2015 Malaysian Grand Prix in pictures

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The 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix in pictures.

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2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “2015 Malaysian Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. thank god you put a picture of vettel in his ferrari! of the winner! thank you

    1. are you ironic right .. i am thinking the same

      1. how can i not be??

      2. Both of you shush it.

      3. Michael Brown
        29th March 2015, 17:25

        Alright settle down

  2. why didn’t you put a picture of Vettel ? are you against him ?
    Unbelievable he won this amazing race and you don’t have him in the car or when he’s winning ..

    1. british site!

  3. Those pictures of the Red Bulls are really seriously cool!

    1. Link

      I’m bad at those things …

  4. I’m with the guys above! Serious lack of Vettel pics, particularly celebrations in parc ferme!

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