Bianchi in Manor’s thoughts at Monaco

2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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The Manor team will “remember and celebrate” Jules Bianchi’s achievement in last year’s Monaco Grand Prix, according to team principal John Booth.

Bianchi finished ninth and scored the team’s first points finish in the race 12 months ago. The points he scored allowed the team, competing under the Marussia name, to finish ninth in the championship, earning a prize money allocation which helped them continue into 2015.

However Bianchi suffered serious brain injuries in a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix later in the year and remains in a coma.

“It’s a very special occasion for the whole sport, but for our team it carries an even greater significance as the scene of so much jubilation 12 months ago when Jules delivered our first constructors’ championship points,” said Booth.

“That was an incredible, unforgettable day and it is very important to everyone in the team that we honour what Jules achieved for us. It’s a big part of the reason we are back racing today.”

“Consequently, despite our obvious sadness, this weekend we will remember and celebrate what was a very important milestone in the team’s history and what was, above all, a mighty race performance from Jules.”

2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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    5 comments on “Bianchi in Manor’s thoughts at Monaco”

    1. #ForzaJules Hope Manor have a good weekend and hopefully with a bit of luck they can sneek a point in as well

    2. Jules is in Manor’s thoughts, in the paddock’s thoughts and in the fans’ thoughts, because just wow…man was he quick here last season…

      …for much of practice and the first session of qualifying he was a long way past the limit of grip in his MR03. Even though he felt he had not extracted the maximum from his car in Q1, he very much redeemed himself on Sunday, with an aggressive yet controlled drive to two of perhaps the most monetarily valuable points of the 2014 season. For sure, a Ferrari drive awaited the 2009 F3 Euro Series champion in 2016, after what was reportedly planned to be an interim season with Sauber in 2015.

      My best to a fabulous racing driver, and a fine young man. #ForzaJules

    3. #ForzaJules

    4. Last years many, including me, were probably thinking that it was first of many point finishes Bianchi would achieve. Until the situation changed dramatically four and half months later.

    5. And even more incredible to think that on track, he finished 8th, and wasted 5 seconds serving the penalty under the safety car!

      To be fair, finishing 9th was probably just as well, as resultantly they have been able to pay a lower entry fee.

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