Red Bulls to start from pit lane after changing wings

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Both Red Bull drivers will start the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from the pit lane after changing their front wings ahead of the race.

Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel were excluded from the results of qualifying yesterday after their front wings were ruled to move too much under load.

Both drivers were permitted to start the race from the back of the grid, but are now required to start from the pit lane due to the change to their cars.

“As the above parts are different from the ones originally used, car numbers 01 and 03 should now be required to start the race from the pit lane according to Article 34.6 of the 2014 Formula One Sporting Regulations,” noted FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer.

The stewards also confirmed Romain Grosjean must serve a drive-through penalty within the first three laps of the race as he was unable to serve 16 places of his 20-place grid penalty.

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    12 comments on “Red Bulls to start from pit lane after changing wings”

    1. I wonder if the Bulls were testing principles for next years wingbuild and got caught?

    2. Was the penalty big enough, considering it is less than that applied to Romain Grosjean for changing engine parts?

      1. I don’t understand why GRO simply doesn’t start from the pit lane…

        Regarding the RB wing, I guess that it is not quite as obviously illegal (i.e. not a spring in the conventional meaning) so they had some excuse that was not accepted for the wing being illegal, but enough for not being penalised for outright cheating.

        1. Apparently GRO not allowed to use a complete new PU as he still has some parts working, so it has to be the addition system.

          The drive through is a knee jerk because it is the last race of season. So a penalty that is allowed in the regs is penalised more than those who go over the boundary.

      King Juan Carlos (Spain) just said from Abu Dabi GP that ALONSO confirmed him that next year ALONSO will be in McLaren. CONFIRMED

      Spanish tv presenter (close friend of ALONSO) just said that ALONSO prefers Jenson in McLaren with him due to his experience. SO PROBABLY IT IS NOT THE LAST RACE FOR JESON -I am happy to hear that because he is a really good guy!-

      1. I almost forget it. PEDRO DE ROSA will be back in McLaren as test driver as well.

        And another thing McLaren 2015 car is being developed by 2013 team of engineers.

      2. Just cause Alonso prefers something doesn’t make it so

        1. I know, but honestly, I hope Jenson will be there.

        2. Spanish TV just asked ALONSO about KING JUAN CARLOS confirmation about Alonso’s future and he just smiled about it his exacts words “I know, I know what he (The king) said” CONFIRMED.

          1. Alonso’s signing confirmed, or Illuminati? It would be everywhere in a couple of minutes.

            1. King Juan Carlos video confirming it is all over twitter i Spain and also The Spanish tv.

    4. Red bull changes wings

      (similar to red bull gives you wings)

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