Hamilton: Rosberg ‘took it to another level’ in Monaco

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says his tit-for-tat rivalry with Nico Rosberg escalated when his team mate went off the track during qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.


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Lewis Hamilton says Nico Rosberg took their rivalry “to another level” in Monaco (Sky)

“From Bahrain Nico did one thing, Barcelona I did one thing, and then Nico took it to another level in Monaco which definitely made it very difficult for us, for me.”

Stolen trophies – Update (Red Bull)

“The fact that some of the trophies were discarded in a lake and damaged shows how senseless this crime was.”

Some of Red Bull’s stolen trophies are found dumped in a Berkshire lake (The Guardian)

“Detective constable Chris Oakman said: ‘We estimate about 20 trophies have been recovered but we are liaising with Red Bull to establish the exact number as some of the trophies are damaged.'”

Ecclestone wins battle for control of F1 (FT, registration required)

“Bernie Ecclestone has won his battle to retain control of Formula One after ex-Diageo chief executive Paul Walsh walked away from plans to become chairman of the F1 board.”

Horner: Newey still loves F1 (Autosport)

“Despite the fact it will be a diminished involvement from Adrian, it’s still a very positive one.”

Australian sports asked to review security arrangements (Reuters)

“In addition to the Asian Cup, Australia will also host the cricket World Cup, the Australian Open tennis championship and the opening round of the Formula One world championship.”

Golf, not Rory McIlroy, has lost its popularity (The Telegraph)

“That McIlroy was vanquished by Lewis Hamilton at the Beeb’s Glasgow jamboree, not by a hair but by a margin of over 80,000 votes after one of the most garlanded campaigns golf has ever known, offers a galling reflection on his sport’s place in public perception.”


Comment of the day

@Beneboy isn’t impressed with the recent criticism of Lewis Hamilton in The Telegraph over his tax arrangements and from footballer Joey Barton:

The Barclays brothers who own the paper are also residents of Monaco and as they make several times more money than Hamilton they are evading several times more tax than Hamilton (if you consider living in Monaco tax evasion).

For Joey Barton, a man of such class and refinement he once put out a cigar in someone’s face and was also jailed for viciously attacking two young men, to claim Lewis is a bad role model is as insulting as it is ironic.

I may prefer drivers to be rock stars like Hunt and Raikkonen but I can’t fault the efforts, determination and discipline Lewis has shown during his career and while I sometimes find him a bit annoying it’s hard to think of many sportsmen who are better role models than him.

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On this day in F1

Kamui Kobayashi drove two races for Toyota at the end of 2009 before the team withdrew from Formula One, putting his career in jeopardy. But five years ago today Sauber announced he would drive for them in 2010.

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72 comments on “Hamilton: Rosberg ‘took it to another level’ in Monaco”

  1. Re the Alex Lloyd tweet: I don’t know where he gets his info from but I tweeted a picture of the 2014 cars yesterday when I was at the Marussia factory. They were engine-less and are auctioned on the 21st of this month. Hey ho. I can’t confirm if Gene Haas brought a car today. I wasn’t there. I was online but bidding went very silly. A front wing is already on eBay with team clothing all using stolen pictures from the auction house. Some people.

    1. Ignore that date, I would have put money on the auction house graphic previously stating the 21st of December but it is clearly the 21st of Jan now. Wouldn’t surprise me if they changed it, it’s the 3rd different one I’ve seen now!

    2. I wonder if teams struggling financially would adopt “end of the year auctions” to balance their accounts. I’m thinking about Lotus, Sauber, Caterham and eventually Williams…

  2. Saint Hamilton Speaks !!!! . While he is a great driver he seems to be a great politician too. He is getting the groundwork ready for next year I guess. With Ron revealing that it was Lewis who started all the mess in 2007, I am not surprised how he reacted after Monaco and Belgium this year.

    Alonso proved that he is able to work with other drivers so far except Lewis. It looks like Leiws is the culprit in both the cases. I wont be surprised if he throws more such mind games and political maneuvers at Nico next year.

    1. I highly doubt Lewis caused the mess in ’07 and you’re like a sheep for taking the knaves word. Ron shouldn’t have said that – he isn’t the figure he used to be.

      1. Well, it was Hamilton who disobeyed a team order first in Hungary in 2007… And it was he who used a not permitted tool first to win in Bahrain in 2014…

        1. Rosberg used it in Bahrain…….the reason why Alonso hasn’t had any other problems with any other teammates is that Hamilton is the only one so far that could beat him, Alonso messed up in 2007, he admitted it, he moved on, so should everyone else.

          1. @addimaf1 indeed, Alonso is over it. Ron words were a bit silly, he made a fool of himself, all that to please the man who blackmailed him? Jeez!

          2. Ah, indeed. Sorry, it was late and I simply mixed it up. :/

          3. petebaldwin (@)
            17th December 2014, 12:08

            @addimaf1 – spot on. Alonso has only ever had a competitive team mate once and that was Lewis. Other than that, he’s been comfortably the quickest in the team.

            Lewis has had close battles 3 times for the Championship and on all occasions, it went sour (Alonso, Massa, Rosberg). In regards to his team mates, I’m not sure he’s ever been bettered but when it’s been close (Nico and Fernando), they’ve fallen out.

            It’s the nature of F1. The teams bang on about how it’s a team sport but for the drivers, the team only really extends to their mechanics – not to the other side of the garage. They’ll pretend they don’t think like that because they don’t want to get in trouble with thier bosses but if you think for one second that Lewis wasn’t screaming “YYYEEEEESSSSSS” in his car when Nico retired in Singapore, you’re kidding yourself!

        2. “Well, it was Hamilton who disobeyed a team order first in Hungary in 2007…”

          Don’t talk nonsense. It was because of the timing of the release from the pits by both Mclaren and Ferrari, meant that Lewis was put in a position where he either stays where he is, or risks letting both the Ferraris through while trying to let Alonso through, something Mclaren themselves wouldn’t have wanted. Thats not to say it Lewis didn’t know it wasn’t beneficial to him, but to say he ‘disobayed an order’ is to completely twist the story. Why would Mclaren release Lewis from the garage first before Alonso if it was THEIR intention to have Lewis behind Alonso heading into the final runs?

          “And it was he who used a not permitted tool first to win in Bahrain in 2014…”

          No. It was Rosberg that used the engine modes in Bahrain first in trying to steal a win that he wouldn’t have been close to being in contention for if not for the late safety car that wiped out Lewis lead, Lewis then retaliated with the same thing in the following race in Spain.

    2. ” With Ron revealing that it was Lewis who started all the mess in 2007, I am not surprised how he reacted after Monaco and Belgium this year.”
      The above quote from @tmax is untrue and misleading. Ron Dennis only pointed out that
      Lewis Hamilton was not blameless in the way he handled the Alonso/Mclaren saga. He Ron never mentioned Lewis as the cause in his statements. http://www1.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/9601476/ron-dennis-says-lewis-hamilton-had-his-role-to-play-in-mclarens-2007-implosion

      1. You’re so right. Ron never said that Lewis was the one at fault for all the disharmony. He simply opined that he wasn’t entirely blameless. Fair enough, and probably accurate.

        1. Quite convenient for Ron to shift the blame onto Lewis H now that Fernando A is driving for McLaren. Who said something about a good politician….?

    3. I dont understand why its so difficult for people to accept that to function as a F1 driver, you cannot turn a blind eye to the politics? We widely acknowledge that F1 is rife with politics, and that it is quite rotten at its core for various reason, however, the moment a driver flexes his political nous, he gets denigrated!

      F1 is probably the most competitive professional sport out there, and sometimes, you need to play the game in order to get ahead. This typical in business, just walk into any company that hires more that 2 people, its rife. Hamilton will say and do what he needs to say and do, just as every other driver on the grid would…I dont really see what the problem is.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        17th December 2014, 12:09

        @jaymenon10 – Always makes me smile how many people moan about politics and then say they support Ferrari!!

    4. The day Nico used the escape route in Monte Carlo I was convinced that was deliberate. After watching replays I did not change my mind and Lewis didn’t change his mind either; why should he change his opinion? Because he’s won WDC?

      1. @jcost “I did not change my mind and Lewis didn’t change his mind either; why should he change his opinion?”
        You are so political :P

  3. How frustrating, the more we highlight the problems Bernie is responsible for the less likley someone else is to take over and fix the problems, anyway I can sit back and laugh at those CVC investors watching their $10Bil.flotation bonus slipping out of their grasp.

    1. I don’t get CVC either @hohum, they were suppose to be disciplined and experienced institutional investors but they fear the only man in the world capable of running F1 is Bernie “84 Years of very old” Ecclestone. Professional investors risking an IPO because they can’t live without Bernie is beyond me.

      1. @jcost, @coldfly, The thing is that F1 is giving them the kind of returns that normally involve narcotics, bribery, and murder on a massive scale, and like that business , there is always a worry that it might all end badly, but hey the profits are irresistable.

    2. ColdFly F1 (@)
      17th December 2014, 7:40

      Yes @hohum, amazing and frustrating.
      It is beyond me how Ecclestone even gets his way in the boardroom when seemingly opposing his main investor. Amazing how he is able to wiggle out of every desperate situation.

      I am very sad because the only piece of good news for F1 I was hoping for this Christmas was new leadership at FOM (or whatever they are called).

    3. I groaned when I saw that piece of news. It feels like F1 will never be rid of him.

  4. Feel Sorry for Red Bull for their Trophies. Such Disrespect by the thieves is such a shame. It looks like they are petty thieves and not the vintage stealing types. They would have felt the big cup was useless and hence threw them in the lake. I don’t think they would have entered the Red Bull premises thinking that there is a great amount of treasure in there. Their thoughts might be like looks like a big cool drinks factory. Lets break in and grab something.

    1. @tmax The constructors and drivers weren’t at the factory and others were replicas. I’d say that the 20 odd trophies were the Santander plastic turds.

  5. OMG it’s the end of the world, the sky is falling and a golfer did not win “Sports personality of the year”, I don’t know said golfer or how the SPOTY is chosen but if the winning margin was 80,000 votes I supect that new-fangled electronic media stuff might have been involved and that probably explains why the 70+ year old, Rolex wearing, UBS banking crowd that watch golf failed to register their vote.

    1. I think that those hundreds of thousands of people, who voted for Hamilton just do not realise how ugly Hamilton’s dog is; those people certainly voted for Hamilton just because of Roscoe. Sadly those miserable people also fail to see the fascination of golf. (I recently had a lunch at a golf club. It was tasty.) Some day they will wake up and understand that “Formula 1 is the most boring sport ever” and that F1 drivers are just sissies, who only sit on their butts while driving weird-looking cars and not sweat at all. Then the likes of Hamilton will have no chance against McIlroy and Barton.

      1. @girts

        I love my golf club , it has beer and is on the way to my Dads house ,
        I often stop in ” for a round”
        ( of beers)

  6. Have/will the 2015 Marussias go on sale?

    1. They aren’t built only designed, they had no money for fabricating

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Haas bought and developed the model throughout 2015, before it appeared as the 2016 Haas F1 car. @vmaxmuffin @thebullwhipper

        1. Interesting concept, but does a team not have to own the IP out right? Can you buy in IP and still be a constructor? Still food for thought.

          1. You can buy the IP from a team that went out of business (or indeed a manufacturer like Dalarra), just not from a competitor @thebullwhipper

  7. All this Sports Personality stuff is getting a bit silly because every single person on the nominees list would have ‘deserved’ to win…

    But it does at least demonstrate exactly why he won. Someone who inspires strong views always has an edge in popularity contests.

  8. Is Lewis confirming that Monaco was deliberate? That’s a strog stance he’s taking. Did the team new it as well?

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      17th December 2014, 12:14

      I think he’s always been pretty open with his view of it. I’m the same – Nico went off and was clear of the track. He simply had to park the car and get out but instead, reversed back onto the track despite his session being over which meant the yellows had to stay out.

      I don’t think he did it deliberately to mess up Lewis’ lap but the fact is, he did mess up Lewis’ lap and he had the option not to.

  9. Ha. Guess those brainless thieves figured out the trophies don’t have much value money-wise.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      17th December 2014, 12:15

      That and the value they do hold would be to F1 collectors etc however as they are known to be stolen, no-one would touch them.

      They are only worth what the materials are worth and for a lot of them, that won’t be much!

  10. Hamilton showing that he is a bigger man and certainly a humble winner. NOT!
    I suppose, as long as he is saying empty words like #auntjemima #blessed #holiday #grateful, it’s all good. Nothing this guy says has any weight anymore, beyond slandering others, for which he is still sharp. Funny how he kept demonizing Nico during the year, and now when he won, he says they are still good friends. Well, it doesn’t work like that. You need to stand behind your words. He is big on empty fillers though, like #blessed and #grateful. Not sure he really knows what those words mean.

    1. I have a question for you. Why is it easier for you to accept what Nico says as being the truth than what Lewis says? If it is simple hatred towards the man, should you even be commenting on him?

    2. petebaldwin (@)
      17th December 2014, 12:18

      Whatever you think of Lewis and his comments, one thing you can’t say is that he’s “all talk and no action.”

      Whilst he’s winning championships and proving himself to be one of the best drivers in the world, I couldn’t care less what he tweets because that’s not what I follow F1 for.

    3. the sad thing is it’s usually people who don’t even know the guy personally who go around on the internet trolling websites, whining about how Lewis is selfish, ungrateful and other ignorant utterances.

      the thing is if you actually think about Lewis and how hes pretty much been locked in a system that forces you to behave a certain way and look, and say the right political things for most of your adolescence/adult life you might rethink what you are saying. The guy has a boat load of money, but money means nothing when you barely have much time for your own piece of mind.

      There is more to life than money, envy is a waste of energy, and I wouldn’t want to have Lewis Hamilton’s life because it’s not easy, and it’s full of a lot of pressure I am #grateful I do not have to deal with. As for the trolls who just love to bash Lewis, I would only say get a freaking life.

  11. I think I have never been more off LH than after reading these quotes. I find his continued self-pronouncement of being so hard done by, apparently now even up to this season, selfish and disingenuous. Has he any idea how hard many people actually have it in life, starting from birth, who wouldn’t even know what a go-kart is let alone get to drive one enough to get discovered by Ron Dennis and be hanging out with wealthy F1er’s sons? What a self absorbed sore winner.

    1. You find it “selfish and disingenuous” that the 2014 Champion is talking about a 2014 Championship incident during a 2014 Championship review entitled A Champion’s Story?


    2. He has been to Indian and Philippine slums with unicef so he has a good idea….

  12. Or it simply was an accident, a mistake. #swag #blessed

  13. Why this need for rehashing these old stories ?
    Lewis is W.C., good for him, let’s get going and start the new season, I am much more worried about the cataclysm that the gory Arrivabene is acting (the dude’s a killer) at the SC than old history.

  14. This is why I’m quite don’t like Hamilton, not about the tax issues, but come on its over now you shouldn’t heat up the rivalry again, its never nice being cheated but payback is not needed, at the end everything strikes back to Rosberg in Abu Dhabi (double the pain) above my critics, Hamilton is one of the best racers and again the best racers don’t really care about character, Schumi and Senna are the easiest examples, the only target for best racers is to finish first

    1. Do do know for sure when he said these things, could not of been sunday or monday or tuesday, flew in went to award, flew out , on holiday! So it is the media that is bringing it up, when asked a question no doubt people try to answer honestly. It’s a shame but media tend to be inclined to do such things because they get money for it, it’s part of their business plan, it’s all about them not Lewis or any one else for that matter. Please you seem reasonable most of the time, use some reasoning.

    2. It is a quote taken from a documentary by Sky where they interview Lewis and review the 2014 season. Why should he ignore the incidents when they are a big part of the narrative of the story? All he said was his views had not changed on the incidents, likely in response to a direct question. I’m sure Nico’s views on them haven’t changed either. the same as many fans have not changed their views (going by the above comments).

  15. Many insiders believe that Rosberg deliberately spoiled Hamilton’s second flying lap in Monaco so Hamilton is not alone in his opinion. I also think that it was a deliberate “mistake”, simply because it was too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Rosberg had lost the previous four races to Hamilton, he desperately needed to win again, Hamilton had broken internal rules in the Spanish GP, the tension was rising, Rosberg made some strange steering wheel corrections and the mistake did not result in any damage to his car. If it walks like a duck…

    As for Spa, I do not think that Rosberg deliberately wanted to damage Hamilton’s car. Anyway, that moment marked a turning point in the championship so ultimately Hamilton gained from it.

    On a side note, I think fans get too carried away by this. If Rosberg did something nasty at Monaco and was clever enough to get away with, then good for him. If Hamilton’s public statements are a part of his mind games, then so be it; it’s a part of what makes F1 great.

    1. The fact that Lewis won The WDC despite Nico’s shenanigans is really quite a sore point for some.

  16. Davidnotcoulthard2 (if you want to send a PM please do so to the @davidnotcoulthard account instead as this one's intended to be temporary) (@)
    17th December 2014, 7:19

    @beneboy It’s called tax avoidance :p

    “Tax evasion is a crime, but tax avoidance, is science” –Colin Chapman

    1. @davidnotcoulthard
      Whatever you call it the Barclays brothers have been doing it for longer and for far more money than Lewis :-)

  17. Here’s a challenge to the Hamilton bashers. Name a great person who doesn’t/didn’t have questionable personality traits…

    I’m sure there are some but most people who’s name goes down history aren’t universally liked.

    Those same aspects that rub people up the wrong way are just the flip sides of what allows them to be a step above normal people.

    But they are still mortal like the rest of us. They make mistakes, some times that’s spinning a car, some times it’s impulsive comments on Twitter. Some times it’s thinking someone is a friend before they show their true colours, and then whinging about it rather than moving on.

    1. @philipgb Only one I can think of is Captain America.

    2. George Bush ?

    3. Eeehhh Michael Schumacher?

  18. I thought Hamilton was magnificent in Monaco.

    Institutions look after themselves first and foremost, don’t they? It’s universal. F1 just wanted it kept quiet that Keke’s son had done a more premeditated cheat than Schumi. All the drivers knew immediately that it was deliberate, but nobody would say so to camera, apart from James Callado and that video quickly vanished.

    Lewis trod a perfect line imo. He said nothing they could hang an accusation on, but refused to play the game. Stood there in front of the royalty openly living his betrayal, facing down the circus with all its power and expectation for him to fake a performance. But he wouldn’t.

    I thought it was fabulous.

    While everyone else let themselves down, badly.

    And still do. Brundle admitted live on air a couple of FP sessions ago that he’d decided Monaco was deliberate, but he only said it once, never to camera and hasn’t written that down.

    On Monday I watched Toto in what was billed as “A Champion’s Story” saying Spa was 51% Rosberg’s fault. He wasn’t challenged of course. I felt a bit disgusted.

    1. Lol…more premeditated than which MS incident of those too numerous to mention? If you are talking about in 06 at Monaco, what is more deliberate than parking one’s car across the track in qualifying? At least NR removed himself from the track.

      NR did nothing more than overcook it knowing that he had the luxury to do so, so he went for it. That’s the only thing he did deliberate. That’s why the stewards found nothing penalty-worthy. Unless one chooses to invent a conspiracy theory to cover that off. You know like…stewards in on it…videos disappearing…things said once and never written down…the grassy knoll.

      1. I can’t help noticing @robbie you inadvertently converted ‘premeditated’ to ‘deliberate’ ;)

        We’ve covered this ground before. Schumi’s was a spur-of-the-moment decision, as far as we know, in response to his error on entry. Rosberg’s cheat depended on planning to run first, or even to do a risky fast banker. It was a cheat as we saw on the video and as all the other drivers said.

        Are you denying Brundle said he thinks it was deliberate? You’re not just calculating that there’s no evidence, I don’t suppose? Even at the time he admitted he was in a minority in the paddock. Or do you deny that too?

        If you want to take issue with the disappeared video tell me where Sky’s Midweek Report video of Monaco has got to, when all the others are there. http://www1.skysports.com/f1/news/22058/9330181/f1-midweek-report-monaco-2014

        Well, maybe you think it’s safe to deny James Collado even said it was deliberate? Perhaps Hughes was lying when he said virtually all the other drivers thought it was deliberate? Maybe the tyre load data report was a lie too? Maybe Warwick in his earnest defence of what was clearly his sole decision forgot to mention the tyre load data that, according to you, would have been exonerating for the most honest guy in grand prix racing?

        The guy whose interview was mysteriously central to Warwick’s investigation, as though a cheat would never lie but would confess all rather than give his dad’s contemporary ‘the answers he needed‘ ;)

        1. @lockup Very limited time right now, but suffice it to say, as I have before, I reject your premise that Nico planned to run first, like that was his decision alone, and could only mean cheating, and I reject for the same reason that putting in a solid banker while you have a clear track at Monaco, rather than risking leaving the chance of a clear track to the very end, is also proof of cheating. I reject your assumption that MS did something less ‘cheaty’. I do not deny what some have opined about this incident, but nor do I go along with your conspiracy theory about disappearing videos, things unwritten, only said once etc etc like we are talking about whether they actually landed on the moon or not. The stewards found nothing penalty worthy, as opposed to MS’s move, so that is the reason why Brundle only opined once, or a video was only seen once etc etc.

          Anyway, gotta go, but my bottom line is that even if you are right about NR and he out and out cheated, I’m willing to bet he will have learned from it, he hasn’t made a career of it, he likely won’t as he continues on in his career, and given that the likes of MS can win 7 WDCs and legendary status doing far far worse over a career than NR even has time left to do, I’d say this is pretty small potatoes.

          1. Okay catchya later @robbie.

            Yeah I dunno how history will see it. Schumi did it more times and was a bit of a baddie on track, but on the other hand he was a lot more successful than Rosberg.

            Nico made a mistake adding Spa to Monaco, that turned a lot of people against him, including his own team. But he had Warwick and Pirro instead of say Mansell, and so as far as the record goes he got away with it.

            Yes I agree he’s probably learned from it. I think the booing really hurt.

            Where does it leave him? “One of Lewis Hamilton’s teammates”, probably. Perhaps that was always going to be an issue for an only child with a wdc for a dad.

            Anyway I don’t see how Lewis could have handled it any better, barring a couple of Q3 runs.

  19. I have that lingering feeling that, unless Hamilton walks away with the championship, which is entirely likely, by the way, by the looks of who finished first of the two in most occasions when both finished, Rosberg and Hamilton are going to blow things up big time in their second year together, just like Senna and Prost did.

    This is especially the kind of continued mind games Lewis has been playing during the season as well, just getting to Nico’s head and try and get his holiday, his relax screwed a bit. It worked during the summer break last season, it might work again.

    Rosberg should just accept that him playing dirty on the race track is only as much out of bounds as Hamilton constantly messing with his head via the media.

    1. What @atticus-2? Nico wasn’t affected at all by Lewis comparing their backgrounds – as he said: he knew it wasn’t meant disrespectfully, just Lewis rationalising his drive on the fly, as he does, and media pumping it up into a story.

      These guys are not like you and me. Mind games on F1 drivers tend if anything to be counter-productive, as Nelson Piquet discovered.

      There were no mind games, but if there had been they still would not have been comparable to those two physical incidents on track.

      Next year a veil will be drawn over it all. Rosberg will continue the charm offensive trying to recover the respect he threw away. Lewis will keep telling us Nico is a great driver and very strong in the head.

      Nico will win 3 races, is my personal prediction.

      1. Well, I think that exactly is it from Nico: a charm offensive. He always likes to do and say the appropriate things – of course, he played down the significance of Lewis’ words.

        Also, Lewis himself said some time during his post-Abu Dhabi media appearences that “so should have seen the mind games that were going on.”

        That said, and now I’m speaking against myself just out of my everlasting attachment to objectivity, we can’t be sure if Lewis was saying this last line just to feed the media and the viewers with really no harm intended whatsoever.

        And indeed, what throw Nico off balance during the summer break was rather the Mercedes strategy decision in Hungary and not Hamilton’s words.

        1. @atticus-2 Ah Hungary, yes that was in Rosberg’s head wasn’t it, we heard in commentary. It was the humiliation though, I think, more than anything, with asking to be given the place, being refused, finishing behind after starting from opposite ends of the grid, then the team apologising to Lewis for even asking.

          In Abu Dhabi I reckon Lewis was saying ‘mind games’ as a euphemism. It must have been weird inside the team. For Lewis of course he dropped 25 points at the first race, caught up…Monaco; caught up…Spa…

          And IMO the cheating did affect Lewis. I think he tended to overdrive qualifying afterwards, so it was ‘mind games’ in that respect.

          1. @lockup Yes, I completely agree with your 1st and 3rd paragraphs.

  20. Childish! Why make comments about a grands prix that took place seven months ago, after winning your second world championship? Just Lewis twisting the knife, with the same old ‘I came up from the gutter’ nonsense. The boy lived in Tewin, Herts. Not exactly the Isle Of Dogs is it!
    Rosberg is no choir boy. I believe Lewis’ version of events regarding Monaco, but Nico took his Abu Dhabi beating like a man. No complaints, no excuses, no exceptions. Hamilton is a very gifted driver from another planet, who is still clearly living on that planet right now!

    1. Jesus

      Cause it is asked in a 2014 formula 1 review and this website is carrying a snippet.

      Come on people, if you are going to hate atleast get some information right and not come across as gormless

  21. I do agree Hamilton.

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