Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2015

2015 Bahrain Grand Prix grid

2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2015

Row 1 1. Lewis Hamilton 1’32.571
2. Sebastian Vettel 1’32.982
Row 2 3. Nico Rosberg 1’33.129
4. Kimi Raikkonen 1’33.227
Row 3 5. Valtteri Bottas 1’33.381
6. Felipe Massa 1’33.744
Row 4 7. Daniel Ricciardo 1’33.832
Red Bull
8. Nico Hulkenberg 1’34.450
Force India
Row 5 9. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’34.462
Toro Rosso
10. Romain Grosjean 1’34.484
Row 6 11. Sergio Perez 1’34.704
Force India
12. Felipe Nasr 1’34.737
Row 7 13. Marcus Ericsson 1’35.034
14. Fernando Alonso 1’35.039
Row 8 15. Max Verstappen 1’35.103
Toro Rosso
16. Pastor Maldonado 1’35.677
Row 9 17. Daniil Kvyat 1’35.800
Red Bull
18. Will Stevens 1’38.713
Row 10 19. Roberto Merhi 1’39.722
20. Jenson Button No time

2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

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67 comments on “2015 Bahrain Grand Prix grid”

  1. Great lap by Hamilton and both Ferraris. McHonda is also improving in 14th place. And Rosberg? The less said, the better. He is just gradually falling behind.
    Rosberg will be replaced for 2016. You heard it here first.

    1. Trenthamfolk (@)
      18th April 2015, 17:04

      Hamilton was clearly driving ‘too slowly’…

      1. @trenthamfolk Rosberg should just take out Hamilton at the first corner and pretend that it was a ‘mistake’ and gift the title to Ferrari.

    2. I don’t know why Mercedes would replace a driver who is doing a very good job as a #2 driver?

      1. @superf1fan Because if Ferrari improves at the rate that they are right now, a Constructor’s Championship is not a given for Mercedes anymore and they might not be able to get away like Red Bull did. Alonso? Or Bottas maybe? What about Verstappen?

        1. Both Mercedes drivers have been on the podium in all 3 races so far and they will likely continue to be on top in most weekends… so the constructors championship should be easily won. Ferrari improves at a fast rate, yes, but Mercedes will also improve.

          Anyway, I personally see no reason for the team to replace Rosberg, as he’s a terrific number two driver. Of course they could replace him with a better or younger driver, but as long as they win most races and score enormous amounts of points, why change anything?

          1. If cash was an issue for Mercedes they would have Bottas as a cheaper no.2, with Wehrlein in at Williams. It isn’t, so they will retain Hamilton-Rosberg for a while yet most likely. @saints @mashiat2 @superf1fan

  2. Rosberg simply has no answer, Hamilton superior, and Ferrari on the rise!

    1. Rosberg “its a fact that Lewis driving too fast has compromised my race”.

      1. @puneethvb Very funny!! Make that races, plural. Many, many races.

      2. +1000

      3. @puneethvb How about “Lewis was driving too slowly….. in practice. I couldn’t copy his data!” ;)

      4. I can hear Nico now. “How I can I possibly win a race if Lewis is in front of me.”

    2. I’m afraid he might have an answer, albeit not the kind we are thinking of. In P3 Rosberg is now directly behind Hamilton on the grid and his front wing might have an appointment with one of Hamilton’s rear tyres, especially if Roberg brakes deliberately late into the first corner.

  3. I said it yesterday and I say it again. Lewis and this year’s Merc are a perfect combo. Lewis just throws the car to the apex and rear sticks, just perfectly suited to his style and so is the track.

  4. I want to know who wronged Rosberg; someone must be to blame!?

    1. Hamilton stole Rosberg’s minty balaclava and used it to make himself minty undergarments, after Bruno Senna’s suggestion.

    2. At least, he blames himself:

      ROSBERG: “Strategy-wise, I got it wrong. I was thinking too much about the race and underestimated Sebastian’s pace”

      1. I guess we can all agree the driver has only one task – drive the car. Leave the thinking to the Engineers and race strategists. That is what they are paid for.

        During qualy, the likes of Vettel and Hamilton do one thing and that is drive the car as fast as they can without as many errors as possible. No time for thinking. Just drive.

        When you are racing on Sunday, you can think all you like.

        Nico, don’t get decieved with all the people hyping you as the brainy, methodical “thinking” guy. They don’t have your best interest at heart. Just look at the Jenson Button hype and where it got Mclaren since Hamilton left. If you don’t want to be replaced at MercedesAmgF1, just drive the car and forget the false hype.

        1. @tata He probably set the car up for being a bit better on the long run, so that he can overcut? in the race, or attack at the end of stints.

        2. ColdFly F1 (@)
          19th April 2015, 1:23

          @tata – you are quite wrong there.
          Every driver decides – together with his engineers – how to set up the car to find an optimal balance between one lap quali pace and long run race pace.
          It is not as simple as just driving fast!

    3. It’s him getting married – Mrs. Rosberg you’ve slowed down his whole world.
      As for Lewis, he has nowhere to focus and responsible except for racing :P

  5. Six tenths faster on by rosberg words his stronger track

  6. I set 1:32.572 but changed it last minute :-(

    1. I guessed a 1:33.1 ^^

      If only Lewis was as slow as Rosberg!

    2. I did 1.32.598 ! I have had it to 2 thousands before though…

    3. @wil-liam If it’s Ham-Ros-Vet-Rai-Bot tomorrow I could be in the pound seat with 1:32.500 :).

      1. My Guess
        • Pole Time – 01:32.567
        • Pole – Lewis Hamilton
        • Position 1 – Lewis Hamilton
        • Position 2 – Nico Rosberg
        • Position 3 – Sebastian Vettel
        • Position 4 – Kimi Raikkonen
        • Position 5 – Romain Grosjean

  7. That moment between these two magicians just before weighing… pure poetry. Monster rivals.

    1. Oh, I missed that :(

      Stupid Belgian television!

    2. @antoine-de-paris @edmarques
      I must’ve missed what you’re referring to. Are you talking about Hamilton and Vettel post-qualifying?

  8. Excellent lap by LH, excellent qualy session, kept the suspense till the chequered flag, what a session.

  9. Very happy Vettel split the mercs. Since surprising pace from Williams innit?

    1. *Some

      bloody swype…

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        19th April 2015, 1:30

        @njoydesign – Swype – maybe you got it wrong and were thinking too much about speed, and now missing out due to errors!

  10. Also interesting to note how this year’s cars are only 0.5 secs faster? Were the conditions different? Or is it the tyres?

    1. Bahrain wasn’t really affected the regulation changes last year, though, so it doesn’t feel as surprising to me that the gap between this year and last year is smaller.

    2. I was also wondering about that. I think it may also have something to do with the fact they did pre-season testing here last year so the teams already had the track more dialed in, at least compared to the other tracks???

  11. Mark Webber just has no answer for Hamilton’s pace.

    1. I don’t get this one?

      1. He is implying Nico Rosberg as new Mark Webber

        1. Just like Webber didnt have any answer To Vettel after 2010. Nico has no answer for Hamilton. @xtwl

        2. @mjf1fan Rosberg could only wish he was as likeable as Webber. ;)

          1. Haha. He was quite likeable until Spa 2014 happened.

      2. @xtwl Rosberg = Not bad for a Number 2 driver.

  12. Sometimes I wonder how Rosberg is so slow. Bahrain is one of Rosberg’s strongest tracks too.

  13. Rosberg has finally gotten his wish. Awesome pic!! The Mercedes and Hammy combo are on fire!

  14. Rosberg has just explained why he was so slow compared to his teammate. He said he was thinking of race strategy by going gentle on his tyres in Q2, which he admitted was a mistake because he didn’t envision Vettel being as fast as he was. So in Q3 he was all out of rhythm. Interestingly, Hamilton’s Q2 time was a 1.32.6 which was his first full out attack run. Rosberg’s first and only full out attack run was a 1.33.1 so Hamilton had him beat hand’s down.

  15. I wonder what Alonso would do in that Ferrari…his departure from that team could be potentially biggest blunder move ever in F1. If Honda put their stuff together and produce good car for 2016 and 2017 it will not be important but if Vettel wins title with Ferrari in any of these years….

    1. agreed, i believe Alonso would have been faster than Vettel by at least 2/3 tenths (the same margin Vettel has over Kimi)

      1. 2/3 tenths? No, 2/3 seconds /s

        1. Wow, i thought that he carries half a second in his right armpit. Now is only three tenths? I’m disappointed.
          When will folks stop with this baseless speculation?
          Alonso had nothing for Ferrari and has nothing to help develop the McLaren either.

          1. So far he seems to be half a second slower than Button, and he gets 100 times the salery:-). If he could do better than Vettel in the Ferrari is pure speculation put forward by those who keep trying to belittle Vettel, despite 4 titles.

    2. @dex022

      I wonder what Alonso would do in that Ferrari

      Oh, just stop. We already seen him in that Ferrari for 5 years. It’s more like what could Alonso do in the second Mercedes.

      1. This applies to @sohebbasharat as well.

    3. On qualifying? Would be behind Rosberg.

    4. with Alonso, Ferrari would never got this year enthusiasm and spirit
      Ferrari doesn’t miss him anyway

      1. You know Everything, jon snow :)

        I agree with you. There is a breathe of fresh air in Maranello and everyone seems so happy. Its good to see Arrivabene so animated at various times during gp and ofcourse, the love Vettel has for Ferrari…it is definitely building a great atmosphere in the garage.

  16. Manor is closing in more and more by each race. from just over the 107% in melbourne but got to race to be well under the 107% :)

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      19th April 2015, 1:39

      They were more than just over the 107% in Melbourne. More like ∞%

  17. Being sat next to a great driver has side-effects.

    Barrichello, Fisichella, Kovalainen, Webber, Massa and now Rosberg?

    1. When are you going to sit with Alonso then :P

  18. Thank you for having the list. I spent about 10 minutes just trying to find a list of qualifying and not long winded articles. Will have to come back here often!

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