Caption Competition 75: Two Sainzs and a former king

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Former Spanish king Juan Carlos, who abdicated last year, joined the Toro Rosso team at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Here Carlos Sainz Jnr explains the intricacies of a 2015-specification F1 steering wheel to him along with team principal Franz Tost and Sainz’s multiple world rally champion father.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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74 comments on “Caption Competition 75: Two Sainzs and a former king”

  1. And do you think Sir Stirling Moss can handle this?

  2. Now a days you only need to push this button to make Royal Babies.

  3. Sainz Jnr: “And this is the Overtake button, which temporarily gives a power boost. Unfortunately it’s broken, at least I think it is..”

  4. Juan Carlos: Isn’t it a pain with your father constantly looking over your shoulder?
    CS Junior: No. That’s what this button is for. It’s a very sophisticated ‘drag’ reduction system!

  5. “And this button allows me to view a live stream of the race to my dashboard. Providing the local broadcast isn’t behind a pay-wall.”

  6. Catered Ham
    2nd May 2015, 12:12

    This is going to change Everything….

  7. Neil (@neilosjames)
    2nd May 2015, 12:15

    “And if I press this one it issues a press release asking everyone to stop calling me Junior…”

  8. It’s said that they should have seen the signs of Carlos’s problems when he tried to drive the car without the steering wheel attached.

    1. Or: Carlos signs his steering wheel for elderly fans.

  9. “And if Max notices the dials no longer work we can just blame Renault…”

  10. “I was told I’d find the fastest Spaniard in F1 here… who are you?”

  11. “A red bull, you say? That’s all well and good, my son, but have you ever shot an elephant?”

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      2nd May 2015, 12:59

      muy bien – mi amigo!

    2. Ha ha, good one! 👍

    3. I was going to make a suggestion almost exactly like this one, so I won’t bother. @tom-l put it better than I would have, anyway. :)

    4. lol, this.

  12. ColdFly F1 (@)
    2nd May 2015, 13:04

    And with this button I can play Candy Crush.

  13. Look, I even get Twitter in it!

  14. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
    2nd May 2015, 13:35

    So if you adjust this switch here you can turn the engine down, you wouldn’t want to have a problem just a few hundred metres from the end, eh Dad?

  15. CSJr uses his steering wheel to compute the odds of 3 out of 4 people standing there having Carlos in their name.

  16. I’m no longer the Spanish king, and right now I’m sofa king confused.

  17. Carlos explains to Carlos and Carlos how a steering wheel works, amusing Carlos and puzzling Carlos.

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      2nd May 2015, 22:53

      Carlos’ son Carlos explains Carlos how Carlos’ car’s steering works, ….

      … and even Tost is lost!

  18. Carlos Sainz Jnr: “This is a steering wheel.”
    king Juan Carlos:”Ooooooooooh, a rectangular steering wheel! With buttons!”

  19. This is what is driving me nuts.

  20. Wooowwww, it comes with a usb charging port!

  21. Sainz Jr: hey guys, here’s a button. I have no idea what it does! LOL

  22. Sainz : “Yes, your highness, I can connect to the internet on this and yes that is Youtube that is loading up.”

  23. And you push this button to get through to Renault’s complaints department

  24. RP (@slotopen)
    2nd May 2015, 14:26

    …and this button activates the smoke screen. Unfortunately it breaks the power unit.

    1. Haha good one !

  25. This switch activates the trackside party with heavy metal and smoke…

  26. Juan Carlos “Oh, when the Sainz go marching in.”
    Tost & Senior “Oh, when the Sainz go marching in!”
    Junior “Bernie I want to be number one.”
    All “When the Sainz go marching in!”

    1. YES!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!

  27. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    2nd May 2015, 15:28

    “And the entire steering wheel is powered by the two AA batteries in the back.”

  28. To the Max !
    2nd May 2015, 15:31

    Sainz Jnr : “I have just now shifted up !”
    Juan Carlos : “Shouldn`t the steering wheel be connected to the car for that work?”
    Sainz Jnr : “It doesn`t matter !”

  29. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    2nd May 2015, 15:34

    “And on this side you’ve got the engine settings; economy mode, push-to-pass, detonate…”

  30. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
    2nd May 2015, 15:44

    “and this button shows the photo of the grid girls”.

  31. Yes your highness, our simulator is low spec, but look, it does have a rumble feature to simulate engine failure!

  32. Kenny Ryekonnen
    2nd May 2015, 16:13

    swipe left…Left… Le – wow…those can’t be real, no?

  33. “Good lord!!!! There are more knobs on that than there are in all the Royal Families in Europe”

  34. Sainz jr showing the fireworks button for the Renault engine.

  35. King Carlos: You can’t really operate all those buttons at two hundred miles an hour surely, Junior?

    Carlos Jr: It takes a long of practice, your highness. And don’t call me Shirley Junior.

  36. Roger Hellebrand
    2nd May 2015, 18:07

    And if i push this red button evrything turns in to gravel so i can do my “dad”imitation

  37. @keithcollantine Title should’ve been 3 Carlos’ and an Austrian.

  38. And this is the selfie button!

  39. “So this button controls the climate control, this button over here activates the seat warmers and this button over here enables blue tooth”

  40. “So this is the button I used to blow up Ricciardo’s engine at Bahrain”

  41. King: How do you get the most power?
    CS: Its important to not be too rich or too weak.

  42. We made this button for you, sir, so you can’t drive for hours with the indicator lights on.

  43. Putting the finishing touches to his picture of a cat on his very elaborate echa-sketch.

  44. Careless Carlos Carless

  45. This is where Helmut tells me if I still have a job.

  46. “This dial here is the important one, it controls the engine settings. The modes are ‘finish race’, ‘maybe finish in points’, ‘explode midway’ and ‘explode on installation lap’.”

  47. And this button is the ‘auto pilot’

  48. Carlos: “hey Carlos, how many car loss (t)”

    “I couldn’t car loss”

  49. Juan Carlos: So, all you have to do is swipe left or right?

  50. Csj: so here is where I download my latest apps, next I use the Internet to do my banking, over here I could download music when I get bored, the next button is for me to use when I fall asleep which it makes a loud noise to wake me up but it is tricky to use and makes the car to fail.

  51. Cs explaining 2015 f1 steering wheel:

    “It’s so technologically advanced, it can drive me up the wall…”

  52. And this sets the power to 100% but I haven’t even pushed it once all season

  53. All Sainz Tost the King!

  54. No, that is the deer button. This is the button to shoot an elefant.

  55. racefreak619
    3rd May 2015, 16:29

    And this is Max’s “Etch a Sketch”

  56. Setting up the airbag prank and passing the wheel to the king in 3, 2, 1…

  57. “Talk about a complicated etch-a-sketch!”

  58. “This button’s for ‘boost engine’ but it doesn’t seem to work…”

  59. Three Carlos’ and an Austrian.

  60. “…and this one is the abdicate button”

  61. Sainz Jr – “If you press this button here, we deploy a smoke screen to the driver following us. This feature was designed by Renault”

  62. CS finally figured out how to use the steering wheel and he is so happy that he found his long lost childhood toy in Mexico on Google map on the steering wheel.

  63. This is the new European version of a tablet.
    The screen is small but the baterry is so big we needed to add Kers into it. Every time I type, Kers fills up and the tablet is fully charged.

  64. Sainz Jr.: Look boss. There is a text for you.

    Tost: Let me see.

    King Juan Carlos: No wonder Scott came with the lemonhead gig.

  65. One Sainz to the other: Is this the former king that cam before our loved Bernie?

  66. Julian Dycaico
    18th May 2015, 14:36

    “normally there is a car attached to this”

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