Lotus’s new E23 won’t run until Tuesday

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Lotus say their new F1 car, the E23, will not run for the first time until at least the third day of F1 testing at Jerez on Tuesday.

The car had its first fire-up at the team’s base on Saturday and there is still significant building work to be completed on the car tomorrow.

“We have been pursuing a very tight and aggressive build programme with the E23 Hybrid which is one of the most technically advanced cars to have come out of Enstone,” said technical director Nick Chester.

“We will take to the track with this car as soon as we are ready from an engineering perspective.”

Lotus also made a late start to last year’s testing campaign and did not run their previous car at the first test of the year.

2015 F1 season

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3 comments on “Lotus’s new E23 won’t run until Tuesday”

  1. is it because they have problems reversing its wings back into normal position? ))))

  2. I like to think they’re just hurriedly sourcing some tiger stripes to take the P out of Red Bull and consider it worth missing two day to find a graphics shop that’s open.

  3. Maybe driver #13 crashed it leaving the Enstone garage to go into the truck, so they had to remake some bits

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