No drive for van der Garde but Sauber talks continue

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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Giedo van der Garde will not drive in this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix having reached an agreement with Sauber.

A statement issued by the team ahead of final practice said they have “been able to agree with Mr Giedo Van der Garde that he refrains from driving in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix so it can keep its original planning”.

“The Sauber F1 Team, Mr Van der Garde and his management will continue to have constructive talks in order to find a mutually acceptable solution.

“The Sauber F1 Team is here to race in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix and that is what the team is now focusing on. In the course of next week we will be able to give more information.”

Van der Garde issued a statement saying: “With respect to the interest of motorsport, and F1 in particular, I have decided to give up my legal rights to race this weekend at the Melbourne Grand Prix”.

“As I am a passionate race driver this decision has been very difficult for me. However I also wish to respect the interest of the FIA, Sauber Motorsport, as well as (Felipe) Nasr and (Marcus) Ericsson.

“My management will continue talks with Sauber early next week to find a mutually acceptable solution for the current situation that has now arisen. I am confident such solution will be found and I will inform the media once done.”

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “No drive for van der Garde but Sauber talks continue”

    1. Great to see they are talking. Huge shame Sauber had to be forced to do it at gunpoint though. Really not what they, or the sport needed

    2. VDG taking the high ground in a big way. Could have shut them down if he chose to.

      1. I hope he gets treated justly as a result.

    3. I think VDG has made a big mistake by not forcing the issue in OZ.
      I doubt he will receive the same level of jurisprudence in Malaysia if Sauber does an about face on whatever agreement they’ve come to…

      1. Sauber didn’t contact the contract board in time (Sauber/Katenborn just ignored it) so he didn’t get a super license and would never drive this weekend. He could still stop Sauber and Kaltenborn but there was nothing but revenge to win in doing so.
        Next race is therefor still open for him.

    4. Odds are van der Garde has realised he is killing his career with this lawsuit and he is now trying to make something work where both sides can keep their face.

      1. His career is dead without a drive in 2015 thanks to the new superlicence rules, so it’s make or break when you consider he will be one of the rich superlicence holders next year….

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