Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, Circuito de Jerez, 2015

2015 F1 testing day one in pictures

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Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, Circuito de Jerez, 2015

Pictures from the first day of F1 testing at Jerez.

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31 comments on “2015 F1 testing day one in pictures”

  1. I really like the Sauber livery partly because we haven’t seen a blue livery since a long long time in the sport and Erricson’s helmet co-incidentally matches it.

    1. Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Williams?

    2. I think he means that shade of blue, and I get you. It does look new again, I have to say. Toro Rosso/Red Bull/Williams were all quite a dark blue.

      I can’t decide whether I like this Sauber or not. The nose is horrible, and I think the livery looks a bit backmarker… Dunno though, might be a grower.

    3. I know what you mean. I didn’t like the studio photos so much, but on track it looks rather nice. it definitely has a Ligier/Prost feel to it!

      let’s hope this not indicative of anything, though…

    4. Really? Like, seriously? I think it’s atrocious. A blue background and a yellow box, nothing particularly original, daring or creative. Just two colors mixed in the most unimaginative way possible. It may well be the most boring car of the past 20 years.

      For the sake of comparison, Carlin’s GP2 car, also sponsored by BDB:

      That’s how you do it.

    5. I don’t really like it. Besides the color being too bright and the car being pretty naked, it looks like a copy of Carlin’s livery.

    6. Agreed, but with some lines or enhancement along the blue area it will look more slick though, maybe it just a huge patch of blue. I’m sure they will improve as they go along. Some may feel the scheme feels like a toy sports car but I like it though.

      Overall the cars look so much better and racing should also be better.

  2. Man, I really love this years Ferrari!

    Can’t get enough of it!

  3. The Redbull logo’s aren’t that clear, so not everyone will know it’s them .. but boy that car has gotten some attention in the media. Seeing it on regular non-sport news pages etc. Surely a huge succes from a marketing point of view.

    1. On the other hand, it is not a sponsor friendly livery.
      But for a testing livery, it’s a definite success, given all the publicity it has attracted. (and it has also earned the rights for my desktop background)

      1. watch out for epilepsy though

  4. That side view of Vettel’s Ferrari shows how disproportionate these cars are. It looks so odd and way too long. Front half of the car looks way to thin and elongated compared to the rear half which looks too chunky, but than again too long as well. The whole car looks too big for its wheels. Wheels look too small compared to what they looked like on the pre 2009 cars. Just complete mess.

    1. I agree I was looking at the size (length) comparison with a 2009 car this morning. I much prefer the size back then. They are still far too long. I was hoping the fuel reduction would mean a smaller overall package..but it did not turn out that way….

      Is the engine package smaller these days?

    1. I think it’s partially down to the microphone on that camera, but it definitely sounds like some cross between a lion and a t-rex! Total beast! :)

      1. I don’t think so.
        I’ve hated the V6 engines from the start, but damn. If they would all sound as cool as this, I think i’d even come to love them.

        1. Both of these videos sound like there’s either a problem with the microphone or the sound compression algorithm on YouTube.

          Or that could be one really angry engine. In a good way. Can’t wait to hear more.

          1. The car wasn’t running right.

            They were suffering from a Mis-fire all day so the reason the Honda engine sounds like that is because it isn’t running right.

            It will likely end up sounding similar to the others when they get it running perfectly.

    2. I don’t understand why isn’t there more talk in media about the Honda engine sound. It truly seems to sound like a caged beast. That would surely bring some much needed positive attention onto F1.

      1. Unfortunately knowing Mclaren it’ll turn out to be some set up issue that makes the engine sound like this.

        1. I think there was a misfire problem

  5. Why does Merc have a blacked out graphic of Sidney Opera House on its engine cover?

  6. For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, Ron Dennis has said that the McLaren’s livery will change at one point this season (perhaps after testing, or maybe when they get a title sponsor), and McLaren have asked their followers on Twitter if they would prefer an orange livery or red & white.

    It’s interesting – personally I would prefer red & white as a throwback to the old 1988-1992 McHonda days, and also because those are the colours Honda ran back in the 1960s and also with BAR Honda in the mid-2000s (although orange would also be cool and I wouldn’t complain). Of course I doubt they are actually going to decide their livery based on a twitter post, but it’s still interesting to see them acknowledge the two most-demanded McLaren liveries.

    I thought it was odd that they carried on with Silver – even though I know they adopted it initially because of West, I just associate silver F1 cars with Mercedes now because of the silver cars of McLaren-Mercedes partnership and obviously the silver cars (“arrows”) of Mercedes themselves.

    1. @polo Personally, an orange McLaren will be like a classic livery just like red with Ferrari and silver with Mercedes. It’s fine from them, but a red and white just like the James Hunt picture on the tweet will look astonishing as Honda is back, so the way to go is using red and white!

      1. Since tobacco-commercials are banned it won’t work. Lotus got complaints about their JPS look-alike livery once.

        1. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Marlboro livery. Honda have ran red and white with BAR Honda in the mid-2000s – in fact, red and white are pretty much the Honda colours:

  7. Should Red Bull use the vertigo livery no one will get near them, drivers will get a huge spin in their head and be thrown off balance. Just maybe Newey has that in mind, lol.

    1. Maybe. In the end it’s a typical test livery. I would thrown away another theory though. I’ve read that this car was an eleventh hour effort therefore what if, RBR had no time to paint the car? I think they planned ahead to use all time possible and one way to achieve it was to just sticker the car up, no paint, just test the engine and a new nose and keep working on the new car.

  8. No word on Caterham being on the grid for 2015 let alone any test days before the first GP. I checked their website, they still have a countdown for the Australian GP in 40 plus days time or is it then they will launch their car for testing??

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