Marussia, Albert Park, 2014

Marussia comeback increasingly unlikely – Lowdon

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Marussia, Albert Park, 2014In the round-up: Marussia team CEO Graeme Lowdon says the impending sale of the team’s vital race equipment makes the chance of them returning this year increasingly unlikely.


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Time nearly up for Marussia (Sky)

Graeme Lowdon: “There have been some auctions already but none of the equipment that has been sold so far is essential for the team to go forward. But if that equipment went next week it would be difficult.”


Comment of the day

@Scalextric provided the latest competition-winning caption:

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2014

Vettel briefs the new Toro Rosso drivers and their parents

Thanks to everyone who joined in, especially Nick, Beneboy, Theo Parkinson, AMR, Suffolk and The_sigman who also suggested very funny captions.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Markg!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Jenson Button who is 35 today.

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  • 41 comments on “Marussia comeback increasingly unlikely – Lowdon”

    1. That caption is cracking!

      1. Thank you one and all. I’ll be here all week.

        1. ColdFly F1 (@)
          19th January 2015, 2:28

          good one indeed. Well done.

        2. excellent!

        3. Try the veal

    2. @Scalextric – Caption = Brilliant!

    3. What a caption!

    4. ColdFly F1 (@)
      19th January 2015, 2:34

      Button “had some good little battles back in ’97” with Davide.
      Back in the days when Mr & Mrs Verstappen had their own little encounters!

      1. Lol u assuming they don’t still? Muhahahaha yes kids, your parents still ‘do the love grind’ even if you think they only did to have children.

        1. I thought they were divorced.

        2. As MattDS mentions, they are divorced, and I am pretty sure ex-mrs Verstappen had Jos Verstappen barred from getting near here with a court order after the divorce (which included episodes of domestic abuse and stalking) DR

      2. @coldfly Heh, my first thought was that you meant on track, all 3..

      1. Oroginal Clarin Newspaper note.

        1. Original!

        2. ColdFly F1 (@)
          19th January 2015, 8:07

          @jorge-lardone, posted on a KimiRaikkonen fan site; the story smells a bit.

          Others seem to agree, concluding that it is a photoshopped BS story. There is no link to any original source of such an article.

      2. I doubt that. It’s not 1989. Great caption!

        1. @peartree, I would be inclined to agree that the story is almost certainly false – for a start, the FIA’s regulations explicitly state that only air or nitrogen can be used to inflate a tyre.
          A helium – nitrogen mixture would break that regulation and almost certainly result in disqualification if discovered – furthermore, given that the tyres are usually prepared and inflated in the middle of the garage, how is Hamashima supposed to have gotten away for two years with inflating the tyres of Alonso’s team mates with a different gas mixture in front of all of the other mechanics, and mechanics from other teams, without anybody spotting that something was amiss? Even at a very basic level, some of the details in that story don’t sound right.

          Furthermore, Hamashima joined Ferrari in 2012, and the performance difference between Massa and Alonso was relatively consistent both before and after he joined Ferrari. And why would it benefit Hamashima to hinder one driver? Most teams tend to have performance related bonuses (for example, when Mercedes won the WCC in 2014, all members of staff were given a bonus – to hinder Massa, and therefore hinder the team as a whole, would effectively sabotage himself.

          The fact that the organisation that wrote the story withdrew it from publication and have removed all references to the article makes me even more inclined to think that is false. It is the same behaviour that Autosport once pulled when they produced an article with quotes from a senior McLaren figure in 2012 that was rather disparaging about their drivers, only to pull the article when it turned out that the quotes had been made up.

          If I were to point towards something that changed around that time that might have a detrimental impact, I would be more inclined to point towards the major overhaul of the front suspension system (the switch from a push rod on the F150th Italia to the F2012 onwards), a decision made for aerodynamic purposes but one which has compromised the mechanical performance of the car.

          During the pre-season tests in 2012, for example, somebody leaked set up data from both Alonso’s and Massa’s test runs showing that both drivers were having considerable problems with getting their front tyres into the correct operating range and that there was little appreciable difference between either driver.

          Similarly, issues also cropped up again for both drivers in 2013 – there were a number of observers who commented that Alonso had visibly changed his driving style to adapt to a car that had poor front traction.

          It’s perhaps not surprising that, given Kimi is known to be hyper sensitive to the steering feel of the car – this is a driver who, at Lotus, once refused to use a Monaco spec steering rack because he could not adapt to the difference in feedback that it gave – that a car with a completely different front suspension set up and the reputation of recent Ferrari’s for having inconsistent front end performance would cause him a lot of problems.

      3. I don’t buy it. The personnel is contracted by Ferrari, and not Alonso so I don’t see why destabilizing Kimi would be in anybodies interest.

      4. Pure BS story. Next time bother to link the real news, not some photoshopped image. There’s nothing in google nor on that newspaper’s site.

      5. What kind of anencephaly do you need to post such an obviously fake photoshopped story?

    5. Hearty chuckle at the caption winner.

    6. And all while one of their drivers is in a French hospital knowing nothing about this.

    7. Happy Birthday Jenson.

    8. Wait a minute, there’s still hope for Marussia? I thought they were gone for good.

      1. @jcost I think some people are stretching the limits of euphemisms… I mean, read that quote above: “if that equipment went next week it would be difficult”.

        Seriously? The situation as it is now is more than just difficult – it’s highly unlikely they will be back. And if the auction goes ahead, then it will be all but impossible.

        1. F1 is a tough sport, technologically and financially. The day someone opens an F1 museum, “Failed Teams Hall” will certainly be the largest.

        2. I’d say there might still be a simmer of hope in the next week or so if that equipment is useable by the team @mattds, @jcost. But yeah, realistically hope was lost a long time ago IMO.

      2. i think it means that they’ll go from 1/1,000,000 to 1/1,000,000,000 chance of a come back

      3. Some interesting comments here:

        I think it’s very very unlikely but you never know…

    9. Great caption, well done @Scalextric

    10. So Bernie bribes Grubowsky with 44$ mill ?
      Pays another $100 million in another bribe to stay out of jail !
      Buys strategy group compliance for however many $$$ mill
      But won’t throw an F1 team a bone to keep hundreds of people in work and cars on the track !
      I am feeling deep contempt right now ,

      1. COTD right here!

      2. Very well said.

    11. Awesome caption !

    12. The Auction to sell off the rest of Marussia has been cancelled so clearly something is happening. Maybe a buyer has been found.

    13. Seriously, let’s stop talking about Marrusia.
      They have had their 15 minutes of fame.

      I am so sorry to say this. But just being on the grid for the sake of it is not okay in my book.

      I really hoped for the best. But the best now is for the team to rest in peace.

      1. No, let’s keep talking about Marussia. The sooner more websites take F1 Rejects’s lead and talk/praise the slow teams, the internet will become a better place.

    14. ROFL I think this is one of the best captions ever))) well done!

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