Daniil Kvyat, Red Bull, Circuito de Jerez, 2015

2015 F1 testing day two in pictures

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Jenson Button, McLaren, Circuito de Jerez, 2015

Pictures from the second day of F1 testing at Jerez.

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34 comments on “2015 F1 testing day two in pictures”

  1. The wide, flat nose with the thick stripe around it and the number 22 remind me so much of the Brawn… Happy memories for JB, hope he’s getting some of the same feeling from the first day testing it!

    Need to squeeze that spot on its nose though.

    1. “Need to squeeze that spot on its nose though.” :D

  2. The back half of the McLaren is unbelievable. How the hell have they managed to fit everything in?!

    1. It’s a tight packaging and that could bring them glory or a catastrophe. We will see however if that Honda is any good as well.

      1. Yeah they seem to have taken an ALL OR NOTHING type approach here.

    2. When they launched Ferrari, I took both shots from McLaren and Ferrari and placed them in Photoshop to match the perspectives and size. I was sure that McLaren’s rear must have been just looking that tight because of the angle and perspective.
      But after adjusting everything and matching size, perspective etc, McLaren’s rear was still MUCH slimmer than Ferrari’s.
      So that car definitely has some extremely tight packaging at the back. The curves are just beautiful. Looks amazing.

    3. Erm, I think they must have forgot to put the engine it.

      If it is just not just a perspective thing, it is amazing….

      1. Ron was always a tight ar..te, so it’s just logical that it would carry over to the car!

  3. What could be the problem that Red Bull is trying to solve? Is it cooling, flex wing, stability, downforce ….?

    1. once Newey gone, they are trying not to rely on aerodynamic at all :D

      1. Maybe they don’t need front wing at all :P.

    2. Or damaged front wing without spare3 one.

      1. Tommy Scragend
        2nd February 2015, 12:37

        @nidzovski That’s exactly what it is – see ESPNF1.

      2. Comment from another site: “looks like Red Bull only gives you one wing!” HA!

  4. Wim van de Kimmenade
    2nd February 2015, 12:04

    Any pics of the 33c car?

  5. I like the camouflaged front wing Red Bull have today. Much better than yesterday’s camouflage!

    1. Yes. This is proper camouflage. Maybe a ninja type of wing

  6. Red Bull finally perfected their Stealth Front Wing. Now we will never see how much it flexes.

  7. Well the Sauber and Ferrari certainly look better out on track!

  8. Here’s an overhead shot for comparison between the rear of McLaren and Ferrari.
    I’ve adjusted them a bit to match the size, angle, perspective etc. as much as possible.
    The point of interest is the packaging of the rear half of the car, so don’t mind if some other parts are slightly out of line.


    1. Sorry that gif doesn’t seem to work.

      Here’s a working gif:

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        2nd February 2015, 14:52

        Thanks for this.

        The McLaren really is size zero! It needs to all work though otherwise it’s a waste of time

  9. Well, the answer to “McLaren’s tight packaging” is clear, following another humiliating debacle on day 2. They forgot to put the motor in….

    Honestly…It’s a shambles.

    1. Has Alonso jumped from the frying pan into the fire? It would feel extremely uneasy and demotivating for him to see Vettel and Ferrari dominate the times, though it’s early days still and the test timings cannot be thought to be representative.

  10. That Red Bull livery reminds me of WW2 Battleship Camouflage: https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4152/4962651916_9a6c3d6a71_z.jpg

    It could well be done like that to disguise the shape of the body work.

    1. @danbrown180 It is, car manufacturers do it all the time, it is nothing new.

      I am suprised so many people on here have not come across it before

    2. I believe it’s called dazzle camouflage. It doesn’t conceal the user, like traditional camouflage; instead, it masks shapes and contours to prevent identification and things like that.

  11. Great pictures Keith :-)

  12. Where’s the pics of Max Verstappen ?

  13. Good thing McLaren are going to change their livery.

    In pictures form the eye level the car looks like HRT.

    1. It’s not going nearly as well as the HRT used to!

  14. The picture of the steering wheels reminded me – have all teams switched to ones with displays this year? I remember thinking it was odd that Red Bull didn’t run one last year.

  15. Vettel becomes the first active F1 driver in at least 8 years to drive a contemporary Ferrari F1 car wearing Arai helmet. Perhaps Schuberth’s association with the Scuderia has ended? It’s therefore surprising that Alonso is continuing with his Schuberth helmet, making him the first active F1 driver to drive a contemporary McLaren F1 car wearing the German helmet. Alonso had shifted from Arai to Schuberth when he joined Ferrari because of the helmet maker’s deal with the team. I was expecting him to return to Arai helmet since he had always used Arai helmets and McLaren also seemed to have a deal with the Japanese helmet manufacturer. We’ve seen Jenson Button and Sergio Perez change from Bell to Arai helmets when they joined McLaren. Was thinking Alonso may change back to Arai, but perhaps Arai no longer has any deal with McLaren…

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