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Turbo power returned to Formula One last year – but how well do you remember the original ‘turbo era’?

F1 Fanatic has a brand new quiz with 20 questions on one of the most spectacular periods in grand prix racing.

As usual you have just five minutes to submit as many correct answers as you can. Take the quiz here:

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You can compare your overall score with other F1 Fanatics and take more quizzes here:

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments – but remember not to include anything which may give clues about the questions or answers.

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17 comments on “Take the new F1 Fanatic turbo era quiz”

  1. 3/20. And I got 4th. Probably won’t last, though.

  2. Great quiz, want to know the answers now!

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      13th January 2015, 15:52

      @reynard88d, I can give you mine so you know the wrong answers ;-)

  3. 4… But I’m 22nd. I wish I was alive in the eighties!

  4. No point in me taking that quiz, I know nothing about the previous turbo era :(

    To be fair, I’d have trouble with a quiz about a season more than 2-3 years old. I watched avidly and followed all the tech too, but I remember little.

  5. @keithcollantine

    Looking at the Quiz leaderboard, it appears I have taken only 26 quizzes. Is there a way to know which ones I have not done ?

    Also, some members have taken 38 quizzes, while it seems there is only 34 available (seasons: 9; drivers: 12; teams 2; races: 11). How come ?

  6. The only quiz till now that really made me embarrass!! :P

    1. I’m even worse than you.

  7. There should be a quiz version “Turbo era for dummies”. That actually might not be a bad idea for all quizzes for the period of 1950-1990-ish.

    But then again, this is F1Fanatic… but then again, this is not Historical F1Fanatic and a lot of readers were not yet even born in the Turbo era.

  8. 11. delighted with it. First few were impossible for me

  9. absolutely no clue. thought i might get the odd point for a lucky guess but i didn’t.

  10. The amount of pollution in that picture is absolutely brilliant

  11. 16/20 and I was born in 1984 !
    I’ve read a lot of F1 books and magazines since I’m a teenager. ;)

  12. Patrese’s first name’s spelled “Ricciardo” in one question! Muscle memory or something…

  13. 10/20! pleasantly surprised

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