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Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will be team mates at McLaren next year – but they’ve been members of the same team before.

Back in 2002 Alonso was a test driver at Renault while Button was part of the race team – and at the end of the season Alonso took Button’s place.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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133 comments on “Caption Competition 65: Alonso and Button”

  1. “They’re laughing at us now, but one day, we’ll show them – Backstreet’s Back, All Right!”

    1. Alonso to Button: ‘Laugh all you want, Jenson. But, I promise you, one day I will get you back for forcing us to wear this stuff in public’.

      (This is why Button waited so long for his new contract. Fernando never forgets….or forgives.)

    2. Jenson: “Am I original?”
      Ron: “Yeah!”
      Alonso: “Am I the only one?”
      Ron: “Yeah!”
      Jenson: “Am I sexual?”
      Ron: “Yeah!”
      Alonso: “Am I everything you need?”
      Ron: “Yeah!”
      Alonso & Jenson: “Backstreet’s back, alright!”


  2. Just simply …….


  3. Erm, Jenson, are you sure this is the right place for the Take That tribute act auditions?

  4. Deadly Silence…

    “I wanna lick up and down, ’til you say stop.”

  5. Terminator v Rambo

  6. Fernando: Why am I behind Jenson?

    1. Those photos look borderline… er…hmm, let’s just use the word metrosexual. lol haha

      1. Given the noses on some of this years cars, these photos would’ve been more appropriate for this year…

      2. @keithcollantine @david-beau Missing a closeup of the flip flops…

    2. That first one looks like Alonso had a dodge curry

      1. In the background the Doors are singing ” C’mon baby light my fire” @ dragoll.

  7. We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…

  8. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly designs.

    (the car being the one that is not a total eyesore)

  9. ‘Who chose the outfits’

  10. As an established driver, Jenson, could afford arms on his jackets. But Fernando was the hungrier.

  11. Alonso: I told Jenson he’d look stupid in that jacket.

    1. Hahahaha +1

    2. Fernando – “Nice one Flavio….I thought this was a Boy band themed event”

  12. Bother… should have said.

    “Jenson has had a privileged life, with boats, jet skis. He can even afford arms on his jackets.
    But I’m hungrier” said Fernando.

  13. Button, Fernando is hotter than you. Can you confirm you understand that message?

  14. Maybe one day we will dress up really manly… With beards and suits and everything.

  15. JB: “Nando, how old is Kevin now?”
    FA: “Close to 10.”
    JB: “There is still time.”

  16. I promise that in our next team presentation these Japanese sandals will be more applicable.

  17. “Wild” seven

  18. Alonso: *’Jaws’ Music* Dh-duh…..Dh-duh……Dh-duh……Dh-duh…….Dh-duh-Dh-duh-Dh-duh-Dh-duh-Dh-duh-D-D-Dhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Photo-“foot”

  20. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    13th December 2014, 12:59

    “No wonder Flav left United Colours of Benetton – he has terrible style!!”

  21. “New Kids In The Paddock: The School Years.”

    “Those Magnificent Men on Their Flying Machine.”

  22. Jenson: “Goodbye Benetton, they said. No more silly fashion shoots, they said…”

    Fernando: “Jarno better get here, I’m getting tired of him holding us up.”

  23. It is indeed, a very, very MILD seven…

  24. This wont be the last time we will Have the same people working around us, one day we will have the same people working on our beards?

  25. In mclarens attempt to help smaller teams jenson and fernando will be performing tyre warming duties during fp1

    1. Brilliant, winner!

  26. In Oz we’d say they are wearing thongs.

  27. – Fernando, remind me again, why are we dressed up like this?
    – Because Bernie is trying to attract young audience.
    – So why do I look like Flavio?
    – I guess, from Bernie’s angle, he’s the perfect example of a young, 70 year-old, Rolex-wearing guy.

  28. The Blade Runner (@)
    13th December 2014, 13:28

    “So, confirmation then that for this 1st stint Button and Alonso are on different tyres…”

  29. “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” –Han to Luke

  30. Jenson: I’m raring to go!

  31. JB: Not Quite sure this is what I had in mind when I wanted a seat in F1
    FA: Mine is where the power goes through, yours is where I steer you.

  32. Button: “I think Fernando really REALLY likes this car!”

  33. Unfortunately the other three Backstreet Boys weren’t available that evening…

    1. or “Unfortunately the other Backstreet Boys weren’t available that evening…”

  34. They are young, they are hungry, they can’t afford shoes.

  35. Fernando is faster than you, can you confirm you understood that message?

    1. I like the fact this hasn’t been adapted at all!

  36. “It was at this point that Fernando realised why Jarno had declined to take part in the photo shoot”.

  37. The original cast of Twilight were denied the ‘Renault Experience’ due to poor choice in footwear.

  38. Fernando and Jenson realise Jarno may have been joking about the dress code for the event…

  39. Forget their caption, take mine – “What the hell is that?”

  40. FA: hey Jenson, you should grow a beard!
    JB: Easy. I mean I can do that with time to spare while waiting for Jarno

  41. Is this a F1 car launch, or a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy audition?

  42. Fernando: “Jarno’s going to be late, the train’s holding him up”
    Jenson: “That makes a change!”

  43. They give us sandals to wear. Where is the sand? Where are the girls?

  44. Jenson: Fernando, did you forget your tie?

  45. Renault announce Louis Walsh as new marketing consultant.

  46. Renault’s organic Mass Dampeners

  47. Jenson is fancier than you. Can you confirm you understand that message?

  48. “Hey Jenson, Will you bring booze for the college party tonight?”

    “Yep! it’s in the cockpit!”

  49. “Backstreets Back All Right”

  50. Hey Jenson do you really like these “Flip-Flops” ????

  51. Just waiting on Timberlake for the full reunion.

  52. JB- Sandals? With that outfit? At least mine go with my suit……..

  53. JB: Why Flavio didnt buy us a shoe instead of Japanese Slippers?
    FA: He rather spend money on Japanese Chicks!!!

  54. Alonso: I told you that sandals wouldn’t work with these outfits……
    Button: its better than having a bushy beard like you wanted……

  55. JB- Where’s Jarno?
    FA- I think he’s was coming on the ‘Trully Train’
    JB- Well he’s holding everyone up that’s for sure!

  56. Fernando; Why must i sit at back wheel?!
    Jenson; U just a test driver shut up!!
    Fernando; Grr…One day we will be team mate and i’ll kick your ass!!! I’ll make sure u dont get any podium!!!
    Jenson; Bring it on babe!!!

  57. Button : Yeah take the good side of me paprazi!!!
    Alonso : Damn do i look awkward on this back wheel?!!

  58. JB- I can’t believe we clash over footwear!

  59. Alonso; One day we will sit together on the front wheel!

  60. Alonso: luckily they put on the soft tyres!
    Jenson: ok, but I have no grip.

  61. Alonso quote: U sit on front wheel you’ll be 1 time f1 world champ only. I sit on back wheel i’ll be 2 times f1 world champ! LOL.

  62. Big shoes to fill….

  63. While Jenson smiled for the camera, Fernando merely glared at his off-stage stylist.

  64. “As regards drivers, Team Enstone’s policy has always been to assemble the strongest line-up possible,” said Flavio, “and in Fernando and Jenson I firmly believe that is exactly what we have.”

  65. I can tthink of a caption, because I cant believe what they are wearing…. it could be a boyband thing… if they wore shoes, instead of those thongs, what is with that!?

  66. Couldn’t really recognize Fernando there….

  67. “I know Jenson is versatile in different conditions; he can race with slippers. But me?!”

  68. I’m always at the front (wheel) you know !

  69. mp4-30 launch photos leaked.

  70. “And the winner of the X-Factor 2002 is… The Mild Sevens!”

  71. Button: “Maybe one day they’ll dress us nicely and it’s gonna be the car to be awful”
    Alonso: “Yeah, and with these flip-flops it feels like vacation.. I’m gonna grow a beard”

  72. Alonso: “Grow a beard? Pfft… yeah, right.

  73. Jenson, “Fernando, if we dress up like this, our dream of driving for Ron Dennis will never be fulfilled”

  74. ‘Kimi wouldn’t put up with this’

  75. FA : Who is that kid with an Uzi 9mm?
    JB : Don’t know but something tells me he is back from the future!

  76. Fernando staring at Mercedes, Jenson’s just relieved to be in the sport.

  77. Jenson: Fernando if you can move just a bit to the right then the balance will be perfect.

  78. Fernando: Is every photo shoot as exciting as this?
    Jenson: No, sometimes you can get bored out of your mind.

  79. Sorry I can’t think of a caption… I’m too busy laughing.

  80. Alonso: “Let’s build up a good relationship with the team, so we can win races and titles”
    Button: “No, I’m more bothered that one day we’ll be on F1 Fanatic after becoming team mates elsewhere – in our mid thirties”
    Alonso: “But mid thirties isn’t old for F1, is it?”
    Button: “Trust me, by then we’ll be comfortably the oldest driver line up on the grid (and knowing our luck, Jos Verstappen’s son will be on the grid before he’s old enough to drink champagne)!”
    Alonso: “Jos Verstappen? But I thought his son only turned 4 late last year?”
    Button: “Exactly!”

    1. Jenson: “Can you imagine if one day, we’re both in an advert for a multinational bank as former F1 world champions, whilst at the same team?”
      Fernando: “For sure, I have been dreaming of working at McLaren with Ron Dennis, doing exactly that!”

  81. Alonso: It was at that point I realised, I needed a Nigel Mansell facial hair style

  82. Not realising that Renault had already bought the team, Jenson and Fernando came out wearing the latest range of United Colours of Benetton range.

    1. clothing should be the final word, not range again. Damn.

  83. Jenson: “Why are we wearing thongs with pants on?”
    Alonso: “Why am I dressed like Crocodile Dundee?”

  84. each thinking “I’ll Kick your Ass “

  85. One of the Renault drivers had rolled his sleeves up…

  86. Jenson and Fernando attempt to get the band back together again.

  87. One day, I’ll have those sleeves…

  88. “Team Renault introduce a new stylish racing uniform for a plan b scenario, speaking with Falvio he states that if they don’t win they’ll at least look damn good trying”

  89. This guy wont be around for long…

  90. The First 2 member’s of the Back Street Boys tribute act “Mild Seven” revealed!

  91. Alonso: “Can’t believe Flavio managed to sneak in that clause naming him as team wardrobe principal.”

  92. Alonso: ‘Jenson how are you finding the flip flops?’
    Jenson: ‘There’s just no grip!’

    1. +1 made me LOL

  93. Jenson >>>Fernando ….Don’t tread on my toes – ever !

  94. Still both relatively new to the team, Jenson and Fernando weren’t quite sure what Flavio meant by ‘smart casual’.

  95. “Hey, Nando – Flavio told me he’d call me a playboy and a paracarro if I didn’t wear your jacket.
    What did he threaten you with?”

  96. enjoy the seat jenson , you should have signed up to flavio management like me f you wanted to keep it !

  97. Now I am the apprentice, but next time I will be the master.

  98. Although Jenson started the year in front he failed to appreciate that Fernando wasn’t as armless as he looked

  99. Photo shoot for 10 Fashion Disasters You Must Avoid This Summer article in Cosmopolitan. BTW this photo contains six of them.

  100. JB: The wear on the left rear is really bad!

  101. Nope, even we cant make sandals look cool.

  102. FA: When I said I’d do anything for an F1 seat, I didn’t mean this…

  103. Alonso: “Let’s not mention the rear end bottoming.”

  104. “Some say that he has taken to locking the top gear boys in the broom cupboard and that in order to ensure there are no repeats of the Barrichello ‘incident’ he now steals F1 drivers boots, while they’re in makeup. All we know is, he’s called the Stig”

  105. JB: “In F1 you can win two ways. You can win fashionably. Or you can win ugly.”
    FA: “Is there any other way?”

  106. Alonso: They make me sit on this tyre but when am I gonna get it rolling in a race???
    Button: This is even more comfy than my armchair…

  107. Alonso: Ouch…
    Button: Aaah….

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