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Top ten passes of 2014: Vote for the best

2014 F1 season review

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Start, Sochi Autodrom, 2014What was the best overtaking move of 2014? F1 Fanatic readers have nominated their favourite passes of the year, now it’s time to pick the winner.

Here are the top ten Formula One passes of 2014 as chosen by you:

Kvyat on Gutierrez, Spanish GP

Daniil Kvyat made it around the outside of Esteban Gutierrez at turn four on the Circuit de Catalunya in this battle for 11th place.

Vettel on Bottas, Spanish GP

In the same race Sebastian Vettel completed his climb from 15th on the grid to finish one place off the podium by lunging past Valtteri Bottas for a distance at La Caixa.

Hulkenberg on Magnussen, Monaco GP

Any corner around the winding streets of Monaco is an unlikely spot for overtaking, but Portier? This move by Nico Hulkenberg caught Kevin Magnussen by surprise.

Ricciardo on Perez, Canadian GP

Daniel Ricciardo put himself in position to take his first grand prix victory by clinging on to this pass on the outside of Sergio Perez despite putting two wheels in the dirt at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Ricciardo on Hulkenberg, Austrian GP

Ricciardo’s second Pass of the Year nomination is for this last-lap move on Hulkenberg which netted him eighth place at the Red Bull Ring.

Alonso on Vettel, British GP

Once of the best wheel-to-wheel battles of the year began when Fernando Alonso snuck past Sebastian Vettel on the outside of Copse.

Hamilton on Vergne, Hungarian GP

You don’t finish third at the Hungaroring after starting dead last without making a few cunning passes on the way. This was the pick of Lewis Hamilton’s passes from this year’s race, taking Jean-Eric Vergne on the outside of turn four.

Ricciardo on Hamilton, Hungarian GP

Hamilton was bumped back to third late in the race by Ricciardo, who went the long way around turn three to pass the Mercedes, before going on to take the victory off Alonso.

Ricciardo on Vettel, Italian GP

It’s that man again: Ricciardo’s fourth and final nomination is for this move on his own team mate during the Italian Grand Prix.

Vergne on Raikkonen, Singapore GP

A late charge through the field at Singapore helped Vergne take his best result of the season with sixth place. He dived past Kimi Raikkonen at turn one on his way.

Vote for your Pass of the Year

Vote for the best pass of 2014

  • Vergne on Raikkonen, Singapore GP (1%)
  • Ricciardo on Vettel, Italian GP (35%)
  • Ricciardo on Hamilton, Hungarian GP (11%)
  • Hamilton on Vergne, Hungarian GP (14%)
  • Alonso on Vettel, British GP (23%)
  • Ricciardo on Hulkenberg, Austrian GP (2%)
  • Ricciardo on Perez, Canadian GP (2%)
  • Hulkenberg on Magnussen, Monaco GP (8%)
  • Vettel on Bottas, Spanish GP (1%)
  • Kvyat on Gutierrez, Spanish GP (2%)

Total Voters: 530

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Previous F1 Fanatic Pass of the Year winners

Here’s who won the five previous F1 Fanatic Pass of the Year polls:

How the nominees were chosen

These were the ten overtaking moves of 2014 which received the most nominations for Pass of the Year from F1 Fanatic readers. The nominations ran throughout the season.

Over 50 other overtaking moves were nominated for Pass of the Year. If your favourite pass didn’t appear in the final ten, that’s because it didn’t get enough nominations.

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94 comments on “Top ten passes of 2014: Vote for the best”

  1. Had to go with Hamilton on Vergne

    1. Agreed. Ricciardo was the best overtaken but that was for me the bed individual move.

      1. *overtaker

  2. Why not Riccardos mega divebomb vs. Kimi at Monza? :(

    Anyway, from those that are in, Riccardos Budapest move on Hamilton was the best in my eyes as it was more crucial than his move on Vettel in Monza.

    1. Ricciardo was my overtaker of the year, but in terms of best overtake its not his, passing in Monaco is never an easy task. Hulkenberg on Magnussen was fantastic move

    2. Fruitcake sorry i did not meant to reply your comment

    3. RIC’s pass over HAM in Hungary looks great (on TV), but cannot be voted Pass of the Year by any means in my opinion because HAM’s (and ALO’s) tyres were completely destroyed, while RIC had pretty fresh tyres. The outcome was predictable.

    4. Ricciardo blitz in USA is missing, probably 2 of the top 3 best moves of the year are from Ricciardo in the USA. In my opinion the restart turn 1 move is the most impressive pass he’s achieved, just watch the onboard incredible how he did not t-boned that guy.

    5. Ricciardo had a very solid tyre advantage for the Hungary overtakes and some of the others.
      I voted the one on Vettel in Monza as the best as it was the same car same tyres. Unfortunately the article left out the same car, same tyre overtakes of Hamilton on Rosberg in USA (DRS assisted mind you but it is still difficult under same car and tyres), Alonso on Kimi Abu Dhabi, Hamilton on Rosberg in Japan was also one of the top planned overtakes. Same car same tyres and it was a show of the difference in driving skill in wet conditions.

  3. Ricciardo on Vettel. That late move to the inside, superb!

    1. Yep! To me easily the best dummy of all time!!

      Many good nominated overtakes, but the R. vs V. one was just something completely new
      and so incredibly well executed.

    2. He sold the dummy like he was a rugby player! Plus it was completely clean, and it felt fresh. Epic.

    3. Yep, FOM didn’t do it justice however.

  4. ricciardos overtake on vettel in monza was great, the late flick to the inside was awesome! i voted for that.

  5. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    14th December 2014, 12:18

    Easy decision.
    Ricciardo on Vettel @ Monza.

    I’ve never seen someone so confident on the brakes and car stability to be able to slow down, cross over and still out-brake the car ahead. Especially not at the speeds they reach at Monza, and the lack of downforce.

    That was easily the best of the season.

    1. + considering they are driving the same car. Isn’t it always more difficult to pass your team-mate?

      1. It is more difficult to pass your team-mate, but at that point in the race Ricciardo was on 8 lap younger tires, so that pass was just a formality.

  6. All great selections. Although perhaps not Vergne’s on Raikkonen, he did better things in that race. And he attempted pretty much the same thing in Austin and slammed into Grosjean. Bit wayward.

    But all of Dan’s were incredible. Coming from Melbourne it fills me with pride to see him create situations like that. Especially as he reminds me of one of my mates (though he’s nowhere near as brave).

    So for me it was between Kyvat’s and one of Ricciardo’s.. Went for the Dan’s Hungarian on Hamilton, because it was for the win and against the Merc.

  7. Ricciardo on Vettel for me too, he had to judge that perfectly not to slam into the back of Vettel when he hit the brakes but late enough to give him no chance to react.

  8. Ricciardo on Vettel easily. It was such a clever move, i said there and then that has to be overtake of the year. He was already alongside on the outside but then came off the throttle and dived down the inside, i just imagined Vettel in his helmet going “wait… what… but… right i’m off to ferrari” ;). That move defined the comparison between Vettel and Ricciardo this year in my opinion. Ricciardo was probably the most exciting driver across the whole season.

  9. In my opinion, the move from Lewis on JEV was the best especially considering the fact that Nico Rosberg was stuck behind JEV for a couple of laps and gave me one more reason to feel why Lewis deserved the championship.

    1. Also a big applause to the next best move; Hulk on KMag!

    2. By “a couple”, I think you mean about 20… Although there was a safety car in there.

  10. Ricciardo on Vettel – Italian GP: Same cars. Different tricks!

  11. Hülkenberg on Magnussen. No doubt. I don’t think we’ll ever see another overtake like that in Monaco again. All others were very cool but not really the kind of special this vote is about, for me.

    Second goes to Kvyat in Spain followed by Ricciardo on Vettel at Monza.

    1. Finally! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks like that :)

    2. @xtwl I’d also credit KMag for his awareness. Trust me if it was Pastor in place of KMag, either Hulk would’ve never attempted such a move or the move would have ended as the ‘worst attempt to overtake’

      1. wait a moment, Perez there is under blue flag, isn’t it? Pastor is very fast, and tried to pass Perez… The Sauber’s fault IMO.

    3. Agree. That pass is impossible. No hint of catching (even if not actually passing) the car in front with DRS, either, as in some of the others.

    4. It certainly is not easy this year. A lot of good moves but I also gone for Hülkenberg on Magnussen, cause it isn’t easy to overtake in Monaco in the first place trying and completing it at that spot needs to be honoured. Second place for me is shared between the RBR pass in Monza and Hamilton on Vergne but with the superiority of the Merc compared to the STR in mind.

      Alonso on Vettel in Britain gets third best overtake for me. I still don’t know why Vettel was able to keep the position at last while running of the circuit in the process.

    5. Should be the overtake of the year due to sheer difficulity to overtake in that corner.

      1. Funny, just because it’s virtually impossible to overtake in that corner, it’s NOT the best overtake for me. To me it’s just a proof that Magnussen was slower than normal in that corner (for whatever reason, maybe tyres) so for me the overtake is not that beautiful.

    6. That was more of Hulk grabbing and opportunity and making use of it than outright driver tricks. Infact I think Sutil pulled of that same move in Monaco. Can’t remember the race.. I may be wrong though.

  12. 10. Vergne on Raikkonen
    9. Vettel on Bottas
    8. Ricciardo on Perez
    7. Ricciardo on Hulkenberg
    6. Kvyat on Gutierrez
    5. Ricciardo on Hamilton
    4. Alonso on Vettel
    3. Hulkenberg on Magnussen
    2. Hamilton on Vergne
    1. Ricciardo on Vettel

  13. Was a difficult choice between Ricciardo on Vettel or Alonso on Vettel, but I voted for the last one. That was just pure & smart racing to me.

  14. Ricciardo swooping past Vettel at the Variante della Roggia was amazing, and got my vote.
    Hulk’s move on Magnussen at Portier was also very memorable.

  15. Alonso on Vettel at Copse was almost as good as Alonso on Schumacher at 130R.

  16. If anyone needed convincing that Ricciardo’s the real deal, these videos are all that’s needed. He’s single-handedly pulled off several of my all-time favourite overtakes in a single season – I can’t think of anyone else who’s done that!

  17. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Ricciardo is the overtaker of the year. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean he wins the overtake of the year, in my book his move on Vettel at Monza is the best ever in F1 – as far as I can remember anyway, so since the turn of the century. I’m sure I’m about to be bombarded with plenty of alternatives but you can’t deny that it was a textbook move. It was never going to be easy passing his team mate – especially as Vettel would’ve been feeling the pressure from Ricciardo’s outclassing of him this season, so he certainly wasn’t about to move over. It was clear Vettel fought hard, but Ricciardo put together a combination of brains and balls to make that move. The precision required to make that move work was very high and he pulled it off like he was reading from a textbook.

    Notable mention goes to Hulkenburg for his move on Magnussen at Monaco – any move at Monaco is verging on greatness as it is, but Portier of all places was a surprise. The complexity of Ricciardo’s move at Monza won me over but Hulkenburg’s move was very, very good too.

  18. Ricciardo on Vettel. If you wanted to sum up the team mate battle at Red Bull this season in about 20 seconds, there you go.

    Hulkenberg on Magnussen was a close second though.

  19. If Ricciardo vs Bottas in Suzuka had made the cut (no idea why it didn’t), it’d have got my vote in a heartbeat. Side by side through the Esses, brilliant stuff.

    1. I was disappointed this one didn’t make the cut as well.

    2. Absolutely. That overtake was a magnificent display of racing. From both drivers.

  20. The whole battle between Alonso and Vettel (minus the whining) was fantastic.

  21. Hamilton on Vergne. The best.

  22. It’s hard to choose one! My shortlist included Ricciardo on Vettel and Hulkenberg on Magnussen. Both were last-second but Nico had walls around him, so he gets my vote.

  23. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    14th December 2014, 16:31

    Hard to vote for a pass when one driver is in a far superior car to the other. Ricciardo versus Vettel in Italy was mega, Daniel went really wide to encourage Seb to push him out to the edge of the track, but then switched to the gap Seb had left on the inside a mere fraction of a second before Seb hit the brakes. He showed fantastic timing and great confidence against a much more experienced teammate.

  24. Why wasn’t the pass Lewis made on Kimi and Ricciardo at Hockenheim included in the voting?

    1. I meant not included in the voting.

  25. Went for Alonso/Vettel at Silverstone, could watch that one again and again.

    My second pick would be Ricciardo/Vettel at Monza, one of the finest dummies I’ve ever seen.

    Were equal in my eyes, so went with the one which formed a part of the better battle.


  27. Tough call but Alonso on Vettel on the outside at over 300kph does it for me. Ricciardo gets the Passer of the Year and I don’t remember him ever pranging the car while passing.

  28. Went for Ricciardo on Hamilton. I feel that it was one of the more challenging overtakes in this list because of the nature of the pass. Not only did he overtake on the outside, but it was only after a short straight preventing him from gaining a real advantage on speed.

    1. don’t forget that Riccardo was on fresh options at the time… Hamilton was on a long stint on primes.

      1. @sato113
        I was actually thinking about that for a moment, but since I didn’t really know I just voted for it anyway. Hulkenburg at Monaco was my second choice since I found it just as impressive but I don’t remember the tires conditions at that moment either.

  29. either hamitlon on vergne in hungary or hulkenburg on mag in monaco.
    I’m going to go for Hamilton as it was at speed and there was a championship at stake.
    Hulkenbergs was great but it was more opportunist than hamilton’s.

  30. Based on skill, I think Ricciardo on Hulkenberg was the best as it involved making two crucial decisions – one about the braking point on the downhill run into T3 and one on the run towards T5, the former on the inside and the latter on the outside. Alonso’s, Hamilton’s, Kvyat’s and the third and first nomination of Ricciardo all feature an around the outside pass and the higher the speed and the longer the corner, the more skillful they were – for me, they’re in the above order. Ricciardo’s on Vettel, Hülkenberg’s, Vergne’s and Vettel’s are all on the inside moves. The dummy makes the former the best and Hülkenberg and Vergne had less room for mistake than Vettel.

    In terms of importance, I simply ranked them first by whether the pass was made in a gloves off fight (i. e. whether all strategy plays fell by the time the move was made, or not) and then by the position for which the battles were fought for. All Red Bull here; Ricciardo on Perez wins the battles against Ricciardo on Hamilton (both for 2nd place) as the former was followed by a more straightforward move (so the pass itself set up the win ‘more’). Alonso’s, Kvyat’s and Hamilton’s finish last, because the positions gained were either lost later, or were followed by either party’s strategy play.

    Next aspect: bravery. Alonso’s obviously wins this one – high-speed; failure would have likely led to crash – closely followed by Hamilton’s (both were into blind turns; speed was slightly lower in Hamilton’s case). Then Ricciardo’s on Vettel; highest speed, but had freedom to move around the other car. Hulkenberg’s and Vergne’s were similar low-speed, but accident-likely moves, Ricciardo’s on Perez could’ve led to a lot of positions lost, then Ricciardo’s on Hulkenberg, Ricciardo’s on Hamilton, Kvyat’s and Vettel’s in that order were either low-speed and/or were relatively easy to back out of.

    Based on relative (long- or short-term) pace advantage (newer/warmer tyres, DRS, technical error) Kvyat’s and Hamilton’s are the best. Hülkenberg had softer tyres with better warm-up, Alonso was likewise with warmer tyres, Ricciardo had newer tyres against Vettel and Hulkenberg, as had Vergne against Raikkonen. Ricciardo had tyre advantage and DRS against Perez as had Vettel against Bottas. Ricciardo had the same against Hamilton with the Briton also making a slight mistake in the previous corner.

    I used to make a list based on ‘external factors’ such as wet or drying track, debris in the way of someone (such was the case of Alonso’s move against Button in Interlagos in 2013), etc. But this year there was only one move which was influenced by such one-off factors: Ricciardo’s on Perez – Perez had a momentary loss of power before the pass, when he had to restart his ERS. As such, I deduct one point from that one.

    Otherwise, it’s pretty easy: I add up the points (the best gets 1, the worst gets 10 points in each category).

    My winner is Alonso on Vettel.

    1. I have to admire your ability to be so analytical. For me, I’m afraid, it is all about the feels.
      Funnily enough, My vote was the same as yours.

    2. @atticus-2 you made brilliant analysis, however my choice is Hulkenberg on Magnussen, because regardless of the conditions, it always hard to overtake and then it was in Portier, I know the process is not the best but in the end it gave Hulk 5th place.

    3. Thank you, guys, both of you. I usually take pride in my analyses, so these are big compliments for me. :)

      On the other hand, as much as I try to reduce subjectivity, it’s always there in some shape or form, so I can naturally accept other opinions, such as that of @neongunner.

      1. Oops, @deongunner. Sorry. :P

        1. No problem ;-)

  31. Ricciardo on Vettel in Monza was the trickiest bit of racecraft I’ve seen in a very long time. Amazing move pulled off with perfect precision leaving Vettel with no chance to even foresee it coming. Definitely gets my vote.

  32. Ricciardo on Vettel (Monza) was the most hilarious overtake of the season for me. Although Alonso sneaking by a napping Vettel was surely hilarious too.

    Hamilton on Vergne (Hungaroring) was the most daring/exciting one for me. It had the WDC on the line and Hamilton did it right after Rosberg was forced to give up and compromise for an alternative strategy after being stuck for half the GP behind Vergne without ever even being able to attempt a pass.

    I have to say the whole season was full of great overtakes. Of course the regulars in great overtaking like Hamilton and Alonso sure had some overtaking to do, but it seemed like the new kids hadn’t yet learnt that overtaking is impossible in F1 or something :) Although all the Bottas overtakes are missing in the list, but he sure had a lot of nice ones too. Perhaps he made it look too easy.

  33. Its a shame Hamilton on Massa in Austria isn’t on here but i don’t mind there has been some brilliant overtakes this season

  34. I expected Bianchi on Kobayashi (Monaco) to be on the list.

  35. IMO, these are the only ones to choose from really most of the other passes were the result of a tire advantage.

    1. Hulk on Mag, because its Monaco. Serious commitment to pull that one off.
    2. Alon on Vet, they were evenly matched but Alon found a way to get past by getting creative with his line choices.
    3. Ric on Vet in Monza. Classic “dummy” pass on a teammate with equal machinery.
    4. Ham on Ver. Tough move to pull off due to conditions and track layout. W05 under the hands of Ros couldn’t make it happen. So it was a case of getting creative and applying pressure and committing to a move that could end up in dears. Hero if you make it, zero if you fail.
    5. Special mention to Ham on Ros in Austin. Ros gave him the slightest window and he went for it.

    If voting on technique, its a tie between Alon’s in Silverstone and Ric in Monza.

    If voting on the implications of the pass, I would say Ric in Canada. He drove very hard to put pressure on a wounded Ros and pass him for the win. Getting past Per quickly with a very risky move set him up to claim his maiden F1 victory. Hungary had the same implications, lining him up for victory, but Canada was first so it wins!

  36. RIC on VET @ Monza is my vote. As You Lads probably know Monza is unforgiving1, and selling SUCH a dummy IS A TOP ACT!. Obviously Dan knew what he was doing, but if something went wrong?…THAT sort of Move requires balls, such a kidding, then jink to opposite by mycrones @ Monza speed!…Class act of the year! Could add RIC on ALO @ USA as well. HUL on MAG is next coz of track, But RIC is the Man of the Year, look yourselves – 4 acts out of 10 are RIC’s, no question who is The Overtaker of the year. Actually i hardly remember any other driver to produce so many Master Overtakes in the single season as Dan did this year.

  37. They’re all good, but Hulkenberg on Magnussen is the only one I feel is truly special, so it gets my vote.

  38. P.S. & if there were ”Radio of the year”, then that goes to RIC as well for Hungary when after he overtook ALO – ”That’s how you do this, Ladies!”

  39. Ricciardo on Bottas (Suzuka) was beautiful as the cars looked like danced on the wet esses, sadly it didn’t get enough nominations.
    His move on Vettel at Monza was also great! It felt like at the time Gareth Bale on Spurs shirts made a several dummy on Maicon (Inter). Boooozzzhhh! He passed him just like that. My vote on this one.

  40. Between all these big names, Kvyat vs. Gutiérrez doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. :(

  41. I think there has been a HUGE mistake not to choose among the top 10 the Hamilton-Rosberg fight in the legendary Bahrain 2014 GP.

    1. @petrucci:
      That was an epic battle and one of the reasons why this season was awesome, but since Rosberg didn’t manage to stay ahead of Hamilton for more than a few metres, it’s not a mistake not to count it as a pass.
      It should, however, be included in a list of the best moments of the season.

  42. How anyone has voted for a Mercedes overtaking a Toro Rosso is simply baffling..

    It’s hard to understand how it was even nominated.

    1. @Cancan It’s that the sister car couldn’t do it, and Hamilton set it up over four corners, manoeuvring his opponent further and further out of position each time until his victim was on a slow line onto the straight while he himself was on a fast line.

      It was thoughtful and predatory, then great car control and judgement for the pass itself, with everything at stake.

      Though in the end I chose Dan on Seb at Monza, that was hard to believe.

      So many other great passes too. Would we be so spoiled for choice in previous eras? I’m doubting it.

  43. Personally I’d have gone for Hamilton-Rosberg on lap 19 (I think) of Bahrain. That overtake-retake effectively defined the season.

    Also Vergne’s move around the outside at Sochi was the one notable event in an otherwise eventless race, and worthy of a nomination.

  44. To me the best overtake of this season is obvious yet not on this list : Bianchi on Kobayashi at Monaco !
    This overtake is hard to believe, you have to watch it twice to be sure of what you’ve seen, in a place where it is almost impossible to ever overtake. take a look :

    Plus this overtake has a lot of meaning backstage, with the historical result of Bianchi at this race and his dramatic fate late in the season. So I don’t know why it is not the list…

  45. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    15th December 2014, 15:18

    Has to be Hulkenberg on Magnussen!

  46. If I had to choose it would have to be Alonso on Vettel as it kicked off one of the best battles I have seen in F1. A spectacular pass followed up by 14 laps of hard, respecful, honest to god wheel-to-wheel/wheel-between-wheel racing by two world champions that culminated with Vettel eventually getting the better of Alonso and regaining his place with an equally heroic pass. Loved it.

    1. Vettel was in the faster car, he should never have been sleeping at the wheel to be overtaken in such an embarrassing way to begin with. Still, it was great defending from Alonso holding Vettel back for so long.

  47. There are some great passes on here, so it was a difficult choice. But most i feel result from quite a big grip advantage (due to either tyre or car) making them look a bit more spectacular. In the end i went for Alonso on Vettel because i felt they were relatively evenly matched at the time and the execution was perfect. Vettel with the better chassis but on slightly cold tyres giving Alonso a temporary edge – one which he needed to use immediately and he did, lining him up 3 corners earlier to make the move. Followed by a good fightback from Vettel to eventually retake the place – some of the best action of the year no doubt.

  48. Some beauties here. I voted for Hulk on Mag because no-one ever pulls off a move at Portier! That was supremely opportunistic.

  49. I had to go Hamilton on JEV. When you think how hard it was for Nico to get past JEV (I don’t think he actually managed to get past) and how JEV had actually managed to cover Hamilton quite well over the first 3 corners, the “unexpectedness” of a pass inside turn 4 no less. . . I was literally in shock for a few laps later.

  50. Can’t believe HAM on ROS @ Suzuka didn’t make the short list!

  51. Hulkenberg on Magnussen for me. I can only remember M.Schumacher passing Wurz there in 1998/9. And that move started at the hairpin already. Amazing skill from both drivers. Anyway looks like the Red Bull vs Red Bull is going to win, but at least it would be deserved unlike the Red Bull vs Red Bull that won it last year which was a joke really

  52. David (@david-izquierdo)
    18th December 2014, 12:11

    HUL on MAG. I reckon this one is special. I had never seen an overtake tehre in Portier, and I’m pretty sure I won’t see anyone more. That was simply incredible

  53. The best overtake action of 2014 was with Vettel.
    But this year one where Vettel was overtaken.

    It took me some time to chose between the Ric overtake (Ita) and Alo overtake (GB); but went with the Alonso on Vettel in the end.

  54. you know what ricciardos pass on perez wasn’t THAT great. Im sorry to be a misery guts, but perez brakes SO early it gives the impression the ricciardo makes an even better move than it was.

    1. @sato113 The outbraking itself wasn’t too special, but how he went around the outside on the very limit, taking to the grass in the process, is what made it good.

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