Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2015

Vettel apologises for Perez collision

2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2015Sebastian Vettel has apologised for the collision between himself and Sergio Perez in the closing minutes of second practice in Bahrain.

The Ferrari appeared to suffer a mechanical issue as it exited the pits and Vettel made contact with Perez’s rear as the two rounded the apex of Turn One.

After the session, Vettel apologised for the incident but admitted that there was a problem with his car at the time of the accident.

“I came out of the garage and had a problem,” explained Vettel. “I hit the brakes but suddenly there was a blow and I couldn’t brake properly. Therefore I hit Sergio Perez in the corner.

“Of course I’m sorry, but I couldn’t do anything else in that moment. I was looking for Sergio to say sorry, but he was still sitting in the car.”

Perez suffered a puncture in the collision but his Force India was otherwise undamaged. The Mexican believes it was no more than an ‘unfortunate incident’.

“I was trying to overtake Nasr and, when I got to the apex of turn one, the gap I had on Sebastian was gone, as he had a car problem, and he made light contact with my right rear,” said Perez.

“After the session he came to see me and said he had an issue with the brakes. It was an unfortunate incident but nothing more than that.”

The stewards investigated the incident after the session, but felt that no further action was necessary after hearing from the two drivers involved.

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  • 24 comments on “Vettel apologises for Perez collision”

    1. DasStiggeroonie
      17th April 2015, 20:15

      Vettel strikes me as a real gentle soul, and very honest. We need more drivers like him…plus, it would make the racing more exciting!

    2. Not a fan of vettel in fact far from that…but have to say nice to see him admitting the coming together was his mistake though it was because of the break issues

    3. Nice to see after getting the impression that he held Perez responsible at the time.

    4. Interesting that Ted on Sky was reporting that the front right wheel wasn’t attached properly, hence the braking problem. Which makes twice this year that Ferrari wasn’t penalised for an unsafe release…

      1. @fluxsource Ted and Surer of the german branch hit on the wheel hub topic, but I can’t see how would Ferrari have an issue as such especially in FP, not to mention that Raikkonen issue was on the rear end. In the end all I could see were similarities to Hamilton’s hockeinheim Brembo failure, I think the vibration seen on camera was just the disk collapsing, it’s not as if Ferrari hasn’t been having brake issues as well SKy…

        1. @peartree I don’t see how the wheel being a rear has anything to with it being unsafe or not…

          Adam Cooper is now reporting that it looks like it was indeed an improperly secured front wheel. And as for it being in FP instead of the Race – if it’s unsafe on race day, surely it’s also unsafe on the Friday?

          1. I am glad this site doesn’t censor comments like this, or criticism of the tires.

          2. And how on Earth would Adam Cooper have the foggiest idea what happened? Lot’s of “Let’s save Lewis’ bacon” from the loyal British F1 press corp.

          3. @fluxsource How can Ferrari have problems with front and rear nuts. Ferrari had 1 problem with one rear corner suddenly everything is an unsafe release. It isn’t known if it was an improperly secured front wheel or anything else. I don’t know what Adam Cooper or Ted Kravitz or Marc Surer know of F1, the problem is still unknown to the press, therefore these guys are psychics With that in mind how can you jump to the conclusion this was an unsafe release?

            1. @peartree

              Ferrari had 1 problem with one rear corner suddenly everything is an unsafe release.

              Ok, so when they had “1 problem” and the wheel wasn’t fitted properly, why weren’t they penalised for an unsafe release?

              It isn’t known if it was an improperly secured front wheel or anything else.

              It was known. Adam Cooper, Ted Kravitz and other know because they’re actually in the paddock, and actually talking to people involved. It’s called journalism. So while it wasn’t confirmed, it was hardly a frivolous fairy tale. And it’s now been confirmed (see here).

              I think you’ve misunderstood the point that was making. I wasn’t suggesting that Ferrari had a systemic wheel-attachment problem. Instead I was referring to the fact that they had escaped penalty for improperly fitted wheels twice in four races.

              If you’d like me to spell it out for you, I was inferring that Ferrari were being preferential treatment. I don’t actually believe this, but it’s the kind of incident that gets people wondering (or “confirms” their existing suspicions).

              That said, the reason for Vettel not receiving a penalty have been explained and seem reasonable. I don’t recall that being the case for Kimi, but I am probably wrong.

            2. @fluxsource I read that link I read other links, all speculation. There’s no factual documentation.
              I did meant that Ferrari shouldn’t be suffering a systematic wheel attachment problem but I did also meant to say that I don’t believe Ferrari have escaped penalties for improperly attached wheels, Ferrari surely escaped once, in Melbourne.
              Your 3rd point, in light of the Melbourne occurrence and the unknown nature of the Vettel problem which can point for recurrence it is natural to wonder if Ferrari is getting preferential treatment. Nevertheless this possibility is aiding the show.
              4th point, I think Kimi’s case is reasonable, as the wheel was not apparently in danger of coming out and there was no accident. I don’t think Vettel should be excuse, if it is what you think and what the jornous infer the FIA thinks.

            3. @peartree

              You clearly didn’t read the link I posted, as that was reporting on a direct FIA statement. I’m not sure exactly what factual documentation you need.

              As for the rest of what you said, I’m struggling to follow what you’re saying. I don’t mean to ridicule you – I’m assuming English isn’t your first language, and as such you’re doing a better job than I could in any other language – but I’m don’t think I could fairly respond.


            4. @fluxsource I can’t understand why you would feel the need to insult me. Trying to discriminate me isn’t going to cut it. You shouldn’t diminish people based on prejudice. You don’t know me I don’t know you. I was asking you to show me an actual FIA copy and not what Adam Cooper is saying. Why would I trust Adam Cooper? How hard can it be to understand that. It’s not as if I was going against your feelings. It’s beyond the realms of imagination to think the FIA would not penalize someone for causing an avoidable crash, henceforth my doubts regarding what Adam Cooper is stating.

    5. Nice attitude from Vettel.

    6. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      17th April 2015, 20:58

      Vettel just made an angry team radio over that collision. He was swearing in there.

      1. The heat of the moment.

      2. @iluvsoundtracks I heard it too, and there was no doubt he blames Perez, but hats off to him for manning up to change his mind and apologizing. It gave me a flash bach to when he took Webber off, and blamed him for it. Good to see that he matured a bit.

        1. but hats off to him for manning up to change his mind and apologizing

          Or being coy in front of the media

          Either way you see it

    7. If Vettel had a brake problem, maybe he should have given Perez a break at the time instead of waving like a London cabbie. Once he got out of the car and had a break he admitted it was a brake problem and he should have given Perez a break. Always take a break, don’t just hit the brakes!

      1. If we videoed most of us when watching some form of close sport and we are cheering for a team or person in the heat of the moment any of us may be embarrassed at what we said or did in the heat of the moment.

      2. I see what you did there DaveWillis…..break…brake…break…brake…ahem ;)

        1. It’s the little things!
          I still think Seb should have been a bit less animated given that he knew the problem at the time. Just shows that all drivers on the grid are prone to vent frustration in the wrong direction!

          1. Alonso barely has two hands on the wheel the amount of waving he does

          2. Just shows that all drivers on the grid are prone to vent frustration in the wrong direction!

            Jus shows that drivers are humans too!

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