2015 Chinese Grand Prix championship points

2015 Chinese Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton 68
Sebastian Vettel 55
Nico Rosberg 51
Felipe Massa 30
Kimi Raikkonen 24
Valtteri Bottas 18
Felipe Nasr 14
Daniel Ricciardo 11
Romain Grosjean 6
Nico Hulkenberg 6
Max Verstappen 6
Carlos Sainz 6
Marcus Ericsson 5
Daniil Kvyat 2
Sergio Perez 1

Constructors’ championship

Mercedes 119
Ferrari 79
Williams 48
Sauber 19
Red Bull 13
Toro Rosso 12
Force India 7
Lotus 6
McLaren 0
Manor 0

2015 Chinese Grand Prix

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53 comments on “2015 Chinese Grand Prix championship points”

  1. The longer Ham waits to sign the contract the better chance he has to earn more as race by race he shows why he’s n1 in Merc. If Ferrari improve by .5 second, Rosberg will be defending second more than fighting for wins and then who knows what constructor’s championship could look like.

    1. That is exactly what I am thinking, he might be fighting for second all the year though.

    2. Interesting point about Lewis, the situation could play into his hands well. Also the more Nico whines and blames Lewis and the team the better Lewis looks in comparison and the more Toto and Lauda will be happy to pay him.

    3. I think the Merc’s are too far ahead from the rest of the field. Even if you have 2 Nico Rosbergs driving the car, they would still win the WCC

      1. But one of them would still be whining at the other.

        1. Since when has Nico whined any more than any other driver?

  2. I hope that Rosberg loses the championship just based on his disgusting attitude. He blamed the team yesterday for not qualifying on pole, and blames Lewis today just for looking after his tyres? Even Hamilton at his worst has a better attitude than Rosberg. Based on his bad perfomance in the first three races, it looks like Rosberg will easily lose the championship to Lewis.

    1. @ultimateuzair
      I think he lost the Title already. He was not having the Mood of I will fight for it any more. All he needs to do is Keeping Vettel behind him in WDC if not then he will loose P2 in WDC to Sebastian also

      1. Ahh that would be amazing if Nico finished behind Seb. I know they don’t have the best relationship already, but that would be so painful for Nico. You have to think though that if Seb and Nico swapped cars that Seb would still be the one with win(s) and Nico still wouldn’t have won a race.

    2. Rosberg wasn’t blaming the team, he was expressing his frustration at being beaten by Hamilton. Hamilton clearly was backing Rosberg into the Ferraris. Although I don’t like Hamilton, this is fair enough as a tactic, even if a bit sly.

      Hamilton has a bad attitude but that comes out more as soon as something doesn’t go his way.

      Hamilton is the better driver, Rosberg is the better person.

      1. Hamilton is the better driver, Rosberg is the better person.

        @samf94 I’m very surprised to see that comment. Given the aspersions on his character from last year, the accusation of blocking in Malaysia, and his whining after the race today, saying Rosberg is the better person was the last thing I expected.

        1. Yes it’s so contradictory to the evidence that ‘Rosberg is the better person’ you can only assume some criterion other than behaviour is involved. Wonder which?

      2. “Hamilton is the better driver, Rosberg is the better person.”
        Really @samf94!!!! Have you been watching F1 last year?!

      3. Ham generally beats himself up for his failures, Ros generally blames everyone else.

        1. Comment of the Day

      4. Hamilton is the better driver, Rosberg is the better person.

        That statement you made @samf94 about Lewis would have applied 4 years ago in 2011. Lewis used to be immature, especially in that year. He used to have a bad attitude and made that infamous ”It’s because I’m black” joke in Monaco, post-race. However since 2011, I feel that Lewis has matured a lot, and has tried to and successfully stay out of trouble in media interviews and has often accepted the blame for his own mistakes.

        Rosberg on the other hand, has gone the opposite way. He is becoming more and more immature and childish by the day. He used to be a nice guy and was funny and I used to support him until 2013, when he started becoming more cocky and arrogant after the fame got to his head after getting used to the winning feeling. Now he is resorting to cheat to beat Lewis and when things don’t go Rosberg’s way he moans and cries like a little baby. Now Lewis is the much better driver AND person than Rosberg.

  3. Who would have expected that after three races, the only non-Marussia and non-McLaren driver without points is Maldonado?
    I hope we will see Button and Alonso on this list soon.

    1. I would have expected Maldonado to be the only non point scorer. I’m actually surprised everytime he finishes a race.

      I think the term ‘rookie mistakes’ is apt for drivers still on the learning curve, but Maldonado is a seasoned crasher. I’m wondering if they need to come up with the term – ‘Pulled a Pastor’ for any driver who loses logical reasoning in the car and wrecks either his race or his rival’s

      1. Oh come on! Australia and China were nowhere near his fault.

  4. Good job by Felipe Massa so far.

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      12th April 2015, 10:22

      agree – @me4me – happy to see that.

      Not sure if he raised his game (started end of last year) or Bottas is ‘cooling off’ a bit (more little mistakes than last year).

      1. Well.. in the races that both have started BOT has won once and MAS once. A bit too soon to say either way. And taking into account how many overtakes have happened between team mates (which i thinks tells alot about how hard it is to overtake a similar car), one cannot forget BOT at Sepang. MAS but that on a slow pitstop, even when BOT had an even worse one by two seconds, and tires that were a whole two laps older. I think in the end BOT will win this year, not because he is much faster, but becacause MAS always seems to have bigger and longer periods when his racing is off.

      2. @coldfly He`s just having normal race weekends which he didn’t at the beginning of last year.

      3. I’m not surprised, I thought the points gap rather flattered Bottas last season. I don’t see this future champion there that others seem to in Bottas. In a way he reminds me of Rosberg. Decent enough driver but there are betters drivers out there. Massa had a lot of incidents last year, some he could have avoided, some that weren’t his fault whereas Bottas pretty much stayed out of trouble which I think contributed to the difference in points between them.

      4. @coldfly
        I think Felipe has found himself a happy place within the team. They know and appreciate his strengths and appear to know how to manage him quite well, something Ferrari didn’t always do well.

    2. Agreed, he’s been consistently good beating his team mate in quail and race.

  5. Nico lost even to Vettel. He is an average driver. So lame excuses for losing race.
    Ferrari doesn’t have the pace to fight really. We should wait until Canada to see where they really are. If they always lose by that time, they all will have to think about 2016.

    1. @slava I’m really looking forward to Austria. Williams was able to take pole there. If both Ferrari cars are on the front row they could work their way to a victory.

      1. They are unlikely to reach the heights they were able to reach last year, on any track.

        1. He was talking about Ferrari… doing in Austria the same great job Williams did last year… the difference being that Ferrari has the chance to win the race too (compared to Williams) if they manage to qualify on the 1st row.

      2. I think Ferrari’s main strength is that they can lean on their tyres so much more than Mercedes in hotter climates, which then eliminates the pace difference. I don’t know if Ferrari could repeat the Williams feat because I think Mercedes had a compromised session, Lewis didn’t set a fast lap and Nico is just slow.

      3. Also Austria saw both Mercs screw up quali. If they hadn’t it would have been an easy win.

    2. Rosberg is indeed average. He does not deserve the Mercedes seat. Mercedes should ditch Rosberg and get Alonso.

      1. Why? They are in likelihood going to win both the WDC and WCC again this season with the drivers they already have. From their perspective, they do not need Alonso.

        1. I know but if the cars are so unequal we may as have driver line ups like this:

          Merc- ham and alo
          Fer- ric and vet
          Will- but and bot
          Rbr- raik and ver
          Sau- hul and per

      2. Alonso? I doubt that will improve on the team harmony.

      3. With the car they’ve got, they could ditch the pair of them and get Max Chilton and Narain Karthikeyan, still win both titles and save a boat load of cash on driver salaries.

      4. Alonso?

      5. As Brorimir would say, “an average driver does not simply out-qualify Lewis Hamilton over a season.”

  6. I love this site but it looks unprofessional to list the standings (and results for that page too) without a table or even position numbers or the whole of the classification (anybody classified but without points to their credit).

    1. unprofessional? I don’t think that’s the word you’re looking for…. It’s just editor’s choice, nothing wrong with that.

    2. I won’t call it unproffesional but a ol tag would do wonders, @keithcollantine

    3. Hans (@hanswesterbeek)
      12th April 2015, 13:03


    4. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
      12th April 2015, 13:55

      Keith usually has great formatting on all of his tables and data, given there is no race review or other in-depth article yet I’d guess he was just a little busy when doing these articles but wanted to get the main stuff out for now.

      1. Exactly

      2. I agree.

        Every starting grid page (or even the in-depth reviews of old GPs) has a formatted grid.

        Just seems odd to leave something like this completely without format.

    5. Alonso will surely get some points this season, you have to be patient @alonsowdc.

  7. @keithcollantine

    What is the story behind Dan Ric already being on his 3rd engine?

    1. As far as I know, Red Bull had to give him a new engine for the race, I presume his qualifying engine died somehow.

  8. Vettel still ahead of Rosberg and Sauber still ahead of Red Bull, interesting :)

  9. Sauber in P4. It´s unlikely to happen, but imagining they could hold that to the end of the season entertains me well. Add to that the idea of Manor scoring an odd points-finish somewhere and gets ahead of McLaren…

  10. Hamilton just did one of the finest races of his career on my opinion.
    He just managed to wreck both Vettel and Rosberg’s tyres with his so-so pace.

    He already did something similar on Meulbourne with Rosberg, where prior to the pit stops he was much quicker. Not bad for a driver a lot of people still assumes to be a brainless racer.

    Now he already has 17 points ahead of Rosberg, who time will tell, may be again his main contender for the season and cracking more and more.

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