Alex Lynn, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya testing, 2015

2015 Circuit de Catalunya test in pictures

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Alex Lynn, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya testing, 2015

Pictures from the two-day test at the Circuit de Catalunya where Esteban Ocon, Alex Lynn, Pierre Gasly, Nick Yelloly and others were in action.

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  • 6 comments on “2015 Circuit de Catalunya test in pictures”

    1. Nice pictures!

    2. How come is Turvey driving the number 33 car? Isn’t that supposed to be Verstappen’s number?

      1. I don’t know this for sure, but I think the teams picked two numbers for testing at the beginning of last season and they all seem to be together.

        So if you look at Williams, Nasr was 40 when he tested last year, Lynn now has it. Wolff uses 41. Vandoorne ran 32 for McLaren last year. This doesn’t apply to drivers who raced last year though as they keep their numbers for now. Gutierrez still has 21, Magnussen 20.

    3. How high up is Marciello sitting in that Ferrari?

    4. Is that bee at the top of Gutierrez’ helmet one of the new aero updates brought by Ferrari?

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