2015 Malaysian Grand Prix result

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Sepang International Circuit, 2015

15Sebastian VettelFerrari561hr 41m 05.793s
244Lewis HamiltonMercedes568.5698.569
36Nico RosbergMercedes5612.3103.741
47Kimi RaikkonenFerrari5653.82241.512
577Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes5670.40916.587
619Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes5673.5863.177
733Max VerstappenToro Rosso-Renault5697.76224.176
855Carlos Sainz JnrToro Rosso-Renault551 lap1 lap
926Daniil KvyatRed Bull-Renault551 lap1.027
103Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault551 lap7.928
118Romain GrosjeanLotus-Mercedes551 lap17.681
1212Felipe NasrSauber-Ferrari551 lap2.507
1311Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes551 lap17.192
1427Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes551 lap0.455
1598Roberto MerhiManor-Ferrari533 laps2 laps
Not classified
13Pastor MaldonadoLotus-Mercedes479 laps6 lapsBrakes
22Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Honda4115 laps6 lapsTurbo
14Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Honda2135 laps20 lapsERS
9Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari353 laps18 lapsAccident
28Will StevensManor-Ferrari056 laps3 lapsDid not start

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97 comments on “2015 Malaysian Grand Prix result”

  1. I don’t believe this !

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      29th March 2015, 10:08

      @tifoso1989 YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tifoso incredible race!!!! We can finally have some hope after all!!!
      Forza Ferrari!!!
      … and are you going to keep complaining about the finger now? ;P

      1. @omarr-pepper
        Hi bro !!!!! That finger is very cool for me !!! YEAAAHHHH, incredible race Vettel crying, Allison almost crying in the SKY Italia interview, all of that made me crying !!!!
        Finally this non ending victory drought has been stopped ! Forza Ferrari !!!

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          29th March 2015, 10:20

          @tifoso1989 check this new avatar pic YEAHH!!!!!!!!

          1. @omarr-pepper
            I just hope we can see more fingers this year from Vettel and more facepalm from Hamilton/Rosberg

      2. Nah, the finger wasn’t half so annoying as Vettle’s Italian.

    2. Michael Brown
      29th March 2015, 10:17

      You know, for once we heard a radio response after a win. Every time Hamilton won we never heard what he said. Instead it’s always “Great job Lewis.”


    1. @kingshark
      Rosberg and Hamilton finally got what they wanted, a competitive Ferrari !!!

      1. Lewis can handle it, not sure Nico can.

      2. What they said they wanted :)

    2. @kingshark , @tifoso1989 – Superb performances by Vettel & Raikkonen.

      1. @david-a
        I missed the first 12 laps. What happened to Kimi? The commentators said that he fell to the back of the grid.

        1. @kingshark He got a puncture after tangling with one of the Saubers.

        2. @kingshark

          He got hit by Nasr at the hairpin to the last corner and his left rear punctured, so he had to do a complete lap on 3 tyres only. Still a great recovery. I think if hr had a better grid position to start with, he could have challenged Rosberg as well for the podium.

  3. Hey Keith suggestion for headline: This is a pip :D

  4. Unbelieveable, Vettel proving his worth as a 4 time WC again.

    1. Just imagine what Ricciardo could do in that car. Destroyed Vettel last year in every sense of the word!

    2. No, he didn’t. He did nothing special yet. He must be thankfull to Allison.

      1. Sigh

      2. Oh, now it’s Allison instead of Newey? So any time that Vettel wins, it’s actually because of whoever designed his car?

        1. Maybe not but certainly the “development driver” myth is exactly that- a myth. I say the same when it comes to Lewis, Fernando or any of the top drivers. But certainly Merc tied themselves in a knot and where perhaps too overconfident. Vettel drove brilliantly but certainly I think he has some way to go before restoring his rep after the drubbing he got from RIC last year.

          1. And where was RIC?

          2. Well Ricciardo is defeated by Kvyat now, as I think Red Bull seemed preferred new drivers rather than senior drivers.

          3. @ Ull- where was Vettel last season alongside RIC?

          4. @Davej – I said it somewhere else in the comments- It’s unfair to write someone like Vettel off because of 1 bad year.

          5. @ Dave-A- I was not writing off Vettel by any measure. Was just trying to get my point across that given the same equipment the only evidence we have of Dan vs Seb was last year and Seb got a pretty descent going over. If Dan was in that Ferrari I have no doubts he would be showing Seb the way again this year.

          6. @davej – Perhaps it was the only proof, but I can’t agree that Ricciardo would still be faster than Vettel at Ferrari. Ricciardo needs to kick on from his form last season and get on top of Kyvat first. Vettel has a track record that points to last season being an uncharacteristic dip in form.

        2. to @ironcito – Vettel did not do anything special, like everyone thinks. Even Kimi was able to drag a car into the top four. How did that happen? Allison created a car that is able to conserve tyres better than any other car do.
          I do not like the idea that “Vettel develops car better than Alonso”, and after this race people will believe in that even more, which is wrong, to my mind. The reason for that: Vettel came into the team only several months ago, while Allison have been building this car for year and a half (approximately).
          This win was expected. You almost cannot win without the best car, and today Ferrari was the best car. So Vettel did nothing special to me, he had to win because he had the best “wheels”. He didn’t make any mistake, which is good, but let’s wait and see how he performs overall this year.

          1. Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?

            let’s wait and see

            It’s obvious you’re not one to “wait and see”, your mind was made up long ago and you’re going to fit any new facts which come along into your preexisting view.

      3. @kroonracing @ironcito I think @slava is being sarcastic. haha!

        1. Hopefully :)

        2. I don’t think he is, watching his previous comments on forums, he’s like that.

        3. Carlos Furtado das Neves
          29th March 2015, 21:11

          Vettel only won because Ferrari changed the spark plugs the night before the race…
          With that car today even Karthikeyan could defeat the “powerfull unbeatable Mercedes and their two phenomenal best drivers in the World”…
          This is sarcasm… !!!
          Love to see the long faces at Mercedes…
          and also the comments on Sky Sports F1… sorry guts your “loving” HAM didn’t win today.

      4. Yeah right, it’s the blown diffuser…

    3. So how come he didn’t win a race last year when his team mate in the same car win three times. Kimi will beat Seb by end of season

      1. You really got to take a look at those three wins. RIC has beaten Vettel last year but these three wins are nothing compared to the display of today.

        1. Vettel drove brilliantly today but saying ricciardo’s wins last season were nothing is quite a statement… If anything ricciardos win in Hungary ranks among the very best in the last 4 or 5 seasons …

  5. Ferrari is going to be demoted. Seb left the steering wheel on top of the car. Did he weight properly I know Lewis didn’t went straight into the scale, but where were the gloves.

    1. Clutching at straws a bit here?

      1. @mouse_nightshirt Not really. I never seen this careless behaviour, on the podium, there are strict rules, not that I’m wanting to ruin this 9/10 race.

        1. The steering wheel has been left with the car though. I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

    2. The picture of him holding the steering wheel was fantastic though.

    3. i think he balanced it up by putting the ferrari flag inside the cockpit after he parked the car

  6. I’d never thought I’d be happy to see the finger. Tears as the german + italian anthems played, memories of Michael Schumacher.

    1. +1 I too was embracing Seb at the podium while remembering Schumi. :)

      Get well soon Michael :)

  7. Poor strategy call from Mercedes cost them the win today. Pitting under the safety car was the wrong decision.

  8. I’m not a Ferrari fan. I’m not a Vettel fan. But I believe that was a good result for F1.

    You ask almost anybody, even people who don’t like F1, to name a team, and chances are they’ll say Ferrari.

    A competitive Ferrari is good for F1. It’s good marketing. I just hope it continues so we get some decent competition at the front.

  9. Superb race, superb Seb, and superb Ferrari! Simply superb! F1 maybe have a future :)

  10. Poor Alonso…

  11. Where are all those who kept insisting through 2010-2013 that Vettel could only win & was only any good in cars made by Adrian Newey that had a massive advantage over the rest?

    I think his performances at Ferrari thus far have well & truly silenced those who used to try & make that silly argument.

  12. Can’t wait to see Kimi having one problem-free race fighting for wins with that amazing Ferrari. This season is going to be mega!

    1. Kimi’s only problem has been qualifying and first lap in the first 2 races, his race pace is absolutely mesmerizing, don’t forget Ferrari has more tokens than Mercedes and Allison who nearly cried after today’s victory has a continuous development plan for the SF-15, can’t wait for kimi/Vettel vs Lewis

      1. @tifoso1989 The first thing they have to do now is baptize it with another name. A name that sticks, like so simple as can be F15, as in the jet fighter.

    2. Indeed it’s a shame to see him making such progress, in each race, only to make up for some stupid situation: messed up wheel screw, blocked at qualification, punctured at turn… Bad luck can’t always haunt him all the time. Can’t wait to see Kimi get a chance to play the game straight and really shine!

  13. Ferrari is the first team to beat an problem-free Mercedes, who would have thought of this at the end of last year?

    Raikkonen with a puncture at the start and endured 1 lap with snail speed managed to get back into 4th place, it really shows how fast the Ferrari is, had he not had that problem, I think we would have a very good Kimi – Nico fight at the end!

    1. To my mind, it has all happend because of the extreme tyre degradation. We all remember how good Lotus was at managing the tyres. And that was made by Allison. So I do not think Ferrari is able to fight on a sheer pace. Let’s wait for another 2 weeks and see.

      1. Mercedes giving up track position after just 4 laps surely didn’t help. Over-confident they could make up any gap until almost the end of the race, when it should have been clearer their margin over Ferrari was much tighter. Poor strategy all round.

      2. 2 stop race is extreme tyre degradation now? We had 4 stop races less than 2 years ago.

        1. “Extreme” in comparison to Ferrari:-0

    2. Not exactly problem free. Mercedes were overconfident that they will beat vettel at the end and came up with crap strategies like pitting at the front when sc came out

  14. The FINGER is back!
    Il Miracolo di San Maranello!
    Can this be a birth of a new Mith?

  15. Verstappen had brilliant qualifying and race. Youngest points scorer ever in F1, plus he beat Sainz who is a promising driver as well. Let’s hope they don’t join Red Bull in few years time.

    1. It looks as though they were right about Verstappen. His pass on Sainz was brilliant. If that’s the kind of thing he can do, we’re in for a treat.

  16. What a race! Brilliant job from Ferrari and Vettel. I don’t think Mercedes dominance would hurt though.

    1. I’m a Ferrari fan and Alonso fan. What a happy and sad day.

      1. @eggry
        It’s really sad for a talent like Fernando to waist his talent in noncompetitive cars, but as far as i remember this McLaren is really a disaster, i don’t think Fernando faced this situation even in his Minardi days.
        His management are really a disaster for him from a sporting point of view, they were aware of the stratospheric investments and resources that Sergio Marchionne allocated to the team :
        – A new HQ with cutting edge technologies, only the MTC is on par with it
        – A new simulator from AVL for engine testing
        – Many key people from the road car division were asked to work on the PU : Jean Jacques His.
        – The main failure architectures like Fry ,Marmorini, Tombazis …. were fired and Allison is in charge of the new car.
        No one would have expected that Ferrari will catch Mercedes very quickly but compared to Mclaren who were nowhere in 2013/2014 despite having a Mercedes PU, Ferrari seemed to be the logic option for Fernando
        Another thing is that after the summer break AutoSprint mentioned that the Honda is in real trouble with its PU which is thirsty on fuel and the electric part of it doesn’t work.
        It was obvious the Mclaren-Honda will not be on the level of Ferrari.

  17. Just when everyone thought F1 was going to be boring… boom! Wow.

  18. They stole it from under their noses by not pitting, it took Hamilton a lot of time to pass people while Vettel was flying.Shame about Kimi, could have made Nico’s day even harder

  19. Bravo Seb! Imperious drive! That’s why he is a 4x WDC and a rare commodity. Showing how a driver really makes a difference. It really took a great one to end Ferrari’s drought. Congrats to the team, their progress is unbelievable. They’re still behind Mercs of course, but the gap now can be closed by driver skills and clever tactics. Forza Ferrari!

    1. Oh dear. Here we go with the development driver myth. The Ferrari is a quick car period, to suggest that a driver can make such a drastic difference 3months into the team is fanciful thinking in my opinion. Remember Allison’s cars have always been kind on their tyres. Remember the Lotus in 2012 and 2013? Anyway, one area I will give Seb credit for though is his race management. He is very good at that and today he did show his class so bravo to him. Also happy for Kimi’s recovery after a difficult start to the season. It just goes to show how good that Ferrari is, albeit the SC helped Kimi out a bit.

      1. Helped him out in the sense that it balanced out the fact that he had to do a whole lap on 3 tyres, but he was still at the bottom of the grid when the SC came in.

      2. SC helped Kimi so that he wasn’t a full lap behind, but ‘only’ 18th when restart happened. Yeah, would’ve rather had this race without that tyre puncture, then the odds would’ve been little better.

      3. Oh dear. Here we go with the development driver myth.

        At no point in his comment Manule was talking abouth the development driver myth.

        For me, “Showing how a driver really makes a difference.” means it’s always good to have a 4x WDC who’s gentle on the tires to lead a crazy race like this to a good end.

        1. This is why there is something called a difference in interpretation. I have no qualms admitting I mistook what he said but let’s not sugarcoat things, that Ferrari is a pretty descent car and much of the credit goes to the engineering team and Mr Allison.

      4. I have no idea where in my post did you see anything about development. That’s all in your head. Where Seb did make a huge difference, it’s behind the wheel. He perfectly poised himself for a fight yesterday with an excellent qualifying effort, and was class of the field today in the competitive to be sure, yet not the best car. Unlike certain other ex-Ferrari driver, who upon finishing on podium more than once said ‘To me this is like a win’, Seb has shown today what a real win is.

        1. And so the ululating continues……..

  20. Not a vettel fan and most certainly not a Ferrari fan but well done, fully deserved today. Think it may be a bit of an anomoly and we will be back to merc domination in cooler climes but from a big LH fan…. Well done seb and well done ferrari.

  21. Please, please, please let this mean these forums will begin to regain their former integrity. For so long now, I’ve been really in shock at the level of criticism and negativity surrounding F1’s “entertainment” and Mercedes’ domination. It’s as if peoples memories were reduced to one year. Any real F1 fan knows you don’t watch this sport on a yearly subscription, it’s a life long love affair. We love the cyclical, emotional, and unpredictable roller coaster F1 is. Sometimes one team (or even one driver) dominates. That’s not a bad thing. It’s the nature of the sport. After one race this year, everyone collectively seemed to lose their mind.

  22. Not a Vettel fan, but amazing win. Just what F1 needed.
    Lets hope it’s not a one-off and Ferrari really have something special.


    1. Let Ferrari loose and get a ‘team’ rather than 1 man entourage.

  24. I’m hoping that was a genuine battle and not Mercedes sandbagging after all this equalisation talk. Red bull are just rubbish that even the sister team beats them. Poor RIC and KYV. They deserve better

    1. Throwing a race win just to shut Christian Horner up? No chance whatsoever.

      Frankly I think it’s an insult to Mercedes’ hard-working engineers and drivers to even suggest it.

      1. Well, in some places people is saying that Mercedes was forced by Ecclestone to downgrade the PU and let Ferrari win.

        1. @oletros Do those places have padded walls?

          1. They live in their own reality, Ecclestone makes the champions and always punishes Alonso

      2. Some people are prepared to go that far rather than admit that this ‘finger boy’ they hate so much for being successful has clearly outdriven their precious driver.

        1. Carlos Furtado das Neves
          30th March 2015, 12:23

          Fantastic Manule.
          That’s absolutely right.
          Starting with Sky Sports F1 commentators…
          What a disgrace to see VETTEL beating their “Loving HAM”.
          I hope SEB wins this year the 5th WDC, but it’s a very hard task…

  25. Great day for Alonso. Must be very rewarding for him to see the team he worked hard for finally win! Not really, he must be so disappointed.

  26. Great result today, from Seb winning to Verstappen in the points, Kimi coming back to finish 4th.. Hopefully we can have more of these kind of races this season, with different people in contention for points.

  27. well that didn’t take long-

    Arrivabene indeed! in primo posto!

    – looks like the new fashion amongst the tifosi will be sweaters this season…

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