Buttons targets first 2015 points after Q3 near-miss

2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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Jenson Button has set his sights on scoring McLaren’s first points of 2015 after coming close to reaching the top ten shoot-out in qualifying.

Button was among the top ten with his first lap in Q2 but he had to back off on his second when Nico Rosberg went off at Sainte Devote, causing the yellow flags to appear.

“There’s always a bit of ‘shoulda woulda coulda’ in qualifying, but I would have easily been inside the top 10 today,” said Button.

“On my final lap in Q2, I lost a lot of time lifting for the yellow flag at turn one. I then gained a lot of it back – I was only a tenth off my best – but it wasn’t enough.”

Penalties for other drivers means Button has already been promoted to tenth from his original qualifying position of twelfth. But he believes there might have been the opportunity to do even better had he been able to participate in Q3.

“I think we could have had some fun in Q3,” he said, “I think we’d have been fighting two or three cars for position.”

“The car felt really good – although we still don’t have enough outright pace – but I have a lot of confidence in it, especially under braking. Today’s performance shows the progress we’re making. The team has done a fantastic job this weekend, and they should be happy because the car is getting better all the time.”

“This is a nice little stepping stone for the future. Our aim tomorrow will be to score points.”

2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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    9 comments on “Buttons targets first 2015 points after Q3 near-miss”

    1. Hope Jenson score some points. And i really like that Mclaren livery.

    2. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      23rd May 2015, 16:36

      I heard those hopes 5 times this year right?

    3. He will start from P10 so it would be fairly easy to score a point. After all, here is Monaco.

      1. With Mclaren’s current reliability problems, who knows…

        1. @debaser91 hahaha, yeah :P

    4. Robert Jones
      23rd May 2015, 17:59

      Usuallly this race has high carnage somewhere between 4-6 cars don’t finish.wonder if CHristen is secretly thinking will my teams engines finish the race ? Do I need to turn down the engines to make them last one more race? Alonso is fuming to see Button so far ahead in tenth.If the R word is good Honda should break their points duck this race.

      Any thing can happen if it rains !

      1. Why would Alonso be fuming? It’s good for him if the car gets better. It’s not like it was Alonso’s fault that his car decided to call it a day.

    5. So second year in a row, Rosberg screws up and destroys a competitors qualifying and his penalty….beggar all. so wrong.

    6. I hope neither Jenson nor Alonso will earn any points in this race, too. This race team has fallen even further back than Ferrari, they do not deserve a single point this year.
      They promised a renovated car in Barcelona, we did not see that. The same goes in Monaco. During five long weeks they have done nothing to better the car. Yes, Button was able to reach the top ten, but that was at the expense of Williams cars. In Canada, McLaren will not have such chance to start from the top ten.
      Besides, Alonso was not able to even finish the Q2. It seems that the team doesn’t try to improve.
      It is a shame, and I do not have any respect for them after what happened yesterday.

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