“No stress over new Mercedes deal” – Hamilton

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he has no concern over securing an extension to his Mercedes contract which expires at the end of this year.


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Hamilton relaxed over contract (Sky)

"The team have acknowledged they want to continue with me and vice versa, so there is no stress."

Ecclestone tips Hamilton for third title (Reuters)

"Mercedes have done such a good job with this power unit, its left everybody behind and I can't see people catching up that quickly."

Silverstone facing possible £4m bill and legal battle over contract dispute with former hospitality partner (The Telegraph)

"The hospitality firm’s administrators have sent a letter to Silverstone bosses detailing alleged damages of £2.7 million. If the case goes to the High Court and Silverstone Hospitality wins, lawyers estimate the total cost to Silverstone could be £4 million."

Haas Formula 1 squad buys Marussia factory but not the team (Autosport)

"The cancellation of the Marussia auction this week is due to talks with a mysterious third party which is looking at buying the assets."

Ask Donald Davison: The Indianapolis 500 as an F1 race (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

"The funny thing is that this was just when the Europeans were starting to come over to Indianapolis on a regular basis and by the time people like Brabham, Clark, Hill, Hulme, Stewart and Rindt were participating, and occasionally enjoying a top finish, World Championship points were no longer being offered."

Football’s global dominance set to continue (FT, registration required)

"While F1 has done well to transport itself to global outposts, it is not easy to be a competitor in such a costly sport."

#RedRev2015 (Ferrari)

"Do you want to be the first one to find out the new Ferrari F1?"


Comment of the day

Force India’s new livery seems to be a love-it, hate-it affair. Here’s one of the more positive responses:

It’s been a while since my first look at an F1 car has made my heart rhythm change. It looks fantastic in the pictures I’ve seen.

The black underneath the nose makes it look quite blade-like and aggressive, and the orange flash sets the whole car off. Distinctive. I like.

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F1’s reigning champion Mike Hawthorn died on this day in 1959 in a road accident. He had retired from racing following his 1958 championship victory.

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78 comments on ““No stress over new Mercedes deal” – Hamilton”

  1. Video of the Red Bull Trophy theft here.

    1. They seem so relaxed and casual about the whole thing, like they didn’t even plan on stealing them, but their car just accidentally rammed through the doors. :)

  2. Anyone want to bet against the third party painting the cars red and putting Stefan GP stickers on the side?

  3. I assume this is how the contract negotiations went:
    Lewis: I want…
    Mercedes: Done.

    Also, why is Gok Wan driving a Mercedes this year?

    1. I feel that people should be free to visually express themselves however they want and I don’t criticise people based on their looks, but… I have to admit that the resemblance in style is absolutely uncanny!
      The hair, the glasses… It’s almost as if he tried to emulate Gok Wan! Gave me a good chuckle :)

      1. I guess the guy is a role model in looks for some, that is really stunning how far the two match.

        Would also be a bit of a relieve, as I was surprised to see Hamilton suddenly wearing glasses. If he is emulating the looks of someone else, it might be just simple glass inside of a fashion item!

        1. Okay, I’ll go for it. I think he looks quite sweet like that. Better than the pretend bling gangsta affectation.

          1. @timothykatz
            Well Lewis is gangster.

    2. @MichaelC
      I think this is how Contract negotiations go…

      Lewis : I Want….
      Mercedes (Totto) to (Lauda): What exactly is the country code to be used for Alonso’s Number ?
      Lewis : I Want….
      Mercedes (Totto): It has been a while I Spoke to Fernando….
      Lewis : I will take what ever you give me !!!!!

      1. Alonso is the name Totto uses to cut Lewis asking price, it’s just a rumor fed by Alonso himself and his fans who madly want to see him win another WDC ASAP…

      2. Lewis : I will take what ever you give me !!!!!

        Oh yeah, it’s not like he is a double world champion who most regard as one of the best on the grid and can have pretty much whatever seat he wants outside of Red Bull. Not to mention one of the most marketable drivers on the grid. no leverage at all.

        They may talk to Alonso, who wouldn’t, yet I actually seriously doubt Mercedes would take on Alonso, not because he isn’t a great driver, he clearly is one of the best on the grid. But the politics he demands, his age & ability to market what Mercedes and their partners want. If Lewis was for some reason decided to leave Mercedes, which let’s face it isn’t going to happen anytime soon I think Mercedes would be looking down the grid for young developable talent, not an ageing driver who really only cares about winning one more drivers championship. As much as I’m not a fan of his personality or his driving to some extent, I would probably see nico hulkenberg at Mercedes, or more likely Bottas given his ties with Totto.

        1. You do realize that Mercedes singled out Alonso as Hamilton’s replacement, right?

          1. And you believed that? How naive are you? lol. The only reason why Alonso was mentioned is not because he is a realist prospect, but because Toto knows that Alonso will crawl on broken glass to get to that seat so he is using him as a pawn in his negotiations with Lewis. It also helps that it sows seeds of doubt at McLaren thereby destabilizing them. Teams do know announce before hand someone they are realistically trying to sign. What purpose does that serve?

          2. No Toto simply said they of course would be on the top the list, For it to be a best there would need to be more than Alonso on there.

        2. You just seem like a blind Hamilton lover and only what to see and believe what you want. Alonso has been voted the best formula one driver in most if not the last 5 years. He is arguably the best f1 driver in the last decade! And this is been said by all the peers and the principals of all the teams. Last but not least ,for your info Alonso is the most marketable driver in formula one. He has the support of many Italians,spaniards,Germans,USA people and the people from south and Central America. He is the most know f1 driver so just because you repeat lies it doesn’t mean it will become true. And yes Mercedes want Alonso because they know he is the best and the most complete f1 driver. And don’t forget the age difference between Alonso and Hamilton is not that great. Hamilton is just 3-4 years younger than Alonso, for your information Hamilton will be 30-31 years old by the end of this year.

          1. Your the Alonso lover then. This argument is pointless and has been done to death. They’re both a class above, so just enjoy them while they’re still driving in F1 together

    3. That comment was fantastic! Got a legit “LOL” out of me.

  4. I’m all for expressing one’s self through dressing style and visuals in general, but you need to be able to pull it off in a way which makes it look like you aren’t really putting an “artificial” effort in looking certain way, you need to make it look effortless as if it comes naturally to you.

    Hamilton certainly hasn’t really mastered this by any means.

    I think that’s the reason why people often make fun of his appearance. It’s as if he’s trying too hard, when in fact, in order to look cool, you need to achieve a look by making it seem completely careless and effortless.

    1. Oh no… I’ve logged onto fashion fanatic again by mistake. I really need to be more careful, as I was sure this was F1fanatic.

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        22nd January 2015, 2:37

        @f190, spot on.

        Happened to me as well; logged in at nosefanatic earlier this week!

        1. @coldfly There’s an obvious joke for ‘nose fanatic’.. :P just that this year they are smaller..

          1. “What are you looking at?!” “I was just trying to find pictures of the new Force India! Honest!!!”

      2. LOL! “Fashion Fanatic” :)

      3. Aahahaha!

    2. i think he nailed it with this photo shoot… http://imgur.com/5vmOaWY

      1. He is clearly just trying to distract the photographer from that RC car in the corner…
        Hamilton confirmed as a Williams driver in 2016!

    3. At the end of the day as long as come march he gets in his car, puts it on pole and wins the race, nothing else really matters, he can wear a bread roll for all I care. This isn’t fashion.com, the article isn’t about what Lewis is wearing, I’m sure there are plenty of places online where the fashion police can all sit in a virtual corner and snigger at what he is wearing, but this is a F1 news website.

      1. There’s a betrand baguette joke in here somewhere…

        1. Thank god for Google, otherwise that pun would have been completely lost on me.

        2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
          22nd January 2015, 10:10

          Or Blancpain….

        3. On being slaughtered by his teammate X –

          “X has Baguette for breakfast!”

          And when he’s finally dropped –

          “Baguette is toast!”

          (posted by Orin in Autosport9

      2. I don’t see anyone sniggering at what Lewis is wearing, that’s just invention by Biggsy for his dubious campaign. Lewis has his own style, I think most people respect that even if it’s not really their own taste. A lot of us like diversity; in fact for me the whole point is that people in F1 are NOT like me and my mum, but fascinatingly extreme, in their different ways.

        1. @lockup You are Joking right? Everyone that I know who has seen his new look has been sniggering and making Gok jokes about it, I think it was even mentioned on BBC Radio1 today (or yesterday). I agree that it has nothing to do with F1, but still funny nonetheless.

          1. @asanator The look is obviously supposed to produce a smile. The difference is whether it’s a good-humoured smile or an ill-natured one.

    4. Not to critique but Hamilton looks like he is gay/homosexual and just because he had a famous girlfriend it doesn’t mean that he is a macho. The earrings,those glasses that are only for decoration purposes,the way he dress. It looks also as if he is trying to find his style. At an age of 30 or 31 years old is quite confusing and worrying.

    5. Are we really commenting on what Lewis’s style is? Wow, the racing can’t come soon enough

      1. Exactly – I tend to judge a driver by how he drives, not by which clothes he wears outside of race weekend.

  5. New Williams looks just like the dreaded fiat Ferrari from profile.

  6. I come back to this site to be greeted by Hipster Lewis.

    1. “Hipster Hamilton aiming at Hungary”

  7. Fake glasses Lewis?

  8. Lewis has glasses? Who knows. Maybe he’s been driving with contact lenses for years.

    1. or maybe he is using fake glasses as a fashion item. Got me curious a bit as well, yeah @kingshark

      1. @bascb
        I wonder which drivers out there drive with contact lenses. There’s a good chance that at least a couple of them do, but we aren’t aware of it.

        1. I think Esteban Gutiérrez is one – I remember seeing him in spectacles after he retired from the 2014 Singapore GP. Given his temper after that retirement, I’m pretty certain those weren’t fashion spectacles :D

        2. I’m pretty sure Hulkenberg used to wear glasses/contact lenses, though I think he got laser eye surgery. The Sky commentators were talking about it in one of the Suzuka practice sessions after the feed showed Gutierrez with his glasses on.

  9. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    22nd January 2015, 5:38

    Thanks for reminding me guys! I nearly forgot that Formula One drivers win WDC’s by being judged on their dress sense, not driving the car.

    1. @bascb Got it, thanks.

  10. I never knew Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transferred to Mercedes and F1!

    1. So F1 should impose a dress code? One can’t dare to have a personality in F1 these days…

      1. @jcost By heavens, no. Only on Lewis Hamilton…

    2. @mashiat2 “What do you get if you cross P-E. A. with Gok Wan?”

  11. Perhaps making Lewis the highest paid driver might not be the best idea…especially with that look! Imagine what he’ll look like in 3 years time!

  12. Nice to see that modern F1 liveries are inspiring designs in other industries:


    Did anyone else see these proposed plain cigarette packets in the UK and immediately see the resemblance to the 2014 Sauber and 2015 Force India? Swapping sponsors for OTT fatalistic warnings and minus the graphic medical imagery, of course.

    1. Just give the time… Now they plain pack fans.. Next it will be booze.. After that it will gambling.. Fast foods.. Chocolate.. All will be plain Packaged… Then they will ban the manufacturing of tobacco.. Followed by booze.. And the list goes on…

      1. Bring back West McLaren Mercedes, Scurderia Ferrari Marlboro, Rothmans Williams, Benson & Hedges Jordan etc etc

        1. You missed out the Daddy one – John Player Special Lotus, and the Granddaddy one – Gold Leaf Team Lotus!

        2. and while we’re at it, Durex Surtees and Playboy Hesketh!

  13. I dont want to criticize Hamilton on looks, but he looks like the guy who employed Anko in Iron Man 2.

  14. Nico: Hey look guys, look at Lewis with his funny hair and clothes……what do you mean he’s finished? What already? Right get his stylist to compile a dossier.

  15. It seems churlish to mock Lewis for his hairstyle – sadly his hairline is receding quite fast and soon he’ll look much more like his father. Enjoy it while you can!

    And the glasses are obviously Virtual Reality goggles. He’s got a mobile F1 simulator running 24/7 so he can optimise every corner of every track…

  16. Lewis is looking more like DJ Lance everyday !
    Yo Gabba Gabba

  17. Evil Homer (@)
    22nd January 2015, 12:54

    Toto may be using Alonso to lower Hamilton’s price but it wont work at all really! Lewis can now ask a great price (as he was on this last thread this year of course) but Alonso does carry some ego so why not go with the devil you know rather than interrupt the team. Lewis is a smarter option and while Alonso is excellent, most top teams now don’t consider him the be all, end all driver. Red Bull to promote Danill a good example.

    As for Lewis new look, one for the Simpsons fans out there “Maybe he misses his old glasses!!” :)

  18. all you ppl taking the mick out of lewis,i wonder what you all look like.i bet some of you look a right mess.

    1. I am a right mess @matt
      that aint a photochop of me in my avatar ,
      But Lewis is welcome to have a dig at me anytime :)

  19. is there actually anybody in the world who thought hamilton could be under pressure ?
    he is clearly in the driving seat .metaphorically of course , bearing in mind he could be in any driving seat he wants in 2016

  20. Nice, I love Mercedes car!

  21. Very informative about the Indy 500’s role in the World Drivers’ Championship. It was always confusing to me. But the dream remains for me to see F1 drivers and IndyCar drivers compete together at the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix…these two need to be stand-alone races, lifted above the tides of their respective championships. But that would never happen. Sometime back, if my memory serves me right, there was a plan for Formula 3 to incorporate oval races for preparing drivers for American racing. But nothing came of it…

    1. @pt I seem to remember late 90s, say 97 or so, there was talk of a super race in Hawaii. Winner would get 10 million. Open to any series. Anyone remember that? I think they were going to call it Super Prix.

      1. I think that race was arranged by CART’s head at the time but it got cancelled because the sponsor defaulted or something…But I didn’t know it was open to drivers of any series – that really would have been cool…

  22. Hamilton has really a good chance for the next title.

  23. Contract negotiations in reality:

    LH: I want…

    TW: …To be easily replaced with a much cheaper option?

    LH: But I’m the world champion!

    TW: So? we have the best power unit on the grid by miles and that wont be surpassed in this era any time soon. I got a line of F1 drivers coming out of my door wanting to drive for us for free that could do your job quite easily if you like… Lewis you seem quiet all of sudden?

    LH: *his silence deafening*

    TW: Good boy, run along now as I have actual important meetings to attend too. Aldo costa and his legendary designers and engineers want their wages quadrupled because everyone on the planet knows they are the real reason why we dominated this season.

    1. Toto must really be a bit of an idiot then, as he decided to double Nico’s wages, seeing how the score was 11 to 5, one wonders why Toto would want to do that.

      Strangely, no makes comment on that.

      1. I don’t think Mercedes Management have any problems justifying Lewis’ wages,
        whatever $$$ they be ,
        He has to be a PR gold mine , don’t you think?
        I cant think of another driver today held in higher regard by such a large populace,

        Sure , they can get anyone to drive for them , and probably for much much less $$$,
        but, would you rather Lewis winning for you, or beating you ?

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