First pictures: Williams FW37 makes debut in Jerez

2015 F1 testing

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The Williams FW37 appeared for the first time today in testing at Jerez in Spain.

Team founder Frank Williams said the team intended to continue the progress it made last year.

“After such a strong season in 2014 we are looking to continue the move back towards the front of the grid,” he said. “The move from ninth to third was a tough challenge, but ultimately every step up from now on will be even harder. I am confident that we have the appropriate personnel and talent in this team to make those steps.”

Williams continue to use the standard-setting Mercedes power unit in 2015, and have retained drivers Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa.

Massa said he was pleased with the team’s rate of progress in his first year driving for them, and hopes for more of the same.

“The momentum we carry from last year has been very encouraging,” said Massa. “The team has changed so much from 12 months ago and it is clear to see everyone is heading in a good direction.”

“The development rate of the FW36 was one of the most exciting elements to the car, the team worked exceptionally hard throughout the year to make sure that we had a faster car at each race, and I look forward to a similarly impressive car this year.”

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15 comments on “First pictures: Williams FW37 makes debut in Jerez”

  1. It’s ugly. I liked the FW36 more. But that’s not important. Important is that they are fast enough to beat Mercedes

  2. Take away that very modest appendage and you would have a great looking car!

    1. Yes that small d1c in front ruins everything :D

    2. But take it away and you might severely ruin the airflow of the car, so you’d have a much slower car!

      1. I don’t think the bulgette is there for air flow @strontium, its more likely that Williams found the effort/weight going into creating a nose without it while still passing the crashtest was too big (at least for now), much like RBR had to settle for a bulge up front until they manage to crashtest a nose without it.

  3. If only they’d used the McLaren/Ferrari nose, then we’d have one of the best looking F1 cars ever in my opinion. Mind you, I rather it goes fast than looks good for Williams, if it’s faster than the Red Bull i’ll be so happy for the team.

  4. I don’t like the William’s livery used last and this year. It reminds me of a Castrol GTX oil can. Does anybody drink Martini these days?

    Good luck to Frank, Clair and team.

    1. I did try their Martini Sparkling Wine.
      It’s horrendous.

  5. It would do the car’s loo a few favours if the Martini stripes came to a point rather than split in two at the nose. Apart from that, lovely looking car. Somehow love the black wings too!

  6. The livery’s better than last year. With a better nose, it’ll be the best looking car.

    1. Mashiat Lam Gofran
      1st February 2015, 16:35

      @brianfrank302 Isn’t it the exact same though?

      1. The martini stripe on the engine cover and rexona

  7. Is this car going to be named Dickie Stamford? :)

  8. This car this luxury, hopefully this season combios that have been made and can prove them to fight for the championship. Will be interesting this year’s F1.

  9. I can sympathise with that car.

    I looked the same walking onto the beach after a swim in the 8c sea off Tintagel. Boy, was it cold!

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