2015 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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43 comments on “2015 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Yep fast is not good

  2. Finger boy is back!
    Wow, Seb! What a racer!
    Mercedes grace since last year has been their amazing pace. We have seen glimpses of how bad the team’s strategist(s) is/are, a perfect example being Hungary last year, where the team could have made history.
    The championship this year might be won by the team with the best race strategists.
    Ferrari is indeed in a good place right now. Good PR recently by the company. Shows what a positive spirit can do in a company.
    Good job Vettel, Arrivabene and Ferrari.
    Wise up, Mercedes.

  3. Sebastian Vettel has 40 points but Ferrari only have 37 @keithcollantine ?

    1. @keithcollantine forgot that Vettel finished 3rd in OZ. ;p Too many late night, eh Keith?

    2. yeah the points are wrong as @mouse_nightshirt has pointed out @keithcollantine

    3. Ferrari team total should be 52

    4. Speakig of which, the graphs of the FOM were also wrong on several occasions expecially the team colours.

      1. So I wasn’t the only one to notice))) I even made a couple of screenshots

  4. That Renault engine is so useless it can’t even beat itself!

    1. OK, that was properly funny.

    2. +1. LOL.

    3. Will be very embarrassing when McLaren passes them on straight pace. It will happen sooner than they think, once McL stop breaking down.

  5. Shame something always happens with Kimi’s when he’s got a race winning car, I truly believe Kimi is faster than Seb. Lewis was very tolerant in the podium, it’s early season and there’s still some tolerance from the dominant side, for how long this lasts is up to results as ever people crack under pressure not when they win nevertheless. Alonso are you aching? You better get than checked out then.

    1. @peatree Well the season’s long, we will see who’s best ;)

    2. Kimi is a great talent, but Vettel gives away nothing to anyone in terms of pace, is younger and works harder on every aspect (detail, technical aspects of driving, engineering briefings, understanding tires, etc). Kimi will really have to be on form to beat Vettel at any track this year. Hopefully the challenge will motivate him to put in the effort.

      1. Not to take anything away from Vettel, as he was brilliant today, but I have to disagree with you on that statement there. It’s easier to just do your best and without any mistakes when you have things go your way, and so far it’s been 2 spotless weekends for him, and 2 miserable ones for Kimi. Just on the morale side it must be awful to just keep missing on good opportunities because of little things here and there.
        I know it’s been said a lot lately, but I just want to see a few trouble free weekends for both of them to really spot a difference in class.

      1. Totally agree with you mate…Kimi was faster the whole weekend..and if both of the ferraris have had a trouble-free weekend i still believe a ferrari car would have crossed the line first..but that would have been Sebastian’s for sure…but great driving by seb..i’m sure its gonna be fun seeing both of them fight the whole year..coz i still believe..Iceman will be faster than vettel in the coming races.

        1. i mean wouldn’t have been seabastian’s

    3. Shame something always happens with Kimi’s when he’s got a race winning car, I truly believe Kimi is faster than Seb.

      You could be right. Ferrari’s best time over the GP Weekend was set by Kimi, in FP2, if I remember well.

      1. @corrado-dub No. Ferrari’s best time was set by Vettel in Q1, on hards, when he was 0.6s faster than Kimi. Vettel was faster all weekend, he just didn’t finish his laps on medium in FP2, had troubles with his car in FP1. Kimi’s beating Seb in FPs was misleading. The real gap between them was shown in Q1.

        1. Kimi was actually faster on Race simulation.

          1. @rahim-rg He was on mediums and Vettel was on hards.

    4. If he’s faster than Seb why not show it in qualifying? F1 is about the weekend, not just race pace.

  6. Wow, Vettel 2nd place.

    1. And only 3 points back, as Lewis was surprised to learn. I think today’s result was a wake-up call for EVERYONE at Mercedes, as clearly even Lewis has gotten mentally complacent about their car advantage.

      1. It’s been two races. I think we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

        There’s every chance it was the high temperatures that brought the Ferrari’s into play.

        1. @mike Absolutely agree. But I am referring to the observation that IMO Mercedes have “gotten used” to the idea of daily gapping the field comfortably with only an intrateam fight for the top step, and they are clearly startled by the results today. Toto said as much in his interview, and the shock that Lewis displayed in his own interview when informed that Seb was only 3 points back was priceless: “Only 3 points??? Really??”

          1. Ohhh, ha, sorry.

  7. 4 way fight between 2 teams. 2007-esque.

  8. Vettel your the best & you proved it.

    1. Not really … Was a great drive but last season proved he’s far from the best out there

      1. @puneethvb – I’d say last year was a one-off, rather than proving anything. Since he had 7 great seasons before that. Therefore I go with a diplomatic, boring answer: the top drivers (Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Raikkonen, Rosberg & Ricciardo) are closely matched overall.

        1. @david-a I’d count Ricciardo and Rosberg out. They both have plenty to prove despite being above average drivers. For me, they are not top dogs of F1. Not names I’ll remember in 40 years, that is of course, for now.

        2. In fact, to better express myself, I’ll just say it’s unfair to write him or anyone off from being one of the best because he had one bad year.

        3. Agree.. It was more of a tounge in cheek comment …I would exclude rosberg from the list though

      2. @puneethvb Yeah. Last year also proved Alonso is far from the best and 2009 sure did prove Hamilton is. In fact entire 2010-2012 proved Schumacher is the most average of all. Fangio not winning in 1952 or 1953 really shows how little skill he had…

        1. @xtwl

          I was reffering to his performance against his team mate not his winless season… Anyway it was just a tongue in cheek comment …

  9. But after two races they already double P2 in the constructors.

  10. Toro Rosso leads Red Bull in points, I think that hasn’t happend since 2008

  11. The top 3 is an accurate picture of the 3 best teams at the moment.

    The order by the end of the year will probably be Mercedes-Ferrari-Williams-Red Bull.

    Battle for fifth will be interesting.

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