The funniest Caption Competition winners of 2014

2014 F1 season review

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Your Caption Competition suggestions kept me chuckling throughout 2014.

Here are all of this year’s winners – congratulations to everyone featured below and look out for more next year!

Vergne gets carried away with his driver number selection

Surtees: “I was motorcycling world champion, F1 world champion, I won on this legendary circuit and I even had my own team.”
Chilton: “Not bad but did you ever finish every race in a season?”


Ricciardo: I’m finding everything’s packaged too tightly, did Adrian design the underwear too?

OK Felipe. Lap 14, turn 17. Understand?

Villeneuve: “Hey Nick, we need some kind of drag reduction system here.”
Daniel Thomas (@IAmDanThomas)

“I don’t really trust your meter, so I’ll pay you what I think it should cost for the journey, OK?”
Adam Hardwick (@Fluxsource)

Ferrari recharge the Kimibot with two power cables between sessions.
Keith Campbell

Hamilton: “So much for capping costs… mine’s unique and you’ve got two!”

“Have you got a better pen? I struggle without the best equipment.”
Jack (@Jackisthestig)

Luca and a co-conspirator initiate Marco Mattiacci with the old shaving-cream-in-the-headphones gag.

“Now where’s that silver spoon?”

“I think I’ll just crash here for now.”
David Bretz (@Cynical)

“All I see is Alonso’s gearbox!”

“Just grin and bear it, Nelson. You’ll be lucky if this is the worst thing Flavio tells you to do.”

With one of his pockets already empty, Fernandes hold a firm hand on the other.

“Let Ricciardo win another one and I’ll break the other arm.”

Luckily for you there’s no refuelling any more!
Henry Becquerel Ryuichi Nakano (@Ryuichi)

“Fernando! We’ve found a way out of your contract…”
Steven Smith

Ecclestone: I just pulled it out of my pocket to send a text, and it’s bent!

“Seb, you don’t seem to be using your finger much recently.”

“I’ll just add a bit of smoke out of Ron’s ears… Perfect!”
Eric (@Fletch)

Rosberg gives his best Ron Dennis impression.

Raikkonen: “So you do know how to put pen to paper…”

Alonso: How are you finding the flip-flops?
Button: There’s just no grip!

Philip (@Philipgb)

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13 comments on “The funniest Caption Competition winners of 2014”

  1. Great captions!
    I’d choose Maldonado or Verstappen if there had to be a winner amongst winners :)

  2. Niki breaking Toto’s arm was hilarious. I forgot about that one…

  3. Well, it’d have to be between the Lauda/Wolff and Maldonado ones for me, but if we’re honest, the funniest thing in this article is the last photo.

  4. Its unique that the Hungary GP caption (Toto and Niki) turns into reality, in fact Ricciardo won in Belgium :D

  5. So did Alonso finding a way out of his contract!

  6. Alonso talking with Lewis on the podium about Sabastian Vettel: follow the link to hear the full gossip

  7. 2014? somebody lost his calendar, some photos are older than my son!

    1. Photos don’t have to be new to be used in a caption competition.

  8. This is quite possibly the funniest article I’ve read all year (except for the Horner interviews)

    Absolutely fantastic stuff from the F1 Fanatics!

  9. very helpful thank so much

  10. I thought the Vettel wanting a better brush was hilarious… so was Surtees and Chilton

  11. Whenever there’s a caption competition I wait to read the other 4 pr 5 shortlisted as well. They’re all brilliant.

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