2014 Yas Marina test in pictures

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Pictures from the final two-day test session at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

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10 comments on “2014 Yas Marina test in pictures”

  1. Sainz running with #15? That can’t be Red Bull’s allocated number, could it be he’s already submitted his request for 2015?

    1. All test drivers must have had to request an number just to test. Even Goddard has one.

        1. @hunocsi ah! I’d made a table for car numbers, but wondered what happened when the default allocated number was also used by an active driver; I thought either the top three teams had a single car or Red Bull had 16 and 18, but I guess they went for the first two consecutive numbers, i.e. 15 and 16!
          And I’d seen a picture of Sainz testing with 31, which now is Pic’s – but now I realise that’s from 2013.

  2. Love that Ferrari with number 28. Hopefully we see either 27 or 28 at Ferrari after Kimi retires.

    1. @npf1 It could be Hulkenberg and Marciello now, 27, 28…..

    2. Love the sight of the “28” indeed. Honestly, I just hate the “let’s copy MotoGP” numbering system – it’s messy and all over the place. Teams having two consecutive numbers was a staple in F1 – if they really wanted to change the costructors based system, they should have given the teams, rather than the drivers, the opportunity to choose. Would have been nice to have Lotus with 11 and 12, Ferrari on 27 and 28, Williams on 5 and 6 and so on…

  3. 0 pics of Mercedes.. any reason for this??

    1. Autosport or Motorsport.com have plenty of pics with Wehrlein in the Mercedes. @sato113

    2. No Williams pics as well.

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