Toro Rosso, Shanghai International Circuit, 2015

2015 Chinese Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Toro Rosso, Shanghai International Circuit, 2015

Pictures from the build-up to the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix.

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2015 Chinese Grand Prix

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34 comments on “2015 Chinese Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. Is it only me or that gold chain around Lewis’ neck makes me cringe..

    1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      9th April 2015, 15:23

      Maybe he confused Roscoe’s collar with this one

    2. I agree. That chain is way too big. Lewis looked normal 6 years ago…

    3. You’re not the only one. Lewis embracing the whole ‘bling’ look is starting to get rather ostentatious.

      1. starting?

    4. jochenrindt78
      9th April 2015, 15:54

      The fresh prince of Stevenage is getting on my nerves too, how can he do all these cool things like be a f1 champ et al and remain so un-cool?

      His first album should be the final nail in the coffin

    5. Indeed. If I was a Mercedes engineer I’d certainly find it hard trying not to laugh about the goldie lookin chain whilst discussing torsion bar setup with my driver.

    6. But how else can we see the #swag he has?

    7. #OnlyGodCanJudgeMe

    8. I thought I accidentally opened up Hello magazine for second. I’m not interested in Hamilton’s chains, or Kimi’s flat-brimmed hats and X-Games-chic ensembles, or Ron Dennis’s 80s throwback leather jackets, or Vijay Mallya’s taste for shirts without buttons and his very unfortunate haircut. Like all of these people, Hamilton probably dresses like the people he hangs out with or wants to fit in with. And that is not us, or his engineers. Bully for him. I would however draw the line if he attaches a giant tri-color African continent medallion to his chain, which would cause acute late-80s flashbacks for us old hedz, and no one wants to have to remember the 80s.

    9. Isn’t he just trying to take our eyes off the ridiculous wig someone he lost a bet to is making him wear?

      1. Man, that is his Vanilla Ice homage.

    10. I think it pretty obvious Lewis has a little hero worship for B. A. Baracus… steadily increase the bling and get that mandinka hairstyle sorted out and Mr T himself could be in F1.

    11. Only Bernie will like those chain

    12. 2 Chainz

  2. You are not alone. Lewis is my favorite driver but that gold chain causes me agony.

  3. First rule for being cool: Make it look like you are not trying too hard to look cool.

    “Maybe if I put this completely needless, out-of-place, 1 meter long gold chain around my neck, while walking around the track with my engineers who are all in the most casual outfit permitted, it won’t look like I’m really trying too hard to look cool. I mean, everyone goes on a track walks with all the accessories they can get.”

  4. Is that first picture Manor F1’s aero updates being unloaded from the truck?

  5. Lewis has some personality problems and it shows. But I have to admit that when he drives, I forget all about his being an annoying gossip

  6. Looks fancy for me. Gold and Black

  7. Lewis still has a bit of growing up to do. Comments on his chains etc… are offensive in my opinion.

    1. Come on. I’m a big Hamilton fan, but let’s say you arrived at work in such a gold chain would you expect people not to comment!? It’s meant to draw comment! Sure, I know this is F1Fanatic and we shouldn’t care, but its so hard to ignore bright shiny things.

    2. @dutchtrea I’m curious as to why you find comments regarding gold chains offensive. For what reason?

      1. Sorry that’s : @dutchtreat

  8. Is the guy in the picture with the trolley full of wood delivering new parts for the Manor team?

  9. I have never read such ridiculous comments on F1fanatic. Congratulations to all.

    1. @edmarques Blame Hamilton for that. He looks ridiculous. And this is coming from a Hamilton fan by the way.

  10. That picture of Mercedes garage is awesome! Full LCD screen-wall.

  11. Haven’t people commented enough about Alonso’s brows? What about the GF’s of drivers (Sutil esp). When those comments about their appearances didn’t ruffle a few feathers here, comments about Lewis’ dress sense certainly shouldn’t.

  12. I thought for a moment the first picture was of a McClaren with the bodywork removed.

  13. @evered7, @edmarques, @dutchtreat – Among all our serious discussions we occasionally have a laugh at some silly necklace. It’s hardly a hate crime. Those who laugh at it are also the first to say he’s a brilliant driver.

    1. @xtwl I am for having Hamilton comments. He chose to look that way and hence will be commented upon just like others.

      Sorry if I wasn’t clear in that post and I understand the want of a bit of fun.

      1. Fun is to be encouraged.

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