Start, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

2015 Chinese Grand Prix TV Times

2015 Chinese Grand Prix

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Start, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014F1 Fanatic Live will be running for the entire Chinese Grand Prix weekend – and much more besides.

We’ll also be following the first round of the World Endurance Championship at Silverstone and the second IndyCar race of the year as the championship makes its first visit to NOLA Motorsport Park. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow F1 Fanatics.

Here are the details of Sky and the BBC’s coverage of the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix in the UK:

Friday 10 April 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Chinese Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F102:4503:0004:30
Chinese Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F106:4507:0008:30

Saturday 11 April 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Chinese Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F104:4505:0006:00
Chinese Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F107:0008:00
Chinese Grand Prix qualifying highlightsBBC113:00

Sunday 12 April 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Chinese Grand Prix liveSky Sports F105:3007:00
WEC Six Hours of SilverstoneMotors TV11:3012:00
Chinese Grand Prix highlightsBBC114:00
IndyCar Grand Prix of LouisianaBT Sport Extra20:0020:00

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Find times for every F1 session this year and all the 2015 race dates with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

2015 Chinese Grand Prix

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29 comments on “2015 Chinese Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. This feature has become invaluable ever since decided to remove (or hide in such a manner that I cannot find it) the “convert to local time” option.

    Glad to see the race starts at 14:00 local time, that means barring a red flag I should be able to watch prior to starting a busy Sunday schedule.

    1. @adrianmorse it is still available on the main page. Just scroll down to the calendar and click on ‘your time’ (the Rolex watch also changes) or choose ‘convert to your local time’ link near the session times at the same place. The times will change to your locale.

      1. @evered7, ah yes, thank you. I did look for it earlier, but I did not scroll down on the main page to the calendar. I did find some other articles on with the times, but there no local-time conversion was present.

      2. @evered7 Cheers! I was in the same boat as @adrianmorse

  2. The Blade Runner (@)
    9th April 2015, 12:16

    Does anybody know which Portuguese TV channel shows the race and whether it is free to view?


    1. It’s Sport TV, and, unfortunately, it is not free. @thebladerunner

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        9th April 2015, 13:28

        Thanks @toiago

        I am staying near the Spanish border on Sunday. From memory the F1 is shown for free on a Spanish channel. Can anybody confirm?


        1. ColdFly F1 (@)
          9th April 2015, 13:43

          @thebladerunner – ‘Antena 3’
          They also stream live content via their Atres website.
          But probably you have (to pretend) to be in Spain.

          1. The Blade Runner (@)
            9th April 2015, 13:47


            Brilliant, many thanks.

          2. @coldfly
            Does Antena 3 have lots of ad breaks? I’m on holiday on Lanzarote at the moment, and it seems Antena 3 HD is one option. [RAI may be another one but not sure it works here and whether the Chinese race will be shown.] [RTL does not seem to work for some reason despite being on the hotel TV list. Signal too weak.] There are also a few sports bars here showing live Premier league, which I guess must be on Sky Sports. So they might show F1 as well, but I am not sure they open that early.

            I might be able to supplement with BBC Radio 5 Live Audio using an internet stream (hoping for a decent data rate on the very variable hotel wifi). Has anybody done that before, combining a foreign language TV feed with internet streamed Radio 5 Live?

          3. The Blade Runner (@)
            9th April 2015, 20:53


            I watched the Indian GP on Antena 3 whilst in Lanzarote in 2013. It does have loads of ad breaks! Even worse, either side of the ad break the do the ‘Sponsored by Shell’ bit that lasts almost as long as the ads themselves!

          4. Mike Dee
            For the races not shown live on BBC sometimes I combine German RTL with Radio 5 Live commentary streamed from the BBC. There is no longer any F1 FTA in Belgium. The RTL/BBC option works ok but the 5 Live commentary tends to be 25-30 seconds behind RTL. I get over this sync issue by using the pause function on my PVR to get the pictures and commentary in sync. Don’t know if you’ll have that option.

        2. ColdFly F1 (@)
          9th April 2015, 22:12

          What’s the thing with Lanzarote for F1Fanatics? @mike-dee, @thebladerunner Not bad, but I can give you a long list of places (islands and mainland) which would be a better place to visit ;)

          I do not find the ad breaks of Antena 3 any worse than what I see in other countries (mostly the crap in Australia). And the best part is that they keep the race on on one side of the screen and put the ad on the other.
          Even better, if you follow the race via Atres (their online version) there are no ad breaks at all; just no commentators during ad times!! The replays have ads, but they pause the race (very acceptable).

          Enjoy your stay and the race.

          1. The Blade Runner (@)
            10th April 2015, 9:46


            The Canaries, Mainland, Balaerics… All good! ;)

          2. Thanks, @coldfly @thebladerunner @braisim

            I guess I’ll have to live with the delay of the commentary of Radio 5 Live, I don’t think I have the possibility to record on the TV, but I’ll check again. I doubt that the Wifi here will be quick enough for a TV stream, will be tough for the radio already!

            There is still F1 live on Belgian (Walloon) FTA TV (usually RTBF 2), I always watch it when the race is not on BBC. Commentary is not great but at least I can understand it, but I don’t speak Spanish at all, so would like the BBC commentary.

            Lanzarote is quite nice, but I actually prefer Tenerife. Other places in Spain are still a bit cold for Easter holidays.

    2. Only Sport TV has the rights to transmit in Portugal.
      Should be on SportTV 5 channel
      No free options available, unless you have the German RTL in your TV service provider.
      Um abraço

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        9th April 2015, 14:14


  3. jochenrindt78
    9th April 2015, 12:34

    Keith –

    I for one would appreciate you including the scheduled re-run times for the races on sky or BBC, not always able to catch the live session.

    1. I do list the first BBC repeat on when they aren’t showing qualifying or the race live but I’m not going to list all the other repeats because there too many of them and there are many other ways to catch up.

  4. Canada
    Practice Fri 1:55AM ET / 10:55PM PT on TSN5
    Qualifying Sat 2:55AM ET / 11:55PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5
    Chinese Grand Prix Sun 1:55AM ET / 10:55PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

    1. RDS (french) has the Qualifying and Race same time as TSN.

      WEC 6 hours Sun 7:00AM ET on Fox Sports Racing

  5. Australian TV Schedule

    Friday 9/4/15
    FP1 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (11:45-13:50) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)
    FP2 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (15:45-17:55) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)

    Saturday 10/4/15
    FP3 – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (13:45-15:10) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)
    QUAL – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (16:00-18:45) *Live
    Ten/OneHD (Not Aired)

    Sunday 11/4/15
    RACE – Foxsports 5 Channel 506 (16:00-19:30) *Live

    Monday 12/4/15
    RACE Highlights – OneHD (21:30-22:30) *Highlights

    *Foxsports – (Foxtel Subscription Required)
    Note: All times are AEST, schedules based on Melbourne times – Please check local guides

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      9th April 2015, 13:45

      @dragoll – do you know which races OneHD/Ten will air live this year?

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        9th April 2015, 22:22

        found it – WHERE TO WATCH LIVE F1 RACES IN 2015:
        1. March 13-15: Melbourne, Australia (FOX & TEN)
        2. March 27-29: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (FOX)
        3. April 10-12: Shanghai, China (FOX)
        4. April 17-19: Sakhir, Bahrain (FOX & TEN)
        5. May 8-10: Catalunya, Spain (FOX)
        6. May 22-24: Monte Carlo, Monaco (FOX & TEN)
        7. June 5-7: Montreal, Canada (FOX)
        8. June 19-21: Spielberg, Austria (FOX & TEN)
        9. July 3-5: Silverstone, Great Britain (FOX)
        10. July 17-19: TBA, Germany (FOX & TEN) RIP
        11. July 24-26: Budapest, Hungary (FOX)
        12. August 21-23: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (FOX & TEN)
        13. September 4-6: Monza, Italy (FOX)
        14. September 18-20: Singapore (FOX & TEN)
        15. September 25-27: Suzuka, Japan (FOX)
        16. October 9-11: Sochi, Russia (FOX & TEN)
        17. October 23-25: Austin, United States (FOX)
        18. October 30-November 1: Mexico City, Mexico (FOX & TEN)
        19. November 13-15: Sao Paulo, Brazil (FOX)
        20. November 27-29: Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi (FOX & TEN)

  6. Any list of FTA channels country wise?

    Also any FTA channel without any ad-breaks (just for knowledge)

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      9th April 2015, 22:21

      see link in article

  7. I’m in Thailand . anyone know what channel sh

  8. I’ll be in Borneo for the Bahrain race, anyone know any links i can stream from please

  9. the sky online offer says buy to watch this and malasia has malasia not been and gone

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