Nasr rues practice absence after Q3 near-miss

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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Felipe Nasr said he would have benefited from more time to learn the Albert Park track had he not been forced to miss first practice yesterday.

Neither Sauber drove during the opening 90 minutes of running in Melbourne due to a legal action brought against the team by former driver Giedo van der Garde.

Nasr did his first laps of the track during second practice. He beat team mate Marcus Ericsson in qualifying and came within a tenth of a second of reaching the top ten shoot-out.

“As a team we can be happy that we nearly made it into Q3,” said Nasr.

“Missing FP1 on Friday affected the performance of the car to a certain extent, and I also had less time getting to know the new track in Melbourne. All in all I am satisfied with the result and I am looking forward to the race.”

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11 comments on “Nasr rues practice absence after Q3 near-miss”

  1. Genuinely happy for Sauber. One of the cars beat the FI and one of RB/STR.

    They need to make use of the advantage early in the season to get some points. Hope he makes it to the points tomorrow. A welcome relief for Sauber after the troubles of last year and the beginning of this season.

    Come on Nasr!!!

  2. Good Show – certainly was not expected but seems like it will be good midfield battles this season.

    Off Topic – I’ve read somewhere Ferrari is using a conservative engine for Melbourne so they have something up there sleeves – Can’t wait to see that?

  3. I think gp2 is irelevant last yr, was embarassing when jolyon was asked about nasr being in f1, i think Nasr better surely?

    1. GP2 2013 is more relevant when we talk about Nasr x Palmer

  4. Ericson is so bad.

    1. Van Der Garde disturbed him a lot, borrowed his overall, test fitted his car for a seat and prevented both drivers from running FP1.

  5. Lets hope the Van Der Garde situation doesn’t put Nasr out of a seat, or it could really mean the end of points scoring this season…

  6. It’s nice to see that Nasr who still young, already have high confidence, which will be an important asset when he battle at the top.

  7. Nasr looked very handy in qualifying, I’ve no doubt he can score a few points this year.

  8. He was the star of qualifying. Crushing Ericsson rightly so, and less than a tenth away from Q3 in the Sauber, brilliant performance.

  9. Sauber definitely look better than last year, they may even score some points!

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