Force India VJM08 breaks cover at Barcelona

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Force India’s new car for the 2015 season has appeared for the first time on the second day of the final test.

Nico Hulkenberg put the first laps on the VJM08 at the at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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18 comments on “Force India VJM08 breaks cover at Barcelona”

  1. Cars actually do look better than last year although I’m no fan of the Ferrari style nose.

    1. I love Ferrari nose

  2. So…FI to overtake # of winter laps by McLaren by the end of the day?!

    1. Amazingly, no xD

  3. My dad is at the circuit and Mclaren seem to be running reliably today. Of course their engine is still not set to full power but given their recent record they will be happy if they spend any time they can on track rather than in the garage.
    The new Force India looks nice! Much prettier nose

    1. McLaren will want your dad to be there every day!
      Half of them have the same nose now (including Toro Rosso) but Force India have painted it well to hide the awkward shape – like Sauber and not like the Williams.
      Big thumbs-up for putting the number 27 where we can see it.

      1. Totally agreed, that paint job really suits the nose design (and the sidepods too, they look really streamlined). Ferrari’s plain red noses really expose them when they have awkward-looking designs.

  4. Mean looking car!! Never liked FI stilling but this is great.. Neat back end too looks like.

  5. Cars look so much better last year. We love to bash the FiA (myself included) but let’s give them credit for sorting the appendage problem out for the following season.

    1. Sorry. Cars look so much better than last year!!! Argghhh.

      1. @john-h Maybe I’m just a grizzly old misery guts, but I’m not giving them credit for a problem which they were responsible for in the first place.

        1. @keithcollantine I must have been in an uncharacteristicly good mood earlier today!

          Well, we bashed them enough when they caused the problem, so maybe they deserve a tiny bit of credit for reversing it… but not that much… :)

        2. @KeithCollantine @john-h Well, this is one of my favourite scenes from the Penguins of Madagascar… that’s F1, baby! :)

          (After Rico is told of the big prize he will get if he doesn’t misbehave)
          Private: What? Because Rico is bad, he gets a reward for just not being bad?
          Skipper: (pats Private in the back) That’s America, baby!

  6. I thought last years cars looked fine already, but indeed they are a bit more refined this year. Not a fan of the FI livery though, but the Williams livery looks gorgeous.

    I really like the clean look they have gotten in recent years. Looks much more similar to the cars of the nineties and early 2000’s. It’s been a huge improvement over the monstrosities we had in 2007 and 2008. Those were almost as bad as the new Indy Cars. That 2015 Cevrolet aero package really takes ugly to the extreme.

    1. I liked the 2007 and 2008 cars!

  7. Great looking car!

  8. FI livery is much similar and seems copied from McLaren’s. It should be banned, as it will confuse fans at track side and front shots on TV broadcasts. Same Black, Grey and White colors & almost same orange triming lines. Lack of originality.

    1. Force india released their livery first so Maclaren copied fi

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