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With a new IndyCar season under way, F1 Fanatic has a new quiz on the many Formula One drivers who have gone Stateside to race open-wheelers.

From world champions to tail-enders, F1 racers have made America a second home after, before and even during their grand prix racing days.

But how many of them do you recognise? This brand new quiz features photographs of 20 of them – see how many you can identify correctly in five minutes:

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How did you get on? Share your score in the comments – but remember not to include anything which may give clues about the questions or answers.

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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23 comments on “Quiz: Name these F1 drivers who raced in IndyCar”

  1. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
    28th April 2015, 12:45

    Er, 1. :p Only recognised a certain Brasilian’s helmet.

  2. Wow, 13, pretty pleased with it – especially as I’m not a big IndyCar follower. Didn’t stand a chance against the perfect @keithcollantine though!

    1. @hunocsi Lucky 13 for me as well. I didn’t had the chance to follow Indy back in the 90’s and 00’s that said I don’t watch it this days either. I guess we have a good eye for helmets.

  3. 11/20 which I’m actually happy with. I’ve never really followed IndyCar, and some of my answers were either stabs in the dark or just naming drivers I remember going to America after F1, in some cases from reading their F1Rejects profile!

  4. Wow should have been more prepared. Only got one but didn’t really have my mindset in place so I abandoned it in half a minute. Don’t think I would have gotten more than 5 or 6 anyway, and I was forgetting they were all former F1ers too. Maybe without the pressure of the timer I could have gotten half of them or so, lol.

  5. I scored 2/20.

    Not bad for someone who lives at UTC+7, to be honest.

  6. only 2, but i thought i recognized at least 4. oh well, i only started following indycar last year.

  7. I filled in the first one, pressed enter, and it said: you got 1/20.
    OK…? :(

  8. If I was the one who compiled this quiz I would score 21! Black JACK.

    1. But in my case I did 8/20

    2. I scored an Ace. 11.

  9. Got a 17, only 2 I didn’t know.. and one I tought I knew :)
    Have been following the indycar scene since mid 90′ so not surprised :)

  10. I got 1/20, but I have never watched IndyCar or paid attention to it before!

  11. 4 out of 20, ouch lol.

  12. My Indycar knowledge is almost nonexistant, so this should be…difficult!

    1. Wow 6, I actually impressed myself with that! :D

  13. I wasn’t sure of two of them, and got 18/20 :-)

    But I really want to know the ones that I got incorrect!

  14. Got 19/20 right, Not sure which 1 I got wrong.

  15. Says I got 0 but I accidentally went back a page pressing the backspace too many time…

    Got 11/20 which I’m really happy with. The older ones (pre 90s) I didn’t have a clue.

  16. Got 8/20. Should have done better…

    Cool quiz, Keith!! Loved the IndyCar race from Barber this past Sunday.

  17. Really pleased with 16! I am tempted to call foul on @keithcollantine getting full marks in his own quiz! ;)

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