Newey’s F1 focus to be halved this year – Horner

2015 F1 season

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Adrian Newey’s time will be split ‘roughly fifty-fifty’ between Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 efforts and other, separate projects, according to team principal Christian Horner.

After announcing that the team’s famed chief technical officer would stepping back from full time involvement with the team last year, Horner has now clarified the changes in Newey’s role for 2015.

“During the latter part of last year, we put in place a senior technical team led by Rob Marshall and Adrian feeds into that team. He will be combining his work in Formula One with some work with Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

“He still has a passion for Formula 1 and will be splitting his time roughly fifty-fifty between the projects and he’ll be attending roughly half the races. He’s still very much involved and still feeds into that group, but it also gives some of the guys below to grow as well. So it’s a very healthy situation.”

With Red Bull heading into pre-season testing without the number one on their car for the first time since 2009, Horner says the team is not approaching this new season any differently to previous years.

“Every year you go into a season with nervous anticipation with goals that you set yourself, so in that respect it’s no different,” explains Horner. “Obviously, the benchmark is not us this year – it’s Mercedes-Benz. They did a super job last year and they go riding into this championship as the firm favourite.

“I think our whole team is extremely motivated to try and close that gap down and see if we can actually race them on track this year. I think from where we started to where we finished last year was an extremely impressive job by the team and I think that if we can keep on that curve, together with Renault, then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to take the challenge to Mercedes at some of the races.”

2015 F1 season

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14 comments on “Newey’s F1 focus to be halved this year – Horner”

  1. Red Bull did better that Jaguar from the first year because they help people grow. Allowing Adrian Newey to do other projects is motivating him. lifting other people to take over some of his tasks. brilliant. Allowing STR drivers to become Red Bull drivers also fantastic.

  2. Good move for both the team and Newey I think. Newey understandingly seems to seek a new challange. He did his part in building the team front the ground up, succeeded by winning 4 constructer championships, and got the credit he deserved. He has not much more to gain by continuing, besides the pleasure of working in F1 on a daily basis. Stepping aside is the right way forward, and gives other people the possibility to grow and get some recognition.

  3. “He will be combining his work in Formula One with some work with Red Bull Advanced Technologies”

    Is Red Bull thinking about a road super car?

    1. Maybe he’s working on a more aerodynamic Red Bull can.

    2. He’s doing a new Mini with a giant Red Bull can on the back.

  4. I think Red Bull went into the pre-season testing with number one for the first time only in 2011.
    In 2009 it was McLaren and in 2010 it was again McLaren because Button switched from Brawn/Mercedes.

    So this is the first time since 2011.

    1. Glad you spotted my little test to make sure people were reading the article before commenting… ;)

  5. I don’t happen to think that the loss of Newey will affect the would be performance of RB if they would of kept him involved deeply in F1, His amazing skills and talents are becoming increasingly less important and restrictions on areas to explore of which he has done so brilliantly previously are becoming even smaller still. So how much impact Adrian Newey would have on a 2016 car and beyond, is in my view at least, not as important as it once may have been, which in turn diminishes the performance loss. Unlike in previous years which the loss of Newey would have meant a certain drop down the pecking order.

    1. @woodyd91 You do understand that whilst Adrian Newey was the chief overseer of the last few cars, it was Rob Marshal who actually designed it and Peter Prodromou and his replacement who actually did the aero work..?

      It’s not like the Williams situation where Adrian Newey was *the* aero guy and Patrick Head was the nuts & bolts guy.

      1. Yes I do thanks. I never said he was the silver bullet, Of course he had a team around him. I’m not so sure about who actually “”designed” the car, As i don’t think any one person actually did, We know that what Adrian Newey said himself “The RB11 will be that last F1 car I design”.

  6. I understand that Newey and Ainslie are designing a UK-Red Bull Americas Cup Catamaran. (sailboat)

    1. This is true- didn’t think it was a red bull thing but it may have got sponsored recently as it has been a while since i have read up on it.
      Newey has taken a new task and has probably taken a less competitive route. Last year was hard for him I bet. Good luck to the sailing team.

      1. And he does not have to rely on a Renault engine…
        I think the sailboat is going to be spectacular since he is a true genius.

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