2015 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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19 comments on “2015 Monaco Grand Prix championship points”

  1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
    24th May 2015, 14:59

    I wonder how this 2 wins in a row by Nico will affect Lewis’s mind. Will he fall back a little or come back stronger? Let’s wait for what he starts tweeting now (as soon as it’s not telemetry again ;P).

    1. Well after he got hit in Spa, he started his current streak of 13 podiums, so I wouldn’t worry for him.

      1. The question is, in what way he would recover, post Spa, or Post Monaco last year ?

    2. I don’t think it will change a thing. It would if Rosberg beat him fair and square on both races.
      But today he probably crushed Rosberg like never before. 24 seconds on the same strategy.

      It just happened. For all instances, he was faster than Rosberg on 5 of 6 races.

      1. it wasnt 24 seconds until the virtual safety car.. before that lap it was less. but in this race hamilton was tremendous in passing back markers, while rosberg was dreadful, he seamed to be waiting for blue flags when 1.5 seconds behind, instead of catching up to .8 seconds or so behind (like hamilton was doing), and forcing the lapped car in front to notice blue flags. rosberg was dreadful today in lapping cars, that is where he lost most of his time to lewis.

    3. @omarr-pepper
      The BIG questions are:
      How was he able to pull such a BIG MARGIN from his teammate?
      What will stop him doing it again?

  2. I wish Sorry could fix it for Hamilton. Absolute screw up. What if the barrier fix would have consumed more laps!! God bless the strategist.

  3. Haha, Mercedes pit wall saved the race and the WDC battle with a creative idea!

    1. @eggry are you serious?

      1. It’s not false. This is a good thing for the championship.

  4. At least McHonda has 4 points. Woohoo.

  5. I blame Hamilton for this. He is so good and gives his team a sense of invulnerability and therefore they lose the fear of losing. Even when he came out in third, they still thought he will be able to get past both Vettel and Rosberg! had Hamilton been juts 5 sec clear at the safety car this would never have happened. Sometimes being so good has it negative consequences! pity

    1. What a bizarre post.

  6. I hope Lewis doesn’t start his tale of a dedicated strategy guy at McLaren

  7. I have a feeling McLaren will finish this season 5th, no matter the score table at the moment. At the moment, Sauber is 5th, and only 17 points ahead. Once McLaren starts getting higher positions, they will easily overcome any deficit they have compared to the smaller teams who can’t keep up the development pace.

    1. With Sauber right now, it doesn’t even seem to be a case of ‘not keeping up’, they seem to be going backwards. Nasr might have finished this race in a good position, but the guys behind him started from the pit, were nearly taken out in lap 1 and were involved in a crash near the end. Ericsson managed to finish behind them, even.

      Currently it looks as if Force India has gotten the upper hand over Sauber once more, so I expect them to be ahead of Sauber at the end. Toro Rosso should be in front of both, but I’m not entirely confident personally McLaren will sooner find performance than Toro Rosso will finish races where they should.

    2. easy for mclaren to finish 5th, but i dont think honda will get beyond 4th best engine by end of this year, and with engine homologation rules, might not ever beat renault.

  8. On a more positive note, Lewis has more points at this stage in the championship than he did last year (126 compared to 118) and is in a better position compared with Rosberg (10 point advantage rather than a 4 point deficit). He’s probably leaving in only a marginally worse mood than he did last year and with the level he’s been driving at, you’d think he was still good shape (especially looking at things from the perspective of last year’s championship).

  9. Kimi starting to drop away from the leaders. Point standings aren’t always representitive because of car failures, but his car has been pretty reliable.

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