Rosberg goes quickest and furthest at test

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Nico Rosberg beat his pole position lap time from Saturday and covered more than two race distances as he led the first day of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The Mercedes driver logged 146 laps at the venue where he won on Sunday, totalling over 670 kilometres of testing.

Non one else came within two seconds of Rosberg pace, as Sauber driver Marcus Ericsson posted the second-fastest time. Raffaele Maricello, who will drive the C34 tomorrow, was third-quickest at the wheel of Ferrari today.

Pierre Gasly had a busy day with Toro Rosso, completing 139 laps before stopping on track around the time the chequered flag came out. Nick Yelloly also completed more than 100 laps on his first day driving for Force India.

McLaren test driver Oliver Turvey completed the equivalent of a race distance in the MP4-30 despite being delayed by a sensor problem in the morning.

Driver Car Best time Laps Difference
1 Nico Rosberg Mercedes W06 1’24.374 146
2 Marcus Ericsson Sauber-Ferrari C34 1’26.624 98 2.250
3 Raffaele Marciello Ferrari SF15-T 1’26.648 125 2.274
4 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull-Renault RB11 1’26.904 101 2.530
5 Pastor Maldonado Lotus-Mercedes E23 1’27.338 60 2.964
6 Nick Yelloly Force India-Mercedes VJM08 1’27.396 109 3.022
7 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso-Renault STR10 1’27.639 131 3.265
8 Felipe Massa Williams-Mercedes FW37 1’27.911 54 3.537
9 Oliver Turvey McLaren-Honda MP4-30 1’28.542 68 4.168

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21 comments on “Rosberg goes quickest and furthest at test”

  1. Errr… A bit late Keith?!

    1. Oh there actually was a test.. I thought this was from winter testing haha

    2. just delete it

    3. First line in the article:
      “Nico Rosberg beat his pole position lap time from Saturday and covered more than two race distances as he led the first day of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.”

      Did you even read that before commenting? jeez

  2. What’s the story with engines at this test? Are the teams using one of their four allotted power units or can they use a different one here? And if the latter, can that PU utilize engine tokens or are they confined to start-of-the-season specs?

    1. Pretty sure test engines are separate from rave weekend engines. Otherwise no one would run at tests!

  3. @keithcollantine I am reading elsewhere that Rosberg was testing tyres for Pirelli and set his best time with an unmarked set of dev tyres.

    1. Autosport: “Mercedes were one of the four teams helping tyre manufacturer Pirelli test new rubber over the course of the two days (Ferrari, Red Bull and Toro Rosso the others). Rosberg’s leading time of 1m24.374s came via an unmarked compound”

      1. I sure hope so. Anything to help cars get within 2 seconds of the bloke ahead without destroying one’s tires would help F1 imho. Not that the tires tested would necessarily have been for this year though…just saying.

      2. Not Sauber? Where on earth did Ericsson’s time come from then?

        1. He ran the soft tyre, not the super soft, so it’s a pretty decent improvement from what he managed to do in quali. Perhaps the track was simply better suited for the Sauber. That car seems to have a very narrow working range. Sometimes, Nasr is a second behind Ericsson, other times it’s the other way around. Simply because they get the setup a slight bit off.

        2. When they do get their setups right, they are usually right behind each other in quali and in race.

  4. Stellar pace by McLaren! They’re giving Manor a run for their money!

    1. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
      12th May 2015, 23:08

      It’s testing……

      1. To be fair Mclarens whole season is testing.

      2. Tell that to Mercedes.

    2. I’m just glad they did more than 10 laps without breaking down, and that they are within 107% of Mercedes’ times.

      Good Job Mclaren… another decade before the podium is within reach

  5. Sauber, 98 laps, I’m glad to this.

  6. Nico Rosberg vs test driver..please..come on?

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