Button encouraged by “very different” new McLaren

2015 F1 season

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Jenson Button says McLaren’s new Honda-powered MP4-30 is a major departure from their previous two cars but the early signs are encouraging.

“This year’s car is very different to the last two years,” said Button. “I know all of the mechanics are very excited about working on it.”

“They say everything just fits and it just works in terms of it feels like one package instead of different departments building different parts of the car and then putting it together. So there’s a really good vibe about the place, people have a good feeling about where the car is in terms of engine.”

Button has high expectations of Honda having worked with the engine manufacturer in the past, but admits they are starting at a disadvantage compared to their rivals. “We obviously have a lot less experience than the other engine manufacturers so it’s going to be a tough winter testing programme,” he said.

“We’re going to get a lot of experience and the great thing about Honda is they’re very good at listening to what you have to say in terms of drivers’ feedback, if you tell them you need something, they’ll be on it straight away and will either have a fix or an improvement for the next test.”

2015 F1 season

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16 comments on “Button encouraged by “very different” new McLaren”

  1. I went on record last year saying that the Ferrari unveiled before the 2014 season looked scarily underdeveloped aerodynamically. I’m not so worried about that on this year’s McLaren. Any issues will come with the Honda package being too tightly constrained by bodywork to give maximum reliability which I think should be a top priority.

    1. I still think that performace is more important than reliability. Ask Ferrari and Red Bull.

      1. And Mercedes.

          1. +1. Brilliant

    2. I think the only thing that will go wrong is the engine. 1 year behind. but Honda are very good with hybrid engines and have a very good record with Mclaren and not a bad record for just being by themselves! I think this season we may find a new constructors title between Ferrari, Mclaren, and Williams here.

      1. Also looks very Mika Hackinen – era.

      2. LOL!! You can’t be serious. Ferrari is a grease fire and you’re telling me they’re going to be in the hunt for a constructors title? The only team coming close to Mercedes is Williams…

        1. Grease fire? I’ll hold you to that, also Williams challenging for the constructors?hmmm They touched lucky last year with a merc engine. aero wise Ferrari were way superior to Williams just look at Hungary, Singapore, Spa etc they hammered them.

  2. Let’s hope they are still as enthusiastic about it after the tests.

  3. It’s SUCH an unknown at this point! It could be great or it could be a 2014 Ferrari wanna be LOL

  4. I wonder how few races in before Jenno “can’t get the balance” though……

  5. Looks extremely tight around the sidepods and rear end. I think this attempt to portray Honda as a victim is not going to get them much further, they won the FIA engine rule on the basis that other new entries would need some luring. Now they have to take advantage of the concessions they have by making up for the lack of experience quick.

  6. I am not looking forward to Button slowing down the development of the car again. Thank God he has a similar style to Alonso.

    1. Exactly that was big relief that there feedback will help McLaren in handling and concentrate on reliability and performance rather than troubles like seen by Ferrari with Alonso/Kimi.

  7. I’m really liking this livery. It’s the epitome of a ‘midfield’ team’s livery. 3 colours, kind of disjointed design. Who the hell thought this was a good idea haha

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