all the comments he has made have gone against him, at least from the response on social networks.

        Saying I hoped a Williams would beat Hamilton doesn’t make any sense, how would that effect Hamilton? How would that get in his head. All that does remind everybody of is the fact he needs help to win the title.

        1. To be honest I’m not sure what he is thinking

          I think he was trying to be funny whilst stating the obvious. Of course he wants Valterri (or Felipe) to beat Lewis, no one can criticise him for that. He isn’t going to win the championship any other way, barring major disaster on Lewis’ end.

          1. Actually I would have to disagree, seeing as he has said the same thing repeatedly over the weekend, sometimes with a smile and sometimes without. I think it is part of his game plan, but I’m just not sure why.

    2. He will be lucky to even be allowed to start the race at this rate with the stuff he is saying. Unlucky Nico you had all the support before Spa and blew it, check Toto after qually he wants Ham to win you can tell.

    3. i don’t think Nico will be able to ruffle Lewis’ feathers. He needs to look after his own game. Lewis can afford to sit on his rear end all afternoon, then we’ll see who gets ruffled lol

    4. Nico should not try to break away from Lewis.
      He need to create good and long train.
      So it will be Massa that help him, not Valtteri.

      1. Works in MotoGP but in F1 it only means Lewis will use DRS and pass him.

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