Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Shanghai International Circuit, 2015

Alonso: My rivals are enjoying McLaren struggles

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Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Shanghai International Circuit, 2015In the round-up: Fernando Alonso says his rivals are taking pleasure in his struggles at McLaren.


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Alonso takes dig at Vettel, Ferrari (F1i)

"Now I’m out in Q1, so it’s time for many to enjoy this moment. But I don’t think they’re fighting against me because some of the ones who are enjoying it are third, one second behind."

Sebastian Vettel Q&A: Ferrari have Mercedes worried (F1)

"The ‘silver power' will remain the benchmark for quite some time - but we are trying to jog that supremacy. (We are) closer to their times, but still being one second behind them in qualifying was not the best of news."

Bernie Eccelstone says F1 should be about drivers not engines (Sky)

"Fi is 'supposed be a drivers' championship, not a constructors' championship'"

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sepang International Circuit, 2015

Wolff: Split strategies to be considered (Autosport)

"We would split the strategies if it is not clear to us which one is the better one and if we need to mirror the other team, at least with one of the cars, which we didn't do in Sepang."

Marussia take another step forward (Reuters)

"If you look at key factors like the limitations that we’ve got, then you could argue that that gap should actually be a bit bigger than that."

Nico Rosberg must find answer to Lewis Hamilton domination by himself, says Niki Lauda (The Mirror)

"Nico is definitely a little bit behind Lewis. He has to sort himself out. It is not anything I can talk to him about."

Option tyre 'is going to fall apart,' says Rosberg (Adam Cooper's F1 Blog)

"It’s going to be a very challenging race, because we have the option tyre to start off with, and that’s going to fall apart at some point, quite dramatically, so there’s going to be a lot going on at that point in time in the race, and there the Ferraris who might be able to go longer than us, as we’ve seen in Malaysia."

James Allison keeps up plane passion and flies high in F1 with Ferrari (The Guardian)

"Ferrari hold a special place in my heart because they picked me up at a low ebb in my career in 1999 (when he lost his job as head of aerodynamics at Benetton)"

Your Favourite Chinese Grand Prix - 2006 Schumacher's Last Win (F1 via YouTube)




World Endurance Championship cars, Paul Ricard, 2015

The World Endurance Championship begins with the Silverstone Six Hours today. Join us to follow the action on F1 Fanatic Live. The race starts at 12pm UK time (BST).

Comment of the day

Tyres, Shanghai International Circuit, 2015A few thoughts on the race ahead from @Me4me:

First of all: Credit where credit is due, Pirelli has nailed it, the tyres are just perfect. It’s massively exiting to see that even a car with less inherent pace has a chance to be top three or even win. Degradation is just about right, and most of all, drop-off is predictable and manageable.

Secondly: Renault are a mess. Both Red Bull and Toro Rosso beaten by all 2015-spec Mercedes and Ferrari powered cars in the speed trap. Sure, speed trap numbers aren’t everything, but it’s telling that both teams are so far down, only able to beat Honda and the 2014-spec Ferrari engine back in the Manor cars.

Expecting Ferrari to do two stints on the softs and one on the medium tomorrow, with most other teams going for one on the softs and two on the mediums. It’s really their only change to get any better than third I think. Let’s hope for an exiting race. Personally really want to see Vettel giving Rosberg a run for his money. I think Hamilton will realistically be out of reach.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Amy, Ben Thomas and Kyle Puttifer!

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On this day in F1

Former Renault and Benetton team principal Flavio Briatore is 65 today.

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  • 105 comments on “Alonso: My rivals are enjoying McLaren struggles”

    1. Dear Bernie, F1 has always been a constructors championship mainly. That´s where the sporting aspect has always been, that´s the championship that counts. The drivers thing is just meaningless entertainment. And I know you like to focus on the “entertainment”-part, but it remains rather meaningless. The fans do know it´s the best constructor that wins and has always won in F1.

      On another note: Alonso really doesn´t like Vettel, does he?

      1. Might I add that we now have equal tyres, and if we have equal engines, then the next step has to be equal aero, which really means equal cars.

        That to me says a one make championship.

        How much more wrong can you be Bernie.
        Time to retire …

        1. I’m all for equal tyres but unlike @me4me totally agains’t seeing a car with less inherent pace having a chance of winning due to artificial tyre degradation.

          1. ColdFly F1 (@)
            12th April 2015, 2:52

            @hohum, I’m sitting on the fence re. tyres (how boring were those races with everlasting tyres – e.g. Sochi).
            But the chance of winning the race is not due to artificial tyres (same for all) but due to better strategy and better racing (and a bit of luck).

            1. good point there @coldfly, i tend to agree with that. The tyres aren’t unpredictalbe this year, something we did have in the past and which was making a real lottery of it.
              Now we have clear differences between tyres and some differences between how cars work on what compound that give more options to make a meaningfull strategy work, so I am satisfied with them this year @hohum

            2. YES. All sport comes down to an element of luck. The skill of the participants influences the probabilities, but luck decides the outcome. In F1 just think safety car timing. In soccer think unsighted referees.

              Rules can be framed to control the influence of luck (tennis rules go a long way to making sure the better player wins). Some F1 rules are there to increase the element of chance, especially tyre rules which force error-prone pit stops but also the points system.

              Without the element of luck all sport would be boring. The most skillful player or team would always win.

      2. I love F1 as a constructors championship. The development, the innovation, the anticipation each week that the pecking order can change (even if it doesn’t in an eternal optimist).

        One thing I, and I do think many people would like to see is the drivers on a level playing field. Maybe a support spec series race with the F1 guys driving and we can see which is the most popular.

      3. @crammond

        Dear Bernie, F1 has always been a constructors championship mainly.

        This is not correct. F1 didn’t even have a constructor’s championship during the early years.

        You call the driver’s championship meaningless entertainment but with that too I can’t agree. I’d say more people, especially those that are not avid fanatics, are far more interested in the WDC. I can’t exactly prove this but I get a feeling that when you ask people about last year’s WDC, you’re going to have more correct answers than last year’s WCC.

        As for myself, I have no trouble naming all WDC-winners of every year of the past 30 years, but I could not do the same for the WCC-winners (most of the time I’d be guessing the team for which the WDC-winner drove).

        1. @mattds, the existence of the Tifosi somewhat weakens your argument, they love any driver that wins races, so long as he wins them driving a Ferrari.

          1. @hohum I don’t see how that weakens my argument, especially taking into account that I already accounted for tifosi in my argument (they would fall in the “avid fanatics” category I mentioned).

        2. +100

          I can name every f1 driver champion since 1950 however constructors wise since they introduced it in 1958 I believe, I would probably only guess about 70-80%

    2. Sometimes I think Alonso is maybe a bit too self absorbed for his own good.

      “Now I’m out in Q1, so it’s time for many to enjoy this moment.”

      The target for his rivals is to beat Mercedes, not sit around celebrating with schadenfreude because Alonso is not competitive.

      1. he could’ve say “haters gonna hate” too… I still think he’s (along with hamilton and maybe raikkonen) to be one of the fastest driver there is today, but i don’t think that no one of the top 10 drivers from tomorrow grid are enjoying this because of Alonso…

        1. Yes, but its no surprise that the people at Ferrari say it is more of a team since he left.

        2. You still think Raikkonen is faster than Vettel ??

      2. Vettel is going for Michaels records, not a 3rd WDC. He already did that 3 years ago. Alonso doesn’t have the luxury of being able to understand what it’s like to be 28 and have 10yrs left in your career to become the most successful F1 driver of all time so we should all forgive him and his samuri statements. Really I think the person most enjoying Alonso’s current position is Button, the guy Alonso seems unable to get in front of – so far.

      3. ColdFly F1 (@)
        12th April 2015, 3:00

        agree – @bullmello

        The target for his rivals is to beat Mercedes, not sit around celebrating with schadenfreude because Alonso is not competitive.

        However, many commenters (incl. on this site) and questions from reporters are about if he made the right decision leaving Ferrari. I’d like to see more focus on what McLaren/Alonso/Button are achieving race after race.

        Alonso was spot on (self absorbed or not) when he said:

        I was second in the world championship three times in the five years I was with Ferrari. I could continue for two more years there and maybe finish second again for two more years but that was not enough.

        1. I was second in the world championship three times in the five years I was with Ferrari.

          His own mistakes are at least partly to blame for that. The same is true for his not winning a title in 2007. If he’d driven better he’d have been more successful in his career. He’s too egotistical to acknowledge that of course.

          1. Just about everyone of narrowly lost titles (let’s say when one race could have changed the outcome) can be blamed to have been lost due to driver error or some out-of-control circumstances.

            Almost like that you may choose what was to blame depenging whether you like the driver or not.

          2. Vettel made similar no of mistakes but had a superior car throughout. Part of being in an inferior car means you have to push more.

            1. @brum55

              Vettel also had (a lot) more reliability issues. Something most Alonso fans seem to forget everytime 2010 or 2012 is brought up…

            2. Vettel made similar no of mistakes

              But Vettel is (supposedly) an inferior driver to Alonso, who is (supposedly) one of the most perfect drivers to ever get in an F1 car. So saying Alonso made a similar amount of mistakes to a then-21 year old driver, one who many (including Alonso) still disparage as mediocre to this day, does not reflect well on Alonso.

          3. The thing is…. that when they ask the other drivers out there who is the best on the grid, alonso’s name gets mentioned and not vettel.

            Despite both making mistakes in the past I don’t recall alonso taking out other drivers through panic and carelessness as much as vettel did

        2. @coldfly – And I certainly don’t fault Alonso, or any driver, for making a move to another team when they feel like it really is what they must do. It was always going to be difficult for McLaren/Honda in 2015 and Alonso knew that going in. A lot of commentators and posters are being somewhat harsh with him now that Ferrari has moved forward.

          Changing teams is always a risk. The same thing could have happened to Hamilton and at first many people thought he was crazy for moving. Sometimes staying at the same team has a different risk and Alonso was ready to move on. I respect that.

          People need to give McLaren/Honda some time to get dialed in. Look at Renault, they had some success last year after numerous preseason problems and they are still struggling now to get back to where they were last season. It isn’t easy.

          As for Alonso, I hope he is able to get more into what he does best, driving. Hopefully the McLaren will get better sooner and he can do that.

          1. I think that Alonso must have missed doing his homework at Ferrari, when he could delay his move as much as he did, without investigating what Ferraris engine department was onto. His comment is more a sour regret at his own stupidity or lack of interest in what Ferraris engine development would bring. Surely Vettel had little opportunity to know that Ferrari was heading towards winning ways again. It has come to a surprise to many I think. instead he should talk and walk optimism into the team, by keeping the faith in his own descision. Surely McLaren will come out on top sooner or later.

            1. I think that Ferrari got lucky and even if alonso anticipated this I think he still knew that coming 2nd or 3rd wasn’t good enough

      4. I think that what Alonso is talking about is how Vettel left for Ferrari believing that he would be struggling for a few more years but he is now a race winner while Alonso, the highest-paid driver, is a back-marker. In short, I believe that he is saying how Vettel went to Ferrari and the situation is much better than even his wildest dreams @bullmello

        1. Than say that and not imply that other drivers are enjoying macca problems as he has said.

          I don’t know if the ones to fault are Briatore, Garcia Abad, the Spanish media and the Spanish Alonsista Cult but Alonso has to acknowledge that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

          1. @olestros I’m probably going to be crucified for saying this but well here goes nothing, I think, naive or not, the dig from Alonso was not directed at Vettel. I think it was more towards Ferrari heads that might have taken aim at him, intentionally or not, recently when I think someone there said something to the effect of we wanted a champion or winner or something like that so we went out to get Vettel. This implies that Alonso was not a champion or winner and I’m not sure who of any of those drivers out there would like to referred to as a non-winner especially if they have won a championship let alone 2. They then went to say something like they are now a team again implying that when Alonso was there he was causing them to be dysfunctional. Seems somewhat natural for him to be have been angered by the comments to me. Ok Alonso didn’t need to say this kind of nonsense and in this way especially but I wouldn’t say that just because he is retaliating to some of the comments that have come out in recent times, he is full of himself.

      5. I can only say that hearing Vettel get a dig at Alonso, Alonso at Vettel and generally getting to hear some honest quotes from drivers after years of getting just PR blahblah is refreshing. And its the best answer to what Bernie mentions, because only if we hear the drivers for real with all edges and thorns as well as overly optimistic visions is what makes it about the drivers @bullmello.

        I think the story can be about whether Rosberg can avoid being another DC, if Kimi can get back into it at Ferrari, whether Vettel will be able to mirror Schumi at Ferrari, how Hamilton keeps riding his wave of confidence and good vibes, how Alonso and Button get to grips with an uphill battle, I would like to hear Ricciardo as well, like seeing honest straight forward soundbites from the likes of Verstappen and Sainz etc.
        And the occasional worries about Ferraris pace from Toto, Dennis having a tough job to keep positive, Arrivabene talking about doing it for the fans as well as Manor being excited about managing to finish the race with both cars in between

    3. Low, very low Alonso. For a champ like you, you could be a lot better and maybe quieter or just change PR team. Maybe I missed something but I didn’t see anything from Vettel against Alonso. Even most of Ferrari team didn’t had nothing bad to say about him.

      I really hope you can fight someday at the front (this season, please) but I also expect you can control your arrogance when you achieve it.

      1. I think he said it about Ferrari. Or Ferrari supporters, or Vettel supporters.

        Anyway, he is not on a good place at the moment. And to tell the truth i don’t remember any factory as big as Honda screwing up a team this bad. This year is already lost. They are so behind schedule that 2016 is probably going to be what 2015 should have been. The time to put everything in place and match the opposition.

        And their two aging drivers are not getting any younger.

        1. Reading the complete article Alonso seems rather bitter and he also seems to think everyone is focusing on him.

          …some of the ones who are enjoying it are third, one second behind. So they are beating me but not beating Mercedes…

          Somewhat delusional too, Ferrari have already beaten Mercedes once and could do it again.

          I like Alonso as a driver, but personality wise I find him hard to like. I wish he would read a Jim Clark biography or two.

          1. @bullmello

            ‘I wish he would read a Jim Clark biography or two.’

            They could all learn something by doing that…….:)

        2. And to tell the truth i don’t remember any factory as big as Honda screwing up a team this bad.

          I do. Honda. 2007, 2008.

          1. Or, Toyota 2002 – 2009.

        3. That’s a bit short-sighted a statement… Honda and McLaren always knew there would be pain this year — the goal as always stated was to be points contenders by Europe, podium contenders by the end of season. It took Merc several years to turn the ashes of Honda 2009 (aka Brawn GP) into the WCC/WDC of last year – even with Schumacher and Rosberg at the wheel. 2015 has always been a write-off, but McLaren want to be constantly improving, which they have done so far. Given the abysmal testing they had (2nd worst only to Marussia) they are doing very well so far. I think you should reserve judgement for at least one more month before you slate them. If they aren’t in the points by Monaco/Spa then they are missing their targets… If they get no podiums or top 5’s by the end of the season, then it’s bad news. If they have no title sponsor by US.Mexico, then it’s also bad. Anything better than this is exceeding expectations.

    4. Fernando, I like you well enough and have always been a supporter of yours, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. I am sure there are a great deal many more things that “your rivals” take more pleasure from than your struggles…. I guess being hailed as such a legend finally got to his head.

      On another note, dementia is a pain in the x…..

      1. enjoy can mean different things. Perhaps it’s more of an optimistic enjoy it while it lasts, rather than spite that is in his meaning. Maybe hes right, in the short term he is certainly right about the other teams not having to worry about Macca.

        1. Actually I don’t think anyone is enjoying watching Mclaren doing so bad. Even I, and I admit don’t have a lot of love for Alonso, felt bad for him, Button , Honda and the team.

          And like @crammond has pointed out, looks like Vettel has had a way to get under Alonso’skin, maybe those three years he lost to him , specially 2010 and 2012, must have been difficult to take. Also if I remember correctly Vettel was always in the mix whenever talks about seats in Ferrari where made since 2007, I bet Alonso didn’t like that.

        2. either way, Fred was pretty specific in who his comment was intended for. This just reaks of jealousy. Seems his samurai knowledge is lacking in wisdom, was it a facade the whole time?

    5. Here’s to an awesome day of racing:
      F1 China, F3 Silverstone, WEC Silverstone, Moto GP Austin and Indy Car @ NOLA. By missus is gonna hate me by the end of the day!
      Webber on WEC pole ; Marques grabbing Moto GP pole at the death after sprinting down the pit lane for his spare bike; and JP Montoya on pole at NOLA after an electrical storm cancelled qualifying.
      Someone’s gonna have to peel me off the sofa at the end of the day.

    6. HamiltonNumber1
      12th April 2015, 0:46

      Well anyone would be frustrated it is a joke. Alonso is just unlucky. Kimi is suddenly looking like Alain Prost over long runs. Fact is Alo could fight or the title with this thing. Musts be bad, you can tell he is not enjoying it. They are closer to Manor then the Merc it really is embarassing. He is also got to be nearly 34, by the time Mclaren are quick Alo will be past is peak. Father time is undefeated.

    7. I don’t think Alonso ever could have had that win Vettel had– qualifying especially high, managing tires, managing the race, and performing in the rain– which was exactly a Vettel-style victory, but I think his quotations are summarized very poorly. “Enjoying” doesn’t exclusively mean “take pleasure in” but also “able to take advantage of”, which is what he seemed to mean. I’d love to jump on him about taking teams down with him, but there’s really nothing in the article that is a dig at his rivals, just the same story he’s been saying since he joined M-H, which is that they could be #1 (which seems unlikely, but you have to believe in something). If you read the article with the right tone in your head, it’s not a provocative interview at all.

      1. I don’t think Alonso ever could have had that win Vettel had– qualifying especially high, managing tires, managing the race, and performing in the rain

        Sounds a lot like the same race from 2012 to me :p

        1. With a much inferior car, when all things compared.

          1. @toiago

            With a lot more happening to aid his changes.

      2. More importantly, I dont think Fernando could have gave the input necessary during winter testing and the first race to get the Red Car in that kind of performance envelope. He plows, he’s not a scalpel which is what Allison prefers from drivers.

        1. I’m not sure what happened to Alonso. He’s definitely an outstanding driver, but F1 teams need more than that. They need someone who can work with the team to develop the car (and possibly a younger driver). They need someone who can work with sponsors to attract funds.

          After success in his first stint at Renault, Fernando went to McLaren and split the team, then back to Renault where his first win was achieved in such a way that first the lead sponsor and then the owner left the team, then to Ferrari who went downhill to their first winless season in decades. There were great people in those teams, who have gone on to do great things, but Alonso could never make it work with them.

          There is no “I” in team. He may be the best driver in F1 but, whatever Bernie might like it to be, it is a team championship. That does not seem to suit Alonso.

      3. That was a great showcase of Vettel’s talent, in particular compared to Raikkonen, who two weeks ago still could complain about bad luck.

        But Alonso won races on similar circunstances with Ferrari, yes. Malaysia 2012 for example.
        Raikkonen with Lotus on the first round of 2013, too.

        These guys are professionals. Manage tyres and perform is what they are all about.

      4. ColdFly F1 (@)
        12th April 2015, 3:07

        @chaddy – you might be a bid biased judging from your profile photo.

        1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
          12th April 2015, 5:08

          @coldfly biased defending Alonso?

          1. ColdFly F1 (@)
            12th April 2015, 5:49

            @omarr-pepper – fair point. I focussed too much on the first line. – my bad!
            @chaddy, agree with your further analysis of the article!

      5. I think he could. Let’s not forget his poles in 2012 came in the wet outpacing the far superior Red-Bull that Vettel had.

        1. @brum55 – The Ferrari and Saubers of 2012 were actually the best wet weather cars of 2012, as they were able to heat their tyres in such conditions unlike the others (they also suffered with overheating their tyres in dry conditions). And the RB8 wasn’t “far superior”. It’s not like the F2012 was fighting HRTs & Caterhams.

      6. > If you read the article with the right tone in your head

        You have to have a very strange tone to change the meaning of what he said

      7. Raikkonen’s race in China, being superior to Vettel managing his tyres shows how he too could do what Vettel did in Malaysia.

        A shame he sucks so bad on saturdays.

        1. Splitting the Mercs in qualifying played a part in Vettel being there to capitalise in the race.

    8. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      12th April 2015, 1:25

      If you want it to truly become a Drivers Championship, Bernie, then rip up the rule book and change Formula 1 to a spec-series.

      1. Or just re-name GP2 Formula 1.

      2. @tophercheese21 He does hold the trademark for GP1… ;) @hohum Why have 2 cash cows when you can have 3?

    9. One of the things i like about Vettel is i don’t recall hearing him talk about other drivers the way Alonso and even Hamilton do.

      Last year was the low point of his career, and at times his frustration clearly came across in his comments. But I don’t recall him having to take digs at other drivers to get through it.

      Hamilton this year does seem to have learned to keep his mouth shut, you don’t earn championship points in the press, but the way he handled the post qualifying press conference had to have got under Rosberg’s skin.

      Alonso could learn a thing or two from Vettel and Hamilton.

      1. Ever since Hamilton has left Mclaren he has stopped with some of the comments that landed him into hot water with the press, although some of that was just the press creating drama. Having said that, I think because of the way you are managed as a driver at Mclaren, as in you are a Mclaren driver first, Lewis Hamilton second that does, as Lewis has mentioned before, build up some pressure inside and every no and again you need to blow of some steam. One of the big points Lewis mentioned when he joined Mercedes was that he would be alot more free and he would have commercial control over his look, something he didn’t have at Mclaren and although some people will continue to mock how he dresses etc.. he has become alot more mature and centered now that it appears he can just be himself and has that control over his life.

        In terms of Alonso’s comments, I’m not sure if it’s in his head or he knows something that is happening behind the TV screen. It wouldn’t be a massive leap to think of Vettel making some comments when the cameras aren’t around that have made their way back to Alonso. Who knows. One things for sure though both Alonso and Button are playing the Honda Mclaren partnership to be a slow burning Mercedes killer, well it can’t be to slow or neither of them will be around to pick up the fruits if it indeed does happen.

        1. Even if Vettel has made a comment behind the scenes, Alonso was still the one to fire the opening salvos.

          Comments along the lines of saying it’s all well and got winning whilst in the best car, but in the future when he’s not it may sour those championships. Well Vettel has given his answers. Podium, win, qualifying 3rd way ahead of another champion.

          The boy has talent, but his racing is often understated and drama free it goes unnoticed.

      2. @philipgb @woodyd91 Vettel is a bully who targets those without the media clout of Alonso or Hamilton

        Vettel on Karthikeyan “As in real life, there are a few cucumbers on the road.”

        Vettel on Bruno Senna: ‘Interviewer: “..and then comes the nephew of Aryton Senna, and here in Brazil crashes in the back of your car, what did you think at that moment?”

        Vettel: (smiles) “Well let’s see, the grave of Ayrton Senna is here in Sau Paulo, at the gaveyard in Murumbi.One has to go there and tell him what is nephew did today. which did not help us …”‘

        And Hamilton is the worst for bad mouthing his rivals. Some of the things he said last year about Rosberg were nasty and vindictive (Monaco upbringing, collegues not friends, we’re at war etc) and he deliberately throw Rosberg to Wolves after Spa.

        1. You must be joking, aren’t you?

        2. Dear oh dear

      3. @philipgb
        Just had to drag Hamilton into this nasty debacle.

        1. @supremacy – To say Alonso could learn from him?

    10. Speaking of Alonso maybe he was also talking about this Niki Lauda comment :

      Lauda, a non-executive chairman at the Mercedes team, says Vettel is exactly what Ferrari needed, labeling Alonso as “dark”.

      “Alonso is egocentric, dark and grumpy,” Lauda told the Repubblica newspaper.

      “He’s also quite negative. Last year right after the races finished he started criticising: this doesn’t work, there’s a problem there, this is why we are not winning.

      “How can you keep the morale of a team up if the driver just says bad things? Everybody knows it: if you are racing for Italy that’s an attitude you can’t afford.

      1. @celeste
        The same attitude ended Prost getting fired after saying his car is more like a red truck. Lauda was spot on there. Having said that, I suspect that the chance of Alonso jumped ship to Mercedes is getting slimmer and slimmer, as long as Lauda still there.

        1. First kudos for the username jon snow, GoT FTW.

          Ahhh The Prost Red Truck anecdote is very popular. But I do believe that Alonso peak of frustration was reached last year, when I remember hearing most of the bad comments.

          On the other hand I don’t think Alonso have ever any chance or being in Mercedes, mostly because of his age

        2. Hm, but If I remember right it was pretty much the same approach Lauda had at Ferrari himseld too @celeste, jon_snow

          1. @bascb wasn’t born in those years. But did Niki criticized Ferrari to the media?

            1. Yes, I think he did. Off course there were less media at the time. But telling it Mr. Ferrari to his face was pretty unheard of already (see how Prost got himself out of that contract)

      2. No, Lauda’s team is not third one second behind the Mercs.

        Alonso’s comments target just Ferrari

    11. “Alonso is a self-centered, dark and moody,” says Nikki Lauda
      “Vettel is the sun, Alonso is the shadow.”

      AS newspaper, in spanish. Google traslator.

      Niki Lauda returned to speak, does again loud and clear. Even out of tune.
      The Austrian guns now trichampion Fernando Alonso, who criticized for his decision to leave behind Ferrari and go to McLaren.
      “Alonso is a self-centered, dark and moody,” says the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, referring to criticism of the pilot Asturian of the car from Maranello in 2014.
      “Last year, just after a race, he began to criticize, that this or that is not going well, there was a problem, we have not won”
      “How can raise the morale of a team if your driver only speaks bad ?”says Lauda, ​​who pointed out that the sensitivity of the Italian fans is very special: ” Everyone knows it. If you run in Italy this is an attitude that could not afford Perhaps elsewhere support it, ignore the reviews but not in the area of ​​Maranello “.
      Finally, Lauda compares the attitude of Alonso with Sebastian Vettel, his replacement at the Scuderia: “Vettel is the sun, Alonso is the shadow.” And as to whether the Spanish will be regretting leaving Ferrari, that now seems to have a competitive car, Lauda said: “.. At this time, the Spanish must be biting his ass. He took the wrong decision. He alone has gotten into the abyss”

      1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
        12th April 2015, 5:13

        trichampion? that journalist must be a little lost, @jorge-lardone

        1. @omarr-pepper that’s a mistake by Google Translate. I’m not that fluent in Spanish but the article reads “El tricampeón austríaco dispara ahora contra Fernando Alonso” which translates to “the Austrian trichampion now guns Fernando Alonso”.

    12. @keithcollantine

      I would like to nominate that picture of the Chris Medland tweet for a caption competition!!

    13. Alonso disappoints me. Even if this was a response to Lauda’s quotes, why does he need to react at all? He knows how good he is, does he still have to defend himself so vehemently?
      The frustration seems to be getting to him, and I don’t really blame him for that. But he’s clearly jumping at shadows here. You can’t say stuff like this when you’re getting regularly outqualified by a teammate who isn’t great over one lap himself. I know he missed the third phase of testing and the first race, so perhaps he still hasn’t gelled with the car fully.

      1. @wsrgo told you.. Alonso is evil 😈😁😄

    14. Wonder what Niki Lauda thinks about Lewis Hamilton and his constant talk down to the team even while winning or him prolonging his contract talks even when Mercs hold this big an advantage. Alonso lost patience after 5 years even with a fresh year in a new formula. I wouldn’t hold it against him for moving to McHonda. It was the logical thing to do as they didn’t have the same restrictions as other teams to develop the engine which is single biggest factor in this formula.

      Of course chassis is also important and McLaren are capable of providing it. Prodromou coming in to the team would have given him further boost to make his decision.

      I am not sure what/who Alonso means when he talks about people enjoying but it will be good to be silent while down. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, people will label you bitter.

      I am a Ferrari fan but I wish Alonso gets the 3rd title before retiring. He deserves that much carrying the Ferrari around for the time he was there.

      1. @evered7

        ‘Wonder what Niki Lauda thinks about Lewis Hamilton and his constant talk down to the team even while winning’

        What are you talking about? Hamilton is forever talking up and complimenting the team, the ‘guys back at the factory’, etc, and it is common knowledge that Lauda is a massive Hamilton supporter.

        1. I disagree about that. I think Lauda’s favorite driver is Vettel. Lauda didn’t even had nice things to say about Hamilton before he decided to try and sign him away from Mclaren.
          His attitude changed after the Mercedes contract but i still think he doesn’t like him very much but simply appreciates his ability and also feel little protective because it had influence in his signing so he sees i as an investment he made.

    15. Alonso just never misses an opportunity to sound like a man with a dark, dark side. His sense of entitlement knows no boundaries, and that takes him to say stuff like this.
      But I guess we are all used to that already.

      1. He’s just cry baby like always.

    16. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      12th April 2015, 5:16

      So Alonso is not studying Japanese Samurai wisdom quotes anymore? Honda guys might know some of these quotes, I guess.

      1. Perhaps he has bought a book about the Yakuza and has changed the tone :P

    17. Good luck with that attitude Alonso. Thats all I can say for you. :)

    18. Bernie, you give the prize money to the constructors, not the drivers. That makes it a constructors’ championship. It always has been, even before one team bolted a big fan on the back of their car to suck it down to the road. Whose team was it? Do you remember?

      Don’t be such a hypocrite.

      1. +1;-)
        Bernie is more and more delusional and a disgrace for F1, talking it down, instead of up.

        1. He’s very old now, and really can’t be expected to have logical and consistent thinking.

    19. It’s sad to see ALO in a situation that looks like a 2nd Minardi stint, but it’s sad to see him having this kind of remarks. And sad again that he doesn’t realize that the off-track actions contribute to the greatness of a racer too, and comments of this kind only damage his reputation. In my opinion, all that “I’m happy” talk is rubbish, and in reality he’s feeling already sorry for leaving Ferrari at the end of 2014. I know he wants to win races and champs, but finishing in the top 4 is obviously a lot better than around P15. I may be wrong, but I don’t think 2016 will be a lot better than 2015 for McLaren, given the current situation. At best, 2016 could be 2014 revisited for McLaren, more exactly fighting for lower points. And I kinda see another problem for him: Button. At Ferrari, ALO had his team mates “covered”, but so far it seems that Button has ALO “covered”.

    20. Alonso had his chance with Ferrari and blew it. Ferrari did the right thing by sacking Alonso.

      1. Actually, he left Ferrari. If I’m not wrong, his contract with Ferrari was supposed to expire at the end of 2016.

        1. @corrado-dub and van der Garde had a contract with Sauber for 2015, but if the team doesn’t want you…

    21. On One hand I feel sorry for Alonso. With the public and media constantly asking him every single day if he regrets leaving Ferrari, What was he supposed to say ? “Yeah I made a mistake, I should have stayed on” ? “This MH car is not good any where as I originally thought “. !!! Yes he will be defensive, I did expect that. On Top of that Kimi shouting “Get that McLaren out of my way” while coming down to lap him could be even more frustrating than the red cars lapping him. Last but not the least Button is proving to be handful, Alonso is not able to get on top of button just like he struggled against Lewis in 2008. All said and done he is human even though we fans (and he himself) gave him a superhero image !!!

      On the Other hand I did not totally appreciate the dig against Vettel. That was pure mind games and politics and was unwarranted for. Definitely the world sees it as a matter of sour grapes and nothing else. I don’t remember any such remarks from Vettel towards Alonso. (@KeithCollantine Please correct me if I am wrong). Vettel is a 4 time champ and ironically he is enjoying the season with Ferrari like a rookie which is refreshing to see. He does not carry the attitude to Ferrari that “I am a 4 time champ, get around me, I know what I am doing”. He is soaking in every moment of celebration which is good for him, Kimi and the team.

      Last but not the least, I am not fully impressed with McLaren Honda so far. Ofcourse they are making progress every race etc but this was not what was expected out of them. They had a whole year to understand from McLaren the challenges with the V6 Turbo hybrid. Also Last year same time when the teams started afresh with the turbo Hybrid engines and the new chasis/aero rules others (including Mclaren) were doing much better in their first year than McLaren Honda is doing now.

      In total, Alonso is getting cornered in many front and he needs to deflect the conversation and he does that in different ways possible. For all the talks of being made of nerves of steel, Alonso is still human inside.

    22. Was really great to get Alonso to speak about the 2006 race – a different era, different teams and different position in the championship. It’s been 8 years since Alonso won a title! Thanks for including the video Keith.

    23. Since the crash that made him miss the first race, I am not sure about Alonso’s mental health. He has a deranged look in his face. To think that Vettel and people at Ferrari are “enjoying” McHonda’s purgatory is ok, but to publicly say that, in an interview, is uncalled for.

      It is ok to be frustrated with the current state of affairs at McHonda, but take it in and let the results rebuff what YOU THINK is happening.

    24. What ever way we look at it….Mercedes is still out in front…and Ferrari may struggle to catch up…any team with Renault will be handicapped by starting at the back as they will have used too many engines…so any real challenge may be from the Honda engine…its getting quicker race by race, so Alonso may be right in his move to McLaren……and it might pay off

      1. I don’t understand how can be claimed that the only ones that will challenge Mercedes is Honda.

        By the way, how many engines has used Alonso’s car?

    25. Typical Alonso in a diva mode. As his fan I think he should just shut up as it was his choice although some say not totally his fault. But he’s still paid top dollars being at the back of the grid. After all waiting five years in Ferrari what’s a few years more though time is not on his side. Am just waiting for McHonda to get up to speed and be more reliable.

    26. Comm’n Alonso – We fans don’t wish to hear this from you. We all know you calibre and wish Mclaren Keeps on Improving.

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