Raikkonen crash interrupts final practice

2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen brought out the red flags during the final practice session after clipping the wall at Sainte Devote.

The Ferrari driver had just posted his quickest lap of the session so far when he hit the barrier with his left-rear wheel, puncturing the tyre. The session was stopped while his SF-15T was recovered. With a quarter of an hour to go in the session Raikkonen remains fourth-fastest.

An F1 Fanatic reader at the track caught the accident on camera.

2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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    17 comments on “Raikkonen crash interrupts final practice”

    1. Martin Hooper
      23rd May 2015, 10:52

      Some noise there… Think the lack of noise complaints are a bit off there…

      Unless it is just Monaco that makes it seem louder than it really is…

      1. My 1st. thought exactly.

    2. Nice vantage point!

      1. Yeah. I could live with owning that apartment.

        1. Was just thinking that too! ;)

    3. very nice to see. And to hear. Thanks

    4. If it was just a puncture, he could’ve limped back to the pits…

    5. I pray that they get this fixed in time for qualifying. I know it wasn’t huge, like Massa’s in 2013, but it all takes time to do.

    6. I’m the one fortunate enough to have taken this video.

      It was an interesting crash – the Ferraris were obviously pushing harder than the others.

      Also a note on the noise – it’s plenty loud enough here. I was here in 2013 and while it was louder, it didn’t add to the atmosphere in any way which the current engines don’t. What you can see instead is the drivers really struggling with the power they have available to tham. It’s great!

      1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
        23rd May 2015, 12:21

        it’s loud and nice to hear, I think it’s louder than what I heard in Marina Bay last year, which is nice.
        but I like hearing V10 screech I saw on some footages when I was a boy. it’s unfortunate we can’t experience that nowadays.

      2. Out of interest, are you on a hillside or in an apartment?

        1. I’m in an office block on the 11th floor.

      3. Is this your apartment or are you renting it for this weekend? If you are, how much does this privilege cost? I could perhaps justify it to myself and missus, by wrapping it in a holiday+plus f1 experience in monte-carlo kinda thing. :)

        1. Fortunately I’m a guest! No cost to me other than flights and accommodation.

          Happy to ask how much these places cost to rent though. My suspicion is £10k or so for the weekend. There are a few companies advertising tickets in these apartments. I’ll investigate.

      4. Thanks for taking that video @sw6569, and thanks @keithcollantine for posting it here, great to see and hear, I love that camera angle for a good view of St. Devote and up to Beau Rivage to Massenet. And I really like the sound (I never really liked that V10 screech, preferred sound of V12, but both were a bit too loud for a whole race for me).

      5. pastaman (@)
        26th May 2015, 3:29

        Thanks for the video, but try taking it horizontally next time.


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