First pictures: Toro Rosso launch STR10 in Jerez

2015 F1 testing

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Toro Rosso has launched its 2015 F1 car, the STR10, at Jerez in Spain.

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28 comments on “First pictures: Toro Rosso launch STR10 in Jerez”

  1. Did they run out of golden paint? The nose paintjob ruins the entire car :(
    Well, to be fair, it is good looking. Anything would’ve beaten the STR9 but overall it is very pretty. Kudos!

    1. The trouble is, to my eyes all of the cars with flat protruding noses look bad (or any nose that awkwardly juts out far past the front wing supports, like the Ferrari F60). But I do agree that it would have looked better and less obvious if it wasn’t an entirely different colour.

  2. Wondering why there is no Jumbo or HSF on the car, I thought they were Max his personal sponsors?

  3. Next time i apply to be a livery artist for toro rosso, i’ll make sure to write “No Imagination” in big bold font at the top of my CV…

    1. @naz3012 I wonder what you’ll make of the Red Bull testing livery then..

    2. Have you seen the Sauber…..and the Mclaren…..and the…….oh wait, nevermind.

  4. Meh, the nose looks like a platypus or a beaver’s tail, but then again I suppose so does the McLaren’s and the Ferrari’s, it reminds me of the 2012 Sauber, Williams and Caterham but without the step and pointing downwards.
    I’m enjoying the looks of these cars, Lotus and Merc with a simple narrow look and Ferrari, McLaren and Toro Rosso with a wider, rounder, lower and longer, thin Brawn GP look.

  5. Lol, that third picture (top right) makes the nose look as if it is about a mile long.

  6. You’ll never win with kids.

    It’s a badass car! Probably my favourite so far. Lots of interesting sculpted bits.

    Let’s see what the morning and Red Bull brings, I always preferred Toro Rosso colours though.

    1. It’s my least

  7. Best looking car so far for me, I’ve always liked the Toro Rosso livery though

    1. That Toro Rosso bull is amazing.

  8. I think it’s time for them to redesign the bull. It looks old by now. Any new ideas about it? maybe a “fire” bull or something like that?
    About racing, I find it hard for them to beat the Force India duo.

  9. Amazing! Not one bad looking car so far. For the first time since 2008 we have F1 cars that looks worthy of being F1 cars. Now if they just begin working on the engine sound we might have totally great cars again before 2020. Whooaa!

    1. The sounds aren’t that bad, they just don’t deafen you thats all. I don’t think the sound of the cars is the best part of formula 1 though so… If fans are driven away because they are quieter, then they weren’t really fans in the first place to be honest. I’m not saying that about you, just in general I think it’s sad.

    2. The sound is fine.

  10. Imagine this, Melbourne, first race, we see a helicopter shot of the start. All we can see is grey, black, grey-black, three blue teams, one red and one white. Where in the world is the imagination? I always liked the idea to do the Toro Rosso livery in sugarfree Red Bull colours, at least that stands out.

    1. @gicu Agreed, is that the lighter blue/purple colour, the sugarfree? It would liven things up a bit (plus be ‘healthy’ when on a 17 and 20 year old’s car).

      1. Yup, I think it’s a great idea

  11. I miss the days when they had the bull covering the sidepods. It was a striking paint scheme.

  12. I like the Toro Rosso nose best so far. I think the reason why it feels different compared to the other cars is the curvature of the top. When you look at the other carts from the side, you see that the top of the body from the cockpit forward goes pretty much straight, then it sharply breaks downward (Lotus is a good example of that). On the other hand, Toro Rosso’s front part curves nicely right from the beginning. I hope it’s the fastest car around so that others start copying it :-).

  13. Daniel (@mechanicalgrip22)
    31st January 2015, 22:18

    What’s the deal with that monkey seat? Looks to be to be only attached by the rear wing support?

    1. @mechanicalgrip22 as does the ferrari romeo

  14. I very like this car, it looks like wonderful!

  15. Gosh look at all the complaints once again on what is a very very beautiful car. This is the prettiest looking grid since forever. And with much variation still.

    The complaints have got to stop somewhere people it’s getting ridiculous. I don’t know what you are smoking if all you see are animals or human parts out of these noses. Geez some people.

  16. RB keeps missing opportunities with the 2nd team’s livery. RB likes extreme and high class sports not to mention younger audiences. The stylized bull is interesting but it goes completely unnoticed in this murky blue colour, and Mcdonalds red.

  17. Looks good so far elegant actualy

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