New McLaren livery for Spanish Grand Prix revealed

2015 Spanish Grand Prix

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McLaren has revealed the revised livery it will use beginning with this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

The team began the year with a silver and red design similar to that used in previous seasons but have changed to a darker colour scheme.

2015 Spanish Grand Prix

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    142 comments on “New McLaren livery for Spanish Grand Prix revealed”

    1. Inspiring livery…

      1. yeah, really inspiring… Let’s just hope that McLaren don’t go down the same road! :D

        1. @matiascasali The McLaren looks quite a bit darker than the HRT.

          1. From the few first pictures that started appearing it does not really actually look much darker than the HRT, although it might have a mettalic sheen to it that the HRT never had @keithcollantine, @matiascasali

            1. although it might depend on the angle you see it from – the nose looks dark from the front, but lighter grey from the side/with reflections on it.

              That said, it defenitely looks more metallic than the drab HRT colourscheme, so lets hope it looks good on track. And at least the sponsors that are there (Partners really apart from hte 3 logos on FW/RW) at least are clearly visible

      2. well, if that’s a fast car everybody would reckoned that a neat livery. but now the situation is completely different.

      3. Interesting. Did not know that McLaren were such big fans of HRT. Lost but never forgotten. Spain GP coming etc.
        But on a more serious note – I was really expecting the comeback of TAG Heuer logos on the cars, but no. After reading stories about their celebrations for soon to be 30 years of partnership and of course seeing this trailer.

      4. knoxploration
        7th May 2015, 6:04

        Bland, boring, painfully corporate, and the front looks utterly ridiculous — it gives the appearance of having two noses.

        Among the worst liveries I’ve ever seen. Even Super Aguri’s liveries, Honda’s Earth livery, Toyota’s liveries and the 1980s Benetton liveries were better.

    2. Matt Powell
      6th May 2015, 12:11

      Now this looks beautiful! Shame it isn’t the red and white combo of the McLaren Honda cars of the late 80s and early 90s but still this looks really nice!

    3. It could be perfect.. but that front, after the 1st red, is just awful to me! Now, maybe they are already thinking about the future, with a short nose (all black maybe), and if so, then it’s a nice livery!

    4. Yawn… Is it really that hard to come up with a striking and interesting livery? How about some colour?!

    5. Honestly, I think some of it looks better, not much better at all, but still better. I really do not understand the part of the red line that joins in the middle of the nose, that looks incredibly stupid and makes the car look disjointed. I don’t know who thought that was a good idea.

      Really, they should substitute the black for white, and change that nose bit and then we’d be in business. Overall, not particular impressed but having said that, I didn’t expect much anyway.

      1. Now that you mention it @philereid, perhaps that’s where the double red on the nose comes from: put ‘predatory graphite-grey’ instead of white. add Marlboro chevrons to nose. And then add a McLaren (double) swoosh on the sidepod. I actually like that bit as it adds a bit more colour, but they do look too dynamic for the rest of the car.

      2. pastaman (@)
        6th May 2015, 13:12

        I like the extra stripe, it makes the nose not look so long and flimsy like before

      3. I personally do think it looks much better. More unique and a move toward a new identity. I just wish they kept the sparkly bits. It was the only thing worth keeping from the old one as it was new and unique and they didn’t!

    6. So where they found one jar of orange paint at the beginning of the season they now found a second one?

    7. ADD (@addimaf1)
      6th May 2015, 12:13

      Its just begging to be white, white with that red. Who are in charge of McLaren its so simple!!!!

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        6th May 2015, 12:36


        I wonder whether they’ve intentionally kept away from red and white for the moment for two key reasons:

        1. They’re not currently in a position to emulate the performance of the classic red & white McLarens. Why therefore be accused of trashing history by producing a significantly inferior car and wasting that livery on it?
        2. Given the current performance they don’t want to provoke comparisons with Manor/Marussia. I can imagine Martin Brundle saying in commentary: “So the four red and white cars are bringing up the rear…”)

        1. ADD (@addimaf1)
          6th May 2015, 12:37

          Excellent points. Right now a livery to match their performance

          1. The HRT spirit, I like that.

        2. that has nothing to do with it, the red and white was because of the marlboro brand. simple.

          1. ADD (@addimaf1)
            6th May 2015, 16:46

            No the livery in the 90’s was the Marlboro brand. They don’t own the colours, and if you just replace the grey with white on this car their is not a thing Marlboro could do about. Any problems could be explained away by saying the white was their by Honda’s request. With the red being from McLaren.

      2. Thiago Brasil
        6th May 2015, 13:18

        It would be a clear reference to a company that’s not their sponsor – actually a Ferrari sponsor. Sounds very sentimental for us, but commercially doesn’t look smart.

        1. well, lotus used the JPS livery. are phillip morris still actually paying ferrari anything?

          1. Phillip Morris own all of the advertising/sponser space on the ferrari car by paying a huge amount of money and sell it on to other brands.

          2. petebaldwin (@)
            6th May 2015, 14:43

            But that JPS livery instantly makes you think of Lotus rather than specifically JPS.

            The old red and white livery actually makes me think of Penske, Malborough and McLaren in that order. I certainly don’t think of Honda.

          3. @frood19 Lotus don’t use a JPS livery. JPS livery is black with defined gold pinstripes. The Lotus does have, nor has it ever had pinstripes. It has big patches of gold, more like an old Wolf F1 car than a JPS Lotus. The colours are evocative, but it’s clearly nothing like any of the JPS liveries in F1 or anywhere else.

            1. While Lotus do not use the JPS livery in the truest sense, even Lotus admitted it was a throw back to the old JPS cars when they first unveiled their black cars. it was a clear marketing strategy to evoke positive memories of the old JPS cars and of course the iconic images of Senna in them.

            2. Not only Senna, @eoin16 they were also Andretti’s and Emmo’s colours!

      3. @addimaf1 Is it really that much of a surprise McLaren don’t want to be thought of as giving free advertising to Philip Morris, their former sponsor, who now pump millions per year into one of their biggest rivals?

        1. ADD (@addimaf1)
          6th May 2015, 17:15

          No it isn’t but cant you let my nine year old self dream, it would be better than giving free advertising to HRT.

          1. @addimaf1 Don’t get me wrong, I like the old livery too. I also liked it on the old BRM F1 cars and Penske IndyCars and the dozens of other racing cars it appeared on. But let’s not kid ourselves it was there mainly to look good or because it was unique to McLaren – it wasn’t. It was there to sell packets of Marlboro fags. That’s Ferrari’s job now.

            1. Thank you, Kieth. I wish there was a web bot that uncaringly duplicates your comment across the entire internet.

        2. Honda’s color is white.

          People aren’t asking for the Marlboro packaging color scheme, but just replacing the black with white would have shown their connection to Honda and looked a ton better at the same time.

    8. I like it!

    9. I like it. We’ve not had a substantially black F1 car for quite a while. This’ll help distinguish it from the Force Indias and Mercedes as well.

      So much for not changing the livery until they got a new sponsor, though. Unless the new sponsor is themselves, on the rear wing…

      1. Hasn’t Lotus been using a substantially black car for a few years now? I know we don’t get to see much of them, like…

        1. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
          6th May 2015, 12:22

          … and the 2014 Force India. And every Lotus since 2011.

        2. @mazdachris It’s subjective I guess – I tend to think of it more as a black-gold-red Mars bar kind of look. Though they have got a bit more black on there this year than before.

      2. Unless the new sponsor is themselves

        I think you’re right @keithcollantine as the arrows on the sidepods (top view) are like the McLaren swoosh (to steal a term from Nike). In any case, black is back…

      3. The sideview does look disturbingly much like a more expensively painted HRT though, doesn’t it @keithcollantine?

        The light-grey/chrome bit wasn’t really doing much for me, this is better. I like more red bits on the sidepods too. The red double line on the nose looks odd though.

      4. As a Mclaren fan, I must say I really like it. I would probably like to see a bit of Red on that rear wing, but I find this design actually inspired. Yes there are some black cars on the grid, but the Mclaren finally looks like a car with identity. I speculate that, as soon as the car gets to fight for wins (next year?) What we see here in black might turn into white. Anyone proficient in photoshop might try to do this exercise, and, obviously excluding the rear wing, might find this suspiciously resemblant of the “iconic” Marlboro livery… Now, where’s that new color scheme merchandise to purchase?

      5. Not completely sure about the double red on the nose. On the other hand, it does help break the super long nose down optically instead of highlighting how long it was before.

        Overall it is certainly an improvement from their FI like /West/Mercedes inspired previous one. Lets just hope the grey actually looks almost black in real life and does not turn out to be drab like a HRT or the Sauber!

      6. it’s not bad, but for me it looks like the hispania from 2010!

      7. It´s beyond me how someome can like this. It´s awful, theres no design in it, it lacks color, lacks soul and imagination — maybe it´s real reflection of what McLaren has turned in those years without a real strong car.

      8. @keithcollantine I like it because those colours fit a racing car quite well. Black and red looks mean, and it’s hard to go wrong with those.

        But, inherently, it’s a dissaster. It’s beyond dull… and really, black and red isn’t neither McLaren’s nor Honda’s colours. And they don’t even try to risk it not even a tiny bit with the layout of the colours.

        They had all the space to do whatever they want (given their lack of sponsors), so why not make something that’s actually attractive and shockingly beautiful?

        McLaren’s last 2 livery changes were aggressive, and fantastic. West’s silver, black and red in 1997 was something else, and so was the chrome liveries that started in 2006. So why hold back?

    10. Anyone else reminded of this?

      1. I don’t know.

    11. I know it sounds impossible but somehow they’ve made it look even more boring. But wait, of course, the team that designed this livery must be the same design team behind the new McLaren 540C

      [Clarkson voice]

      “The most boring looking car…

      …in the world.”


        Chap A: Ron says no more meccachrome. We need to paint it another colour…er…
        Chap B: What other colours are there?
        Chap C: Errrr…grey?
        Chap A: Meccachrome is pretty much grey. What else is there…errr…
        Chap B: I know! How about black!
        Chap A: Yes, perfect, paint it black.

        1. Sums it up. It could have been OK if they didn’t put that stupid red ‘V’ at the front …

          Well, still waiting for an orange McLaren.

          1. @paeschli I’m not sure why so many people think that an orange McLaren is ever going to happen. Ron Dennis has categorically said that it won’t – he says orange is the past, not the future.

            1. @mazdachris I wouldn’t call painting your car like a HRT ‘the future’ either …

              I don’t think it will happen, but I’m still hoping for it anyway.

    12. The Blade Runner (@)
      6th May 2015, 12:21

      I really like it. It definitely looks more menacing and the overall livery now looks like a thought-out design rather than a few random elements pulled together.

      As always, the proof is seeing it in the “flesh” at the circuit.

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        6th May 2015, 12:27

        If you look at the car from above it is quite impressive and looks like billowing flames.

      2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        6th May 2015, 14:30

        @thebladerunner – interesting point about the top, I didn’t see that part.

        I personally don’t like it even though the look from the top is interesting. Unless this new livery shaves 1 second off a lap, they should get rid of it. I don’t know how the team behind the P1 and 650s came up with this color.

        I don’t think the color choice of black is bad – it’s just that they overall design suffers.

        I think it’s very important for McLaren to have an eye-catching design while it’s trailing in performance. They should come up with something totally incredible like the P1 that was specially colored

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          6th May 2015, 14:31

          Sorry, link to 1-off P1 color

          1. The Blade Runner (@)
            6th May 2015, 14:47


            If you visit McLaren’s website HERE and wait for approx. 9 seconds you see a graphite grey (i.e. pseudo black) P1 come towards you. You also see a lot of P1s of that colour in the press. I guess it could therefore be argued that it is one of McLaren’s current vogue colours/shades.

            Personally I’d rather see orange or red/white but this is definitely an improvement over 2015 mk1. If this car evolves into the dominant car Ron promises I guess we may see a derivative of this livery that itself becomes “classic” over time. I hope so!

            1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
              6th May 2015, 14:58

              Yes, the choice of color is not as important as the overall design. Black is harder to work with so they just need a much better designer to pull that off. I’m not a graphic designer but I think they need to re-imagine McLaren’s logo for a F1 car and in my opinion, it has to be completely redesigned to match other famous logos like Ferrari’s prancing horse, Lamborghini’s bull, Audi’s “olympic circles”, Mercedes’s pointed stars, Bugatti’s horseshoe. McLaren needs identity. It’s important from a financial standpoint too because they can sell a lot more merchandise with a cool looking logo.

            2. @freelittlebirds
              to be honest, as a designer, I don’t think that McLaren logo works in any situation at all: is just not a recognizable and/or distinct enough to be a good logo. they really should look at that if they are as worried with their brand as they claim…

              as you can see from my avatar, I really like black cars, yet this one doesn’t strike me as particularly noteworthy. looks about on par with old paint scheme [which, for me, worked a lot better under sunlight], so I’ll wait to see it on track.

            3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
              6th May 2015, 16:15


              I agree the logo is simply not worthy of McLaren. They deserve something that you see and you instantly recognize and also are proud to wear on a hat, keychain, phone case etc.

              That might actually bring them in more revenue than their entire sportscar and formula 1 line and also relieve pressure from getting a huge sponsor.

              They need to be in a position where they can capitalize to the fullest extent when they end up dominating which is the plan.

            4. Lewisham Milton
              6th May 2015, 20:56

              …and if you watch the start of a Grand Prix and wait for approximately 9 seconds, you’ll see the McLarens!

              I quite like it. Doesn’t look like a Force India any more. Sauber call the yellow thing on their nose a ‘smile’…McLaren now have two of them, so things must be getting better at Woking.

          2. on another note, those numbers will be REALLY HARD to read, even on TV: I thought the FIA had a rule about that, no? If so, McLaren will probably be forced to change them in the near future…

    13. Definitely an improvement, but I think this livery just suffers from evolutionitis, like most liveries. They start with a concept, and then they realise they want/need to do something differently, change it slightly and end up with a livery with a cool concept but an awkward execution. Some examples: well, we want to promote Red Bull, but now we also need to advertise Infiniti.. hm, hey let’s just slab some purple on the side of our car. We have a nice retro livery on our car, but the sponsors are complaining they can’t read their logos.. hm, let’s swap the gold for beige and make it look terrible. Now we have Genii, Total and PDVSA complaining that they want a red background.. hm, let’s insult all fans of our retro livery by adding some red bits to our existing livery.

      Would have loved to see McLaren come up with an epic red and black livery that didn’t have the ‘there should be a big red McLaren logo on the sidepod’ and ‘there should be a red line going around the nose’ restrictions.

      1. pastaman (@)
        6th May 2015, 13:15

        I guess it’s subjective. I happen to really like the Red Bull and Lotus liveries

      2. I quite like it actually, it looks more menacing than the old livery (not sure if that’s advisable on a car at the back though…) however the stepped red stripe on the nose (the second one up) looks pretty silly, kinda like a monobrow, definitely not the first thing an F1 car should make you think about…

      3. I like it but it is indeed not radical, to say the least.

    14. That is soooo exciting, but then again no-one ever accused Ron Dennis of being interesting…

    15. How much of their inspiration came from the Sauber?

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        6th May 2015, 14:49


        I guess they could have just put a fizzy drink manufacturer’s logo all over it instead… ;)

        1. @thebladerunner

          I don’t think they have the sponsor for that ;-)
          but the only striking difference i can see other than the color is the second stripe on the nose which for me looks like they got their ‘inspiration’ from Sauber.

          quite underwhelming from a team of Mclarens caliber

    16. Seems a little dull to me. They could have used some white in their paint scheme, similar to the Sauber cars a couple of years ago. Simple Black, White and a bit of orange/red.

      Anyways, hoping Mclaren have made some progress, and Alonso can at least fight for points this weekend

    17. I like it, but I think I liked the previous one a bit more.

      I do think though that it’ll look a bit different in the sunlight. While it does look black in the pictures, you can see the paint picks up th elight in some angles, so I think it might have a sort of silvery blue flip to the black. Really nice paint concept if so, and will really look incredible under the floodlights.

    18. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
      6th May 2015, 12:31

      does not look very mclaren and still nothing can replace the ugliness of having nothing on the side pods

      1. F1 cars don’t have much sidepod these days to put anything on!

    19. me, very disappoint

    20. I like it. No matter what they come up with people will moan. I just hope we get to see the colours going around the track and not smoking away in the garage.

    21. So the FIA will approve this but not changes to helmets…?

      I’m personally not a huge fan. I think it would look better if the orange/red followed the nose as they’ve done since 2004/05 and dropped the seemingly random band between the front suspension. I suspect it will look better on track though.

      1. @tommy-c
        I was thinking about this. A driver cannot use two differente helmets but a team may use two different liveries. That’s the FIA logic.

    22. Not much of an improvement IMO. It looks as if they forgot they had a nose cone and front wing and painted the car in black and red. After realising their mistake they just added nosecone and front wing. From bird’s eye view shot, the car looks good if you just hide nose cone and front wing, but once you see the whole car – it looks hideous.

    23. Is that a HRT from 2010?

      1. Yep, same speed too.

    24. Better but not by much and that’s not saying much.

    25. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
      6th May 2015, 13:03

      I like it overall but it still has a look of ‘interim’ to it, although that is probably more down to the lack of sponsors than the colours.

    26. The design is really cool!
      Now it should be fast as well.

    27. Eurgh. I give up.

    28. No new sponsrs?

      1. *sponsors*

    29. Terrible!!
      What’s wrong with F1 designers/teams these days – there’s no imagination in any of the liveries!! Even the spectacular Red Bull testing livery was only there to deter photographers from seeing their “super-fast” new design.
      McLaren could so easily have gone red & white 1988 look (as mentioned above), or something with a bit of orange.
      Thank god Williams has a beautiful paint-job still.

    30. Alonso’s 2001 season is very similar to his 2015 season. Let’s look at the similarities:

      – Both his Minardi and McHonda look very similar
      – Probably the 2nd worst car

      I’m sorry, that’s all I got.

      1. He could also not be on the grid the following season

    31. guess they finally found the new sponsor

    32. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      6th May 2015, 13:26

      I can’t wait for it to disappear into the CG adverts they plaster all over the track nowadays. It’d be like the Porsche 919 Hybrid, only not as good.

    33. …but changing helmet designs incur a penalty? Daft buggers.

    34. It’s progressive, it’s different an its even striking. Too obvious to resort to the Red and White of 26 years ago, I guess they may at some point in the future, but while they still try to develop this hybrid it’s unlikely that a car which deserves the right to wear those colours is coming any time soon.

    35. digitalrurouni
      6th May 2015, 14:20

      I guess I am in the minority as well because I definitely think it’s an improvement. It looks more aggressive IMHO. Now if we could get wider tires instead of these skinny jobs then that would be better. And a low flat rear wing as well.

      1. Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking, apart from the monobrow it is a lot better. We definitely should go back to the V10 era style low rear wings, its jarring when you look back at modern cars, they look really tall and ungainly in comparison.

        1. digitalrurouni
          6th May 2015, 19:37

          Could not agree more!

    36. Oh No !!!! Ron Dennis is a wise man. He was right when he said there is nothing wrong with the Chrome Livery. There is no need to change that.On the first looks the Chrome Livery looks much better to me. Maybe over time i will get used to this black one.

      The Chrome one was stand out one a deep, familiar McLaren tone in sync with their MTC theme. This one does not seem to have a specific character.

    37. I wonder is this change of livery is due to demands from Honda, McLaren was for so long associated with Mercedes with the chrome/red/black colour scheme. Perhaps Honda saw no reason for that colour scheme to continue with their new partnership.

    38. petebaldwin (@)
      6th May 2015, 14:44

      I like it but it needs more “rocket red” to improve the side view. It’s a million times better than their last effort and once Honda get the engine sorted, the sponsors will follow.

    39. Looks pretty nice. The top-down view is incredible though – how the hell did they get the rear packaging that tight? (Yes I realised I’ve opened myself to jokes here)

    40. IMO, it looks awful. They made it all worse. As a McLaren fan, I reckon the car’s look is the least of the problems and I’m expecting performance improvements more than anything. But it’s hard to see McLaren building a new identity upon those colours.
      There’s enough room for Red and White without linking it to Marlboro and to the past if you just don’t apply a packet of ciggarrete design on your car…

    41. It’s a good livery. It’s simple with white text on black canvas, a bit like the night mode on a smartphone. They’ve added more character infusing details with orange reddish accents and the “awesome” McLaren font. I wonder if McLaren is trying to pitch Star Wars.
      On the other hand I don’t know how a dramatic livery change was allowed by the regulators as this contravenes the regulations. This is a problematic situation as McLaren and SFI have been running very similar schemes and will continue so in-spite of this change.

    42. Worse than the previous livery.

    43. The more I look at it, the more I think the second ‘swoosh’ on the nose is to replicate the Marlboro livery.

    44. Uzair Syed (@ultimateuzair)
      6th May 2015, 16:30

      In my opinion it is absolutely disgusting! Even worse than the previous livery, which was bad!

    45. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
      6th May 2015, 16:47

      Now we can see the (few) sponsors.

      It was really hard on the silver..

    46. It’s not ground breaking but so far… I like it.
      It’ll be good to see what it looks like on the track in daylight rather than under studio lights.

      The black and red colours might look good at Singapore too.

    47. Well, it certainly isn’t classic McLaren but I like it. I think it is actually quite a clever design for which a series of still photos will struggle to do justice. When the car is out on track on TV, I think the elyptical McLaren swirls on the top of the side pods will add to the sense of movement as the camera pans around a moving car. They’ll certainly look great under bright sunshine or artificial light of evening races.

      Keeping the sponsor logos (the few that there are) white also means that the team gear and merchandise will still work sympathetically too. A main sponsor’s logo on the side pods would really finish things off nicely, but I doubt that we’ll see one before close to the end of the season, if at all.

      A final thought – given that McLaren seem to be struggling with a few heat issues in the power unit, I wonder if black was really the sensible choice?!

      They could have always used the copper / orange as shown in this mock up. At least it might have attracted Duracell as the main sponsor…!

      1. Black is an excellent absorber of heat and consequently an excellent emitter of heat ;)

    48. They could paint it purple with chartreuse polka dots, but if it went faster it would look a whole lot better.

    49. Do not like it. It is a sad colour. Well, like the team racing for 11º…

    50. Why is this livery thing getting a lot of press lately? Am I missing something here? If your cars aren’t even competive it won’t matter how sexy your livery is.

      1. *competitive

    51. Forget the new livery and check out the two overhead pictures: Two VERY different cars!!!

      1. I think that’s just the angle. One taken from overhead towards the front looking backwards and the other from overhead at the rear looking forward more.

        But it’s clear that the one from the front makes the rear wing look like a tiny toy that was glued on the end LOL

    52. Clearly, this is a “what’s the best color” type of argument and everyone has an opinion. But I really like it and think it looks menacing. :)

      They should play Jaws’ theme music and release a promo video. Of course, they might want to wait till they get into Q3 and score a few points first LOL

    53. I find it awesome.

    54. I can’t help but think they should have spent the money elsewhere … such as on improving that engine. Anyway, they did, so I hope we will see an improved performance.

      1. It’s hardly a major cost. And they are improving the engine, just developing it cautiously.

    55. If they had announced a title sponsor, like Coke Zero, then this livery would make a lot more sense.

      As it is, the old one was horrible, so they had to change it. Changing it without any new sponsors just seems unnecessary and ill-planned. Not good things to associate with the team.

      I’ll never understand the decision to ditch that awesome chrome and red, because whenever you saw it, it looked incredible, particularly in person.

    56. I love the colour combination, but its application looks a bit… meh. Especially that bit of red halfway down the nose. A simpler livery would be better. But I’m just glad they’ve ditched the chrome. New era for McLaren, so a new identity was important. Black and red could be it.

    57. Oh why, McLaren, why?..

    58. I think they need to get rid of the red lines on the side pods; they look like a pair of saggy testicles when viewed from above.

    59. I’m just glad they got rid of those hideous looking red mirrors.

    60. It’s a HRT:

      Seriously, when are McLaren going to move away from grey and start feeling alive.

    61. In the two qualifying sessions that can be compared (Aus,Chi) the HRT (2010) was faster in Australia and the McLaren was faster in China. That is with different rules but still makes the comparison even more interesting

      P.S. Bahrain cannot be compared because of the different layout and Malaysia despite being a wet session in both cases is imo something you can’t compare

    62. Why not just get rid of the red, they might as well just hide it in the tarmac. :P

    63. I like it especially from above and I think it will work well with TV camera angles. Perhaps more importantly as James Allen points out the black side pods are a very attractive base for a (main?) sponsors white logo and that is an area that McClaren are working hard on selling.

    64. Interesting – but I still prefer silver/chrome

    65. I looks like very well, otherwise it is very similar than the former one.

    66. I’m sorry woking, but that livery looks like that of a Sauber………….

    67. The livery looks great. The dark black grey colour fits well with the red and there is more red colour now than before.
      Hopefully Mclaren will perform well this year and in the future.
      It has been a very long time for them to being an under performing team.

    68. Rodney (@)
      7th May 2015, 0:04

      This is entirely appropriate for McLaren in 2015 … dreary, lacking in imagination and downbeat. Why the obsession with funereal colours (grey, black)? But having chosen their original chrome/black/feeble red, why change four races into the season?! With no new sponsor, there is no reason for a mid-season colour change. 100% rubbish, exactly what I’d expect from them.

    69. Looks like the livery is one shade of Grey and not fifty as Ron promised.

    70. I love it! I used to be a fan of McLaren’s silvery-grey livery since 1997, but loathed the chrome design. The move to a new colour caught me somewhat by surprise, but I think it looks sexy.

    71. MrBlueSky
      8th May 2015, 9:41

      Depressing! Looks like the equivalent of a black arm band worn by people in mourning, but I suppose it’s not surprising after their poor results over the past few years!

    72. Am I the only one think this is ugly? There should be sliver or chrome element for a McLaren car.

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