Stevens will not start Malaysian Grand Prix

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Will Stevens will not start the Malaysian Grand Prix as Manor have been unable to fix the problem which developed on his car yesterday.

Stevens was halted by a fuel system problem during final practice which kept him from participating in qualifying. He was granted permission to start the race, but with less than an hour to go to the start Manor have said he will not be on the grid.

“Sadly Will is unable to start today’s race as we have not been able to get on top of the fuel system problem from yesterday,” Manor announced on Twitter.

The team’s other drivers, mRoberto Merhi, will start from 19th place.

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    9 comments on “Stevens will not start Malaysian Grand Prix”

    1. Ecclestone will be wringing his hands; that’s another 1/38 he can deduct from their prize money.

    2. I hope all the others make it round to the grid…

    3. Is it just me or there’s too much hysterical pessimism in F1?Hypocrites cheer for the return of “poor” Manor but want refuelling and unlimited testing back or even worse expect 15 different winners and 500 overtakes (with no DRS) each season.F1 IS NOT karting!Since i actively started following F1 8 years a go only the second half of 2013,whole of 2011 and Russian Gp have been ugly;inbetween we’ve had titles won by single digit points and plenty of drama (Brazil 2008 and 2012,surprising podiums,Alonso’s painful seconds,Brawn Gp,Rosberg’s butt whoopings etc.) in addition to Williams’ resurgence, Force India challenging giants Mclaren, Mercedes’ excellence,Kimi back from rallying doing well with Lotus,Sauber’s rags to riches and back to rags and so much more!In the “good ol days” we had processional racing,slow cars getting lapped 3-4 times,appaling reliability,unnecessary testing and silly winglets all for lap times JUST 3% better than now.IMO F1 isn’t even too expensive,ENOUGH MONEY IS GENERATED for everyone (1 billion plus), it rather needs to be SHARED WISELY for things to work.Personally i would further reduce wind tunnel hours,allow 3 pre-season and 3 in-season tests and 20 race calendar;nothing more,nothing less!Also everyone STOP saying LMP1 cars are faster than light!They aren’t!F1 cars are 5to10 seconds PER LAP faster,the technology is AMAZING but no one notices!

      PS: GRADUAL 6 years engine freeze is a great idea!Avoids future plateau in performance,SAVES-a lot of-CASH and pushes only the important developments!Ever heard of Murphy’s Law?Bloody impatient pessimists!!Look beyond your noses!

      1. THIS. THANK YOU.

      2. ColdFly F1 (@)
        29th March 2015, 8:58

        You are making some good points, but I found it annoying to read to be honest.

        PS – you might want to read up on Murphy’s Law.

        1. You are right, i meant MOORE’S LAW!…And it’s annoying to read because it’s absolutely true ;) F1 has too many haters…Everyone banging on about trivial things as noise and missing the bigger picture :P


      4. Bit off topic but, yep.
        On this subject, has Ecclestone demanded an eye, a firstborn or just cash to punish Manor this time…?

    4. “Moore’s law” is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. The observation is named after Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of the Intel Corporation,

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