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An unwell Lewis Hamilton has stood down from today’s test at the Circuit de Catalunya, leading Mercedes to call up test driver Pascal Wehrlein.

“Lewis Hamilton is unwell and not able to continue driving today,” Mercedes confirmed on Twitter.

Wehrlein was already testing for Force India and had completed ten laps in the team’s 2014 car before being called in shortly before the first two hours were over.

The 20-year-old will spend the rest of the day at the wheel of Mercedes’ new W06. The team said he will resume their run plan in the afternoon once the car has been adjusted for him.

Wehrlein is due to return to the wheel of the Force India on Saturday, when Hamilton will also return to the Mercedes providing he is well enough.

Sergio Perez will take over from Wehrlein at the wheel of the Force India for the rest of the day.

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46 comments on “Unwell Hamilton replaced by Wehrlein at test”

  1. Wonder if Merc will still pay Force India…

    1. I thought it was in lieu of the engine payment that Force India is overdue to pay.

  2. Any news on what’s happened to him? Hopefully he will be alright and back in the car on Saturday.

    1. According to updates from the team he has been suffering from a high fever and didn’t feel comfortable driving the car while he was in that condition.

      1. In actually surprised that we don’t see drivers struggling to compete in due to illness in F1 more often to be fair. I have gotten used to the odd football player being absent from the odd match due to illness but rarely F1 drivers. Kudos on the fact that if/when they’re ill they rarely miss competitive sessions or use it as an excuse for a sub par performance. I can recall injury to Webber in 2010, possibly having influence, Lauda ’76 obviously, schumi ’99. I wonder how many other races and championships have been affected by illness/injury?

        1. Webber in 08 at Fuji also had food poisoning mid race and even threw up in his helmet in the braking zone for T1 in the pouring rain.

          He got on the radio saying he was going to retire…but realizing he was in 3rd, with a chance at his first win he decided to stick it out…until some kid crashed into him under the safety car…

          1. Damn rookies ;-)

          2. Wasn’t that 2007?

  3. Mashiat Lam Gofran
    19th February 2015, 10:21

    Wow, he must really be a great driver if he’s so in demand. I mean, the most dominant team wants him to replace a double world champion.

    1. Check his record, he was comparable to Marciello in F3. The guy is Germany’s top prospect, along with Kirchhoefer. There’s no one else coming up after that, so there’s also space for Schumi Jr in a few years time, once Vettel is nearing retirement age..

    2. Although its more likely they don’t want to put Nico in the car today because he is driving tomorrow or they just want to keep seat time even between both drivers, which is probably more likely. He is good though, they wouldn’t have chosen and pay rolled him otherwise.

      1. The last time Mercedes pay rolled a driver like this was Schumacher to Jordan. Wehrlein seems quick and marketable. Plus the age difference between him and the current Mercedes work drivers is large enough for him to race in the future. I’m sure Mercedes wouldn’t mind a German champion from a German team.

        1. I agree, Although I think Mercedes would prefer the champion who is going to bring in the most positive PR for Mercedes if they were to prefer any driver. Don’t really think nationality comes into it, Otherwise they would have a Chinese/American driver in the car, With those being key markets, one being the biggest and the other where they want to expand greatly.

          1. The only issue is the pool of talent in the two listed markets. A German driver is probably going to be the best option if we look from Europe. But should the Chinese or Americans up their game I see no reason for Mercedes to neglect those drivers, but I am sure they would like to maintain one German driver.

    3. I think they are just wary of overburdening Rosberg, and if Wehrlein is contractually able to drive for them, he’s an obvious choice. When they’re looking to run 1+ laps each day, or even running two full GP distances, it must take its toll on the drivers, even if the cars are a bit easier to drive these days. it’s still hour after gruelling hour with over 4g of punishment on your neck and shoulders. With one of their double aces out with manflu, the last thing they’d want is for Rosberg to get hurt and have to compromise the running even further.

      Plus, hey, it’s a good opportunity to put an up and coming driver into their car and see what sort of a job he can do. He was certainly doing a solid job for Force India this morning.

      1. Oh, it sounds like maybe Rosberg has already hurt himself and that’s why he can’t drive either. Eesh if that’s true that’s a bit of a setback for Mercedes.

        (incidentally should have read 100+ laps, not 1+ laps. I’m sure they’re aiming to do more than 2 laps..)

        1. The car seems reliable enough now…

          … but the drivers seem to have scope for improvement.

    4. he drove because he is mercs third driver! not because he is special!

      1. not that he isnt talented (i dont know him), but if he is the third driver and the official drivers cant drive, it is logical to put the third in the car, isnt it?

        1. It is logical of course. But up until now we didn’t expect him to be running in a Mercedes at an official pre-season test. At the time I commented most were unaware of Rosbergs condition and assumed that Mercedes picked Wehrlein over Rosberg for a reason.

  4. OMG! Rosberg poisoned his cornflakes! Conspiracy! Conspiracy!111111

    1. P.S. Get well soon, Lewis!

    2. I’m waiting for the conspiracy theories about how come both Nico and Lewis became unfit to drive at the same time.

      ‘fever’ and ‘trapped nerve’ indeed!

  5. Don’t worry Lewis, nothing a broad spectrum anti-biotic won’t fix. All single guys have been there at some point.

  6. i can just imagine the next tweet from lewis will end with #sickasadog #idontremembereatingthat

  7. How inconvenient… Likely, he will have to take a couple of days away from the circuit instead of negotiating his 2016 contract, which he seems to insist on delaying.

    1. I don’t see the rush in getting a new contract signed myself, still a whole year to go on his current one yet. Although the thought he has 1 year left out of his 3 year Mercedes contract shows how quickly time moves.

    2. I didn’t realise that you were privy to the contract discussions. What colour socks was Lewis wearing?

      1. Blue. Next question?

        1. Mashiat Lam Gofran
          19th February 2015, 14:39

          Was Alonso peeking through the door?

          1. No, he had covered that option by tapping Lewis’ phone.

      2. :D
        Great response to @mattb there Jules!

    3. You never negotiated anything in your life have you @mattb? Lewis IS negotiating his contract. when you have a certain amount of leverage, delaying to agree to a contract is actually a well known negotiating tactic to get more out of it.

      1. Thanks for your comment, @PMccarthy_is_a_legend My comment was meant as a light hearted quip, demonstrating that he was using delay as a tactic. For your benefit, I shall not use wit, irony, sarcasm or any other kind of humour in the future.

        Oh, and yes, I negotiate at a high level as a job. Thanks for asking.

        1. Your

          wit, irony, sarcasm or any other kind of humour

          clearly needs some work @mattb

          1. Thanks for the advice, @Supremacy. How would I have coped without?

        2. You seem to have a different definition of “light- hearted quip” from the rest of the English speaking world and wit certainly doesn’t seem to come naturally to you. That’s ok though. Keep working on it no harm done…

          1. Oh how I laughed heartily at your comment! Seriously, chill out, man, there’s so many more important things than mud slinging on forums! Peace.

  8. Lucky for Wehrlein! Would really like to here his opinion of the differences between 2014 Force India / 2015 Mercedes.

  9. It’s nice to see a new guy take the car out for a Wehrl.

    1. I’m sorry, but that pun is owehr(the)lein

      1. good one!!!

  10. I heard Rosberg is sick too.

    What’s the point of having a reliable car if your drivers are unreliable :P

    1. I guess they’re returning the favor. When they were reliable whole last year, the car kept broken.

    2. maybe they ate breakfast at the same place?

  11. Come on, Toto, that was your opportunity to get Suzie in the car!

    More seriously, if anyone thinks a team with a Merc engine is going to beat the works team, the peremptory poaching of Wherlein should make them think again.

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