Vettel first to drive Ferrari’s new SF15-T

2015 F1 season

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Ferrari has revealed the first details of its 2015 F1 car, which will be called the SF15-T.

The new car will be given its debut by Sebastian Vettel at the first test of the new season at Jerez on Sunday.

The name is similar to last year’s F14 T which was chosen in an online poll. ‘SF’ refers to the team’s formal name ‘Scuderia Ferrari’.

The new Ferrari SF15-T will be revealed online on Friday 30th January.

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2015 F1 season

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32 comments on “Vettel first to drive Ferrari’s new SF15-T”

  1. I thought “S” is for Sebastian.

    1. I thought they were gonna call it SOS-HelpUsNewey

      1. I still see FIAt in there.

    2. SF is for Suomi Finland ; )

    3. My first thought as well!! Is it to early to cheer …. GO Kimi GO Nico R!! Thanks, Norris

  2. F15-T

    FIST :-)

    1. Ah, I see, the only way they can hope to win is punch the opposition off the track, ;-)

      Better than being a FIAT I suppose.

    2. petebaldwin (@)
      26th January 2015, 13:35

      The season has not even started yet and Ferrari are ready to introduce their latest innovation, the S-Fist. Basically, their drivers will simply cover a small hole inside the cockpit and a giant hydraulic arm springs out and punches nearby drivers right in the helmet.

      I’m so happy they kept last year’s naming convention and called this the FIST…. Well done Ferrari! :D

    3. Just saying, but supposedly F1 cars are so on the limit of traction when cornering, that you could just reach your hand and gently push the rear wing causing the whole car to spin.

      The FIST would stand for Force Induced Spin Trigger, and if built into the homologated chassis, the other teams would have a hard time copying it during the season.

    4. It goes along with FXXK

  3. So instead of a FIAT (F14-T) it’s a FIST (or SFIST)… An inappropriate joke occurs to me, but not worth the trouble.

    1. @abbinator Must be why they used the “S”.

      A few people had predicted the year of the “FIST” last year when the F14T was announced

      1. For a works team with a proud racing heritage they really embarrass themselves with these model names

  4. Shouldn’t it be the F1-1GER?

  5. I really hope he keeps the white helmet. It’s super iconic.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      26th January 2015, 13:11

      Me too. After all his eye-popping designs with RBR, it would be a fitting juxtaposition if he settled on a plain white canvas with Ferrari.

      1. The only ‘iconic’ image of Vettel is that finger in the colours of Redbull winning those 4 titles. Anything else will be overshadowed I’m afraid.

  6. The Blade Runner (@)
    26th January 2015, 13:04

    Sounds like a suncream…

  7. Seb’s Ferrari ’15 tortoise :)

  8. 2007: The F2007
    2008: The F2008
    2009: The F60
    2010: The F10
    2011: The 150° Italia
    2012: The F2012
    2013: The F138
    2014: The F14 T
    2015: The SF15-T

    This needs to stop …

    1. 2016: The SFM16-T

      The Scuderia Ferrari Maranello 2016 Turbo

      1. 2017: The FESM17-TSBAV12

        The Ferrari Enzo Scuderia Maranello 2017-Turbo Should Be A V12

    2. Forgot the F248F1 from 2006.

    3. Agreed, this drives me slightly batty. Every other legacy team (McLaren, Williams and Sauber) have been using logical and consistent naming for decades.

      Related fun fact: Ferrari have used the naming convention F20xx (e.g. F2001, F2012) in a total of 9 seasons. In 7 of these instances they won a Constructor’s and/or Drivers Championship. Coincidence? Yes.

  9. Sebastian’s First 15 Trackday

  10. Isn’t short for “Screw Fernando 15”?

    1. Screw Fernando 15 turbo.

  11. I’d have liked F1NGER. Formula 1 No Good Energy Recovery.

  12. Looking forward to watch this new partnership winning. Good to see Seb happy again.

  13. I hope he makes more milage this year than last year during tests.

  14. I don’t wonder on this,

  15. Sebastian Fettel15turbo


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