Bottas to miss Australian Grand Prix

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas, Williams, Albert Park, 2015Valtteri Bottas will not contest the opening race of the 2015 season due to a back injury, Williams has confirmed.

The Williams driver was taken to hospital yesterday when he was found to have suffered soft tissue damage to his lower back during qualifying yesterday. Following further inspection the FIA’s Medical Delegate has ruled he cannot start the race.

“Scans revealed that Valtteri had suffered has a very small tear in the annular part of a disc in his lower back,” said the team in a statement.

“Valtteri has since been evaluated by the FIA’s medical team and following a series of tests the FIA Medical Delegate has deemed Valtteri unfit to take part in this afternoon’s race.

“The team respect the FIA’s decision and will now work with Valtteri ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix to ensure he receives the treatment required to get him back to full fitness.”

The news means only 17 out of 20 cars will participate in the first race of the season as both Manor cars failed to qualify.

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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  • 13 comments on “Bottas to miss Australian Grand Prix”

    1. So are they not allowed to substitute another driver or are they just choosing not too?

      1. Not allowed.

        Gutted for Bottas. Hope he gets fit for Malaysia.

        1. Well that’s too bad would have been interesting to see Susie out there.

          Hope Botta heals up quick.

          1. I am surprised that sussie didn’t take over the car instead

    2. Why not give Susie Wolff a try?

      1. @andone89
        Because Bottas already participated in qualifying, so that’s not allowed (to substitute a driver between Q and R).

        Similarly, there was only one Ferrari driver at Hungary 2009.

        1. Thanks for explaining that but I think that common sense should allow that, take that FIA! :D

          1. No, that should not be allowed, since the replacement would not have qualified for the race then

          2. @andone89

            To take part in the race the driver must have qualified, Its always been the rule.

            Additionally throwing a driver in for the start of the race round a track they have never driven, In a car not setup for them with them having had no preparation time at all is not exactly safe.
            It also just sets that driver up to fail as jumping into a car having had no running in it that weekend with no setup time & running another drivers setup pretty much guarantee’s there going to struggle.

        2. I think Susie can replace bottas as she is the reserve driver, as long as she starts from the back of the grid.

    3. The season hasn’t started yet and two racers are already injured.
      Get well soon, Valteri and I’m crossing my fingers hoping no one will get hurt…

    4. I want to see Sky come up with a conspiracy theory now.

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