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When Ferrari launch their latest Formula One challenger on January 30th it will be the first since 1991 which has not been revealed under the watch of Luca di Montezemolo, whose tenure as president came to an end last year.

He will remain a significant figure in Formula One however, as he will return to the executive board of Formula One alongside Bernie Ecclestone and others.

Here he is at a media event for Ferrari in 2012. Can you think of a funny caption to go with this picture?

Post your suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic round-up.

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152 comments on “Caption Competition 67: Luca di Montezemolo”

  1. “Hey, it’s faster than our F1 cars!”

  2. After leaving Formula 1, Luca di Montezemolo tries his hands at Formula E, but fails to get any FanBoost.

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      10th January 2015, 13:41

      good one!

    2. haha nice

  3. After a dismal start to 2014, Luca drives the fastest Ferrari still running.

  4. “This doesn’t have enough power.”

  5. Even on Tilke’s latest masterpiece, Ferrari are still coming in last!

    1. Looks more like a American design.

      1. No, it spins the other way. It must be Australian.

  6. Luca, the other car is faster than you. Can you confirm you understand that message?

  7. Sergio Marchionne: “Don’t think of it as a demotion Luca – in fact, the Ferrari Scalextric team won just as many F1 races as the Scuderia last year.”

  8. After another disappointing result, Luca pnce again lambastes the new 0.1 horsepower engines

    1. Ahh typo:

      ‘After another disappointing result, Luca once again lambastes the new 0.1 horsepower engines’

  9. Luca tries to figure out the secret of the RedBull cars after hearing Martin Brundle describe them as “running on rails”.

    1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      10th January 2015, 12:01

      Very good!

    2. +1 Very nice!

  10. I bet Kimi can’t crash this one on the straight.

  11. Ferrari officials wonder why they still have Luca when he can’t even win a scalextric race.

  12. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    10th January 2015, 12:00

    Montezemolo unveils his vision for the future of Formula One: “It’s road cars racing on ovals! What’s not to like?”

  13. “I still don’t get this ‘Formula Eee’ thing, guys.”

  14. “Even if I take things with both of my hands they somehow got out of my hands.”

  15. “Ferrari’s first test for Indy car”

  16. “Win, win dammit, win, win, win…….

  17. Despite the lack of engine noise, the predictable racing and complex electronics, the guarantee of a Ferrari victory meant that di Montezemolo was happy to endorse the new series.

  18. Luca’s plays quietly in his bedroom wishing on what could have been..

  19. “Hey, I’m quite good at this. Bernie! I have an idea . . .”

  20. So this is what it feels like, now we’re on the outside.

  21. Never before seen photograph of a top secret test track for the “Ferrari NASCAR project” – codenamed V8-LUCA.”

  22. Dibs on the blue one , you all know the red one never wins right ? You watch F1 !

  23. Montezemolo plans revenge on Marchionne and, without a wind tunnel, does what he can to improve the car.

  24. These cars have more power than our

  25. Look !!! its a Ferrari one two….

    1. Quick, someday take a pic…

  26. ‘F1 post-2020. The biggest surprise is Montezemolo’s return’

    Being an avid Scalextric racer, I can’t help but laugh at this…

    1. Just looked again and realised it’s Carrera and not Scalextric.. I feel slightly ashamed now…

      1. Slot car guy here too. Knew it was Carrera by the cars. But don’t be ashamed lol.

        1. The track certanly is Carrera. And Carrera are the only ones with licence to produce modern Ferrari’s I believe.

  27. “So you’re telling me this is the “future FIA F2 championship”?”

  28. Unfortunately, Montezemolo’s extensive experience in Formula E feeder series wasn’t enough to qualify him for a superlicence.

  29. Luca complains about a set of rules, clearly written for the beneffit of the aerodinamyc performance, since this cars can’t rely so much in a engine as much as they use to

  30. As part of the cost-cutting measures, Ferrari were forced to downsize their testing facilities.

  31. ‘Humm, sounds like a bee with a cold…’

  32. Can you see the virtual safety car?

  33. “I don’t know how this thing works, where’s Fernando?”

  34. Do I get a veto if I need it?

  35. This is the most realistic sound I have heard for the modern F1 cars!

  36. LDM: “Damn, I’ve just had a Mark Webber-esque start.”

  37. “Luca, Fernando-is-faster-than-you. Can you confirm you understood the message?”

  38. Luca Di Montezemelo gives the first glimpse of the new F4 series.

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      10th January 2015, 13:47

      or the new FIA F2 series, and hoping for the 60pts on offer!

  39. I’d better do it right this time. Last time I got it wrong and got fired!

  40. Ferrari unveil their new 100th scale test track but Luca went and spoiled it winning with a blue car.

  41. No eee gud -e!!
    Everyone -e fired!

  42. Hey – These taxi’s aren’t bad!

  43. I’m just as good with these toy cars as I am on a real track.

  44. These electrical short circuits are a real problem for our power train. I’ll probably get the sack for this.

  45. The guy in red is saying:
    Now Luca you know that Sergio’s toys are not yours toys he will be upset.
    Luca: Oh please please just one more year of being an utterly inflated windbag with great hair.

  46. “I stalled on the grid.”

  47. “Finally a car that Bernie can drive without adjusting the seat to reach the pedals!”

  48. Terry Thompson
    10th January 2015, 13:38


    how does this think work?

  49. ColdFly F1 (@)
    10th January 2015, 13:43

    And this is where we got the electric motor from for our F14T!

  50. Oh I thought it was a birthday cake

  51. Since his venture into a gravel trap, the former president of Ferrari doesn’t take any risks when he drives a car in front of a crowd.

  52. This ferrari isn’t fast enough, you, you and you are all fired!!

  53. We need the same technology from these cars put in our cars

  54. The Ferrari Society for Hiding Bad Haircuts with Baseball Caps welcomes its newest members with the traditional initiation rite.

  55. After a long period without any championship in F1 with Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo finally shows his interest in Formula E

  56. Luca’s feeling back to his best, playing god mode with Ferrari’s.

  57. FIA release new last minute 2015 rules package…Luca di Montezemolo, still can’t figure out how to beat the Williams, screams, “HOW DOES THIS DAMN THING WORK!”

  58. “When they said I was downgraded I didn’t realize I was becoming head of the Scalextric team.”

  59. Ferrari lets Luca come by one last time to taunt him with the fact that they’ve finally found a car that Vettel can win with.

  60. “This reminds me of the 2012 season, when Sebastian was always going to have a distinctive and unequal advantage over Alonso. Now, where is that Alonso’s magic button?”

  61. “Where’s the third car?”

  62. Although the advertised “simulator” was somewhat disappointing, the waxwork figure storage area was an unexpected highlight of the Ferrari factory tour.

  63. Luca (to the media, on announcing that Ferrari will use Toyota’s wind tunnel while they upgrade their Maranello wind tunnel): This is the track and these are the models we will be taking to Cologne. The facilities in Cologne are state of the art, so we expect to resolve our aerodynamic correlation issues very soon.

  64. “Apperantly, Montezemolo isn’t a fan of ovals”

  65. So this is the vision of F1 in 2018

  66. “#@&#@ modern technology! Anybody know how this thing works?”

  67. Moments later, Luca threw down the control in disgust and left.

  68. “Wait till I put my roosters on the track..”

  69. Just like horses should be in front of the carriage, they should make noises!

    Oh, and not take long to recharge.

    1. So no, no Formula E for us.

  70. Daniel (@mechanicalgrip22)
    10th January 2015, 16:54

    Luca struggles to find front end grip on the new Ferrari racing simulator…

  71. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    10th January 2015, 17:09

    Luca: “So how many Formula Renault 3.5s did you say this will be worth?”

  72. Luca dreams of the perfect F1, where no driver will ever be bigger than the team.

  73. It Is Me Of Course
    10th January 2015, 17:14

    Once Kimi found the ice-creams, Luca had nobody to play with.

  74. Luca is thinking of a new career path and it looks likes he will be going to NASCAR.

  75. “See…? I told my engineers that painting our cars blue will make them faster, they wouldn’t listen!”

    1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      11th January 2015, 11:31


  76. Why isn’t this thing working? You sure it was a good idea to put a f14 t engine in a 599?

  77. Damn social formalities… I’ve washed this hand 20 times and it still stinks of Marchionne…

    1. Wow…nice LMAO!!!

  78. Luca di Montezemolo becomes the first person to test Ferrari’d new F1 simulator.

    1. *Ferrari’s

  79. At least this isn’t taxi driving

  80. That engine’s noise…

  81. How about a taxi race?

  82. “Ferrari wins a race”

  83. Luca tried to fix the RED car but still it was left behind!

    1. That’s more of an irony than a joke :P

  84. Ferrari desperately reveal their latest low-budget formula 1 simulator version hoping to increase their chances of a championship after several years without one.

  85. Little did LdM know, in a few years he too would be downsizing.

  86. “No matter what I do, the red car never finishes first.”

  87. Luca di Montezemolo has been caught on film playing with himself while others watch.

  88. As Kimi picked himself up off the floor, he wondered if Montezemolo had misunderstood the push-to-pass feature.

  89. One of the main reasons Luca Di Montezemolo left was because of the state of Ferrari’s simulator.

    1. +1 made me chuckle.

  90. Should have had newey as engineer for this, too, but he wouldn’t come to Italy!

  91. “Yes it’s formula boring now but you dragged me from the end of the Bahrain GP for this?!”

  92. Luca “These new F2 cars are a joke right?”

  93. “Use the Bernie technique… just keep gently squeezing until you have all the power”

  94. “This only counts as a demonstration run, right?”

  95. “These cars are like taxi drivers. They just go around in circles”.

  96. The results of Fanboost when it’s just not your day

  97. I didn’t have any toys growing up !

  98. How — do — you — dial –this—- phone—-damn it

  99. Not yet Sergio, wait till the blue car is out of site

  100. Luca blamed correlation issues for his axing.

  101. Luca now spearhead’s Ferrari’s toy sales division

  102. After the race: “Honestly, I feel it would be better to have the opportunity of running a third car rather than seeing cars that would struggle even in GP2”

  103. ‘Can we not get a model with three cars?’

  104. I have plans for three car teams- this is our third car!

  105. “They don’t sound very good.”

  106. “Since we can’t win in F1, why not try NASCAR?”

  107. A new image surfaces the internet showing some sort of secret tyre testing performed by Ferrari back in 2012 in an attempt to return to championship winning days.

  108. I don’t think Martinsville was a smart idea anymore

  109. “Now I know how we can get more downforce than Red Bull! Simply add a magnet to the car!”

  110. Being a radio control race team principal is a lot easier…

  111. I keep losing the race.
    Can somebody change these stupid rules?!

  112. I can’t believe I paid Marco Andretti $10,000 for this collector car. It does not work.

  113. “How hard can it be”

  114. Montezemelo considers changing the colour of the next years car to blue after the outcome of the first mid season test.

  115. “So where’s the taxi rank?”

  116. “Let me see, how do you master these puppets? Oh it’s just a press of a button, guess I won’t have no use for my sophist skills.

  117. Sorry Luca, even in this new FIA kids series, The pickup brushes and hand controller cant be modified during 2015. And you’re way too old!

  118. Ferrari to force change to new model formula using their veto vote.

  119. When Jean Todt saw this picture of Luca Montezemola preparing for a Ferrari assessment of the stars of this popular racing formula, he realised the imposition of a minimum F1 driver age was inevitable.

  120. Matthew Cheshire
    12th January 2015, 1:42

    Domenicali, Alonso, all idiots! See, I push this button till I win. And then I keep winning.

  121. Matthew Cheshire
    12th January 2015, 1:50

    I’m winning….winning…..winning…..

  122. Matthew Cheshire
    12th January 2015, 1:53

    I win each time. We can build from this….yes…..just don’t tell Stefano I’m still down here.

  123. Matthew Cheshire
    12th January 2015, 1:57

    prescious….my precious…..
    tell those kids to back off!

  124. Rupert Richardson
    12th January 2015, 10:08

    He, Luca! Now you’re a taxi driver!

  125. After complaints that data from Ferrari’s simulator isn’t translating to performance on track, Luca decides to try his hand to see for himself. He expressed his disappointment afterward, “these simulators are ridiculous, they are turning our sport into a childrens game!”

  126. “What is this, Formula E for ants?”

  127. The Red Bull’s still beat us here!

  128. “Criticised for being too heavy and underpowered in 2014, the lift on engine development rules for 2015 sees Ferrari wasting no time in shaking down their two new b-spec power units!”

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